Revelations Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Revelations



    Complete DNA Sequence 9.

    How to unlock Revelations

    To complete a DNA sequence, you must complete all memories within the sequence. You can think of the Sequences as Acts and the Memories as Chapters. These are all story related and you will get them as you complete the game. You do want to worry about a different achievement called "Fond Memories". This is for completing all sequences at 100% synchronization. See that achievement for more details.

    Each sequence has a percentage you must fill. This achievement requires you to obtain 100% on every sequence. Each memory counts for the percentage. Some memories are simple and do not have any extra objective that can be missed. There are certain memories that will require you to do something special (an extra objective). This can vary on what is it, and when you start a memory it is detailed for you.

    You can replay memories by pressing and going to DNA. As you highlight the various sequences, they will tell you what is at 100%. If you go into those sequences, you will see the memories and what objectives you need to complete. If you have trouble in any of them, you can play them later when you have more gear and skills. You can try to do them right away or you can do them later, it doesn't matter.

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  • I hope to got I don't have anything spoiled for me. With the events of AC II & Brotherhood I can't wait to see what theese 'revelations' are :)
  • yeah and it gonna be the last AC?
  • No probably not. Many people including me are expecting to see ACIII in 2012. Especially since 2012 is a popular date with the end of the world & it's the time setting for the AC Series.
  • Of course it's not the last one. I've seen developers interview and they said Revelations is going to answer about 7 out 11 questions in the whole storyline, it's definately not last one.
  • It is not the last one, it is just the last one within the storyline of Altaïr and Ezio. They did, however, say nothing about Desmond.
  • only 9 sequence's?
  • Desmond will always be the "main character", or his son, or descendent.
  • I expected much more from the ending...
  • The ending was awesome but im getting tired of these Assassins Creed cliffhangers
  • These comments about the ending being a let down are bullshit! That ending was freaking amazing!!!!!
  • Yeah, just because the ending didn't reveal EVERYTHING doesn't mean that it's a bad ending... otherwise it would be called Assassin's Creed: The Ending and come on... that's a terrible title.
  • I really liked the ending! The cinematic was awesome. *KIND OF SPOILER* I wish they did a little bit more with Ezio though...I feel like there should have been more of an 'ending' to him, because now I'm wondering what he's going to do next, and sadly I'll never know :( One thing I'm really curious about though is how they're going to incorporate a new ancestor in. It kind of seems to me that AC3 may even be purely Desmond based, but that'll cause so much uproar in some respects. Will just have to wait and see! My friend told me that apparently they've already announced that AC3 will be next year? Wonder how that will work out...
  • @12 watch Assassin's Creed Embers
  • What about multiplayer? how can they possibly improve that?
  • Pretty good ending....
  • *POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT?* Is that it for Ezio? If that is, then I'm a little bummed, but still...What a great ending. Is there any way to see the ending cinematic again? I would love to look more into that.
  • noooo why did i read the spoiler alert posts... why????
  • Hi AC will be released this year :D (possible Oct-Nov). Can´t wait!
  • New AC?! Woohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Although, Revelations was kind of a let down for me. I'd like to justify myself and state that I'm not trolling. I'm such a huge fan. ALL 'chievos for AC1 and AC2. F****ng templars in AC1. Personal Vendetta chievo is easily my biggest pain in the ass achievement
  • 2020 here. No fears: there will be lots on new AC titles in the next 9 years. And if you combine them all together, they almost sum up to 1.5 halfway decent games.

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