Are You Desmond Miles? Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Are You Desmond Miles?



    Complete Desmond Sequence 5.

    How to unlock Are You Desmond Miles?

    These sequences are earned by collecting the data fragments. Every 5 you collect will unlock a new sequence up until 4, then you must collect 10 more to get Sequence 5.

    • 5 unlocks Sequence 1
    • 10 unlocks Sequence 2
    • 15 unlocks Sequence 3
    • 20 unlocks Sequence 4
    • 25 unlocks Memoir Pages treasure map, available at any bookstore
    • 30 unlocks Sequence 5
    • 50 unlocks all remaining Data Fragments to show up on the map

    After you have unlocked them, you access them by pressing and selecting "Return to Animus Island". Turn around when you enter the island and you'll see 5 pillars. These are the sequences. Enter them and complete them to get the associated achievements. They are fairly straight forward and in a "first person" viewpoint. All you can do is jump at first, but then eventually can place shapes to walk on. You cannot die. If you fall you just respawn.

    You can do them at any time, but you might as well just do all 5 in order from left to right to save on loading back and forth to and from the island.

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  • no I am not are you Desmond Miles
  • This seems pre AC 1. Templar goons asking if he is Desmond before being kidnapped maybe?
  • Or, he comes out of the Animus, but not quite himself?
  • just to clarify, all of the desmond sequences happen before AC 1 and is it only me or did anyone else get totaly creeped out playing those
  • Yeah, the whole thing was pretty strange. I felt like I was in some geometry based version of Portal. A lot of speed thinking and quick reactions. Like being in a whole other game.
  • Technically it's not happening before AC, he's in the core of the Animus completing puzzles while reminiscing about his LIFE before AC. and yeah I just mentioned Portal on the other achievement page, completely feel like I'd popped out Assassin's Creed and went to play some Orange Box every time I do a Desmond sequence
  • I love running around in the Desmond gear you unlock.
  • @1, no I'm Desmond Miles.
  • Was anyone else just a little disappointed that this was in instead of spending this time doing actual Desmond play? I liked the idea at first, but it seemed to drag on a bit.
  • @#4 I did. they were kinda weird.
  • @9 - Yeah I found the levels pretty lame. A lot of the time I was missing the images, too, because I had no idea where I was supposed to be looking. Kind of a bad approach and repetitive. I could have done without these levels. An actual Animus representation of his past would have been better. It could have fed off his memories and attempted to replicate the instances. I'd buy that ;)
  • Welcome to Abstergo.
  • My god these levels are crap. They could have done so much better!
  • i believe they couldve done much more with these few levels, but it does add interesting insight into his past
  • awesome ending
  • desmond story + ACR ending = Mind Blown
  • I enjoyed these, they broke up the fast paced Ezio gameplay with Desmond's origin story...
  • you can do all 5 in about 30 minutes.
  • Is this missable? I just completed Memory Sequence 8, and Animus Island isn't accessible any more :(
  • Nevermind ;)
  • I did these as the very first thing after completing Memory sequence 1. So I don't know if you really need the animus data fragments anymore.
  • @ 18. You really can't do all 5 in 30 minutes. Sure the first 3 puzzles are ''free'' at the start but for the 4th puzzle you need 20 animus data fragments and for the last puzzle you need 30 found. Anyway these puzzles sucked I'd rather as someone suggested played as Desmond during these sequences in 3rd person like playing as Altair or Ezio. Or just have watched cutscenes. These events take place before AC 1. As you know Desmond was kidnapped by Abstergo in the first. We find out Lucy is an assassin in disguise,or a decendent of an assassin like that one chick whos specialty is animus machines. Then in AC II Lucy breaks Desmond out of Abstergo.
  • I also made all of them just after finishing Ezio's Sequence 1. Didnt collect any fragments at all and still was able to do it all xd
  • These are the most boring and pointless levels of any game I've ever played. Cut scenes would have delivered the information much better. By the time I'd spent 10 minutes doing these, I had stopped listening to what was being said, stopped looking at the pictures on the walls and was just focusing on getting them over and done with so I could just get back to playing the game. I hope whoever had the bright idea of including these incredibly monotonous levels was fired.
  • These levels are the worst thing they put into this game... I want to play AC, not this kind of crap. There are interesting informations you can get in these sequences, but surely there would've been a better way to deliver them... At first I also thought this reminded me a bit of Portal, but in fact only the surrounding looks slightly like in Portal. I have no clue, how they could've possibly thought making these sequences in this style was a good idea...
  • What a great way for me to say goodbye forever to AC and Ubisoft games in general. They tacked on Portal-like garbage instead of fixing the core game mechanics problems that existed since AC1. Plus the back-compat version on the One has graphics bugs everywhere. Most of the walls and floors were missing so I had to use a video guide to show me where I could go. Ubisoft will get $0 from me for the rest of eternity.

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