Fond Memories Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Fond Memories



    Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences.

    How to unlock Fond Memories

    Each sequence has a percentage you must fill. This achievement requires you to obtain 100% on every sequence. Each memory counts for the percentage. Some memories are simple and do not have any extra objective that can be missed. There are certain memories that will require you to do something special (an extra objective). This can vary on what is it, and when you start a memory it is detailed for you.

    You can replay memories by pressing and going to DNA. As you highlight the various sequences, they will tell you what is at 100%. If you go into those sequences, you will see the memories and what objectives you need to complete. If you have trouble in any of them, you can play them later when you have more gear and skills. You can try to do them right away or you can do them later, it doesn't matter.

    Follow this guide if you need any tips or prefer to follow the list as you go along.

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  • Great, I completed Brotherhood, every sequence on 100% to find out there wasn't an achievement for it, unless you bought the DLC.
  • nice but only 20? why can't they use their brains and make some of the stupidly easy multiplayer achievements worth less like make one that's worth 30, change it to 20 and make this one 30.. or cut one from 30 in half to 15 so they can at least throw in one more single player achievement to make it 50 for 1k. it's not that hard.. but this achievement deserves more than 20 unless this game is going to be extremely short which i hope it won't be
  • Really nice....
  • Getting 100% in Brotherhood wasn't too difficult save for a few pain-in-the-ass missions. I just hope that they don't include stupid ones like the one for not taking damage during the Leonardo Tank mission, etc. Also that one where you had to go undetected while rescuing what's-her-face was pretty tough too.
  • NO! what a @*#@! achievement!!!
  • this is a good thing.
  • Ah better not be as tedious or as stupid as the requirements in AC:B.
  • Well, the only ones I know of for now are "Don't kill anyone except the Templar Captain, Leandros" and "Do not create any conflict in the Imperial North District"
  • Well, what the hell? Assassin's Creed 1 and II were actually a lot easier and we got no reward, what the flying fuck?
  • @9 there was no 100% sync requirements until ac brotherhood...
  • I think there's optional objectives to get too in missions, it seems that way from the game play I've seen. With any luck they won't count towards the 100%, but no doubt they will. It doesn't seem too difficult a feat anywho, not like Brotherhood and not for 20G. That flying machine mission. Dear god I wanted to strangle someone.
  • this means i can spend more time on this game :)
  • And there we FUCKING go again!!!!!!!
  • I loved the il principe achievement will get it in the first week ;)
  • hope this is as easy as brotherhood was ;)
  • @ 10, Not requirements, but you could, however, see the % amount of completion in the stats menu and it says: "% synchronisation: ...". This was in Assassin's Creed II, in Assassin's Creed I the only time referred to synchronisation was at the "health bar" and that too could be completed to 100 %.
  • Ah, the joy. I've gotten AC1 100%, AC2 100%, and AC:B 100% and I did the last one before the achievement was there. I LOVE the series, it's nice, fun, relaxing, and well worth it overall, even without achievements. However, with how people are complaining I wonder, before achievements was no-one else a completionist? Getting all the stars in Super Mario 64 or beating all the data replica's in Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix? No, so what's the problem. You should try to enjoy your gaming or not play at all.
  • Nice! Getting 100% in Brotherhood was very fun.
  • I haven't got 100% in Ac3 just 99,2 but no one i know have done 100% in the last game so well good luck with that Xd
  • @19 Then you know no one that's a gamer or achievement hunter....
  • Is this to get 100% in everything in the game like in Brotherhood or just the main story sequences?
  • At least they've finally given up on the flag collecting.
  • getting 100% on Memory 7, on the attack, seems impossible without the crossbow. Does anyone know if you can buy the crossbow later, and replay the mission from the DNA screen?
  • @23 They are all pretty simple to get 100% on. I never bought the crossbow till after I beat the game and hardly use it as it is not always a one hit kill. I am only struggling on "The Mentor's Keeper". I can't seem to find the citizens but I feel like they are in a really obvious spot.
  • @24 I'm having problems with "The Mentor's Keeper" also. I feel like I've killed every god damn templar in the place and still no full sync.
  • As the achievement says sequences does that mean just the sequences 1-9 or all the additional memories, ect.?
  • I say the hardest sequence is the one with the mission that you have to keep 40 civilians alive. Its by far the hardest. I keep ending up with 36 - 38. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • #27 in the first wave use call 1 set of assassins to help once youve engaged in the fight... thenin the 2nd wave call the other 2 sets.
  • Yeah, like what #26 said. Is this only sequence 1-9? Or do I need to do all the thieves and whatnot too like in Brotherhood?
  • you only have to 100% sequences 1-9 no desmond no secondary memories.
  • #24+25: when you are running around in the area, look at the map in and you can see some black dots (you cant se them on the big map I think) .. the black dots are the people you need to protect... (or at least it was what I did) damn I'm having problems with sequences 3, the 6th memory and sequences 7.. uhm I can't remember the memory number.. but one of them where you aren't allowed to be hit x_x
  • On "Mentors Keeper,when you fight the templars first starting ,search the area and you should see a black dot go there kill the templars don't go to the very top you meet the crusader I think I saved 2 or 3 citizens and it showed I completed the objectve
  • How do u find the piri reis missions
  • Piri Reis missions are located with an icon next to grand bazzar the market, look on your map cant miss it. if your unsure of what icon looks like check your map than push RB it will show what icon looks like...
  • #34 - When you are looking at Piri Reis at his desk - there are maps on the right wall. Hit B and they open up.
  • Does anybody know if the wells count for the 100%? So that I can be looking for them before I beat the game.
  • #31 thank you for your advice. that is exactly what i did and after three dots saved i got the bonus
  • @ 34 On sequence 7, memory 4 you can lure out one group of guards at a time with diversion bombs and then kill them with lethal bombs, you can easily kill them all without losing any health. You can also put down lethal trip wire bombs and get the guards to chase you through a path of bombs. Either way you'll probably have to go back and get more bombs a couple times but it is extremely effective.
  • Nevermind the achievement unlocks for 100% sync of the story sequences.
  • Don't see it stated, but since it happened to me, if the achievement doesn't pop replay another mission, did it for me.
  • I can confirm the achievement unlocks when you 100% synch the main story sequences. It popped for me and I still missed to synch one master assassin mission (damn the town crier), I didn't open some treasure chests and even some buildings weren't restored. Another tip, sequence 7 memory 4, it was extremely useful to open the menu and craft bombs. I could oneshot packs of guard just throwing lethal bombs at them, then open the menu and craft some more.
  • Just got this! Only the book achievement left to go now... The first Masyaf Key mission without being detected...urgh. For some reason, when I came back to it after failing at full synching earlier today, Ezio lost all of his bullets, crossbow bolts, poison darts >__< Those sticky poison bombs did wonders for me on that mission because all I had access to was bombs. Seriously people, bombs are your friend!
  • sequence 3 mission 6 is easy if you throw cherry bombs in the middle and wait for all the guards to go to them..then hit them with a powerful poison bomb.
  • just got the achievement, i feel like a relief XD
  • Got on to the MP
  • Actually real easy considering they took out all the side missions because they are seriously lazy, replacing them with these "random events". Moving crates for some old guy doesn't match up to the assassin contracts! So little replay value in the game :( and on top of that there's no challenge for free roam, like the Castello with all the guards - I used to love climbing that. Nevertheless should be real easy.
  • Is it just me or can anyone else not get 100% on the first AltaĆ­r mission.
  • @49 All you do is kill the guards at each little black dot on the mini-map, the same one used to indicate the random events! Do this and your optional objective should unlock! :)
  • Seq 3 Memory 8 There were 4 black dots on the mini map, after I helped those 4 people at those spots, got the optional objective. Yeah 100% now!
  • Didn't get this in Brotherhood (had trouble with the flying machine - hard enough to complete it, getting 100% sync was the least of my worries), very much doubt I will in this one.
  • why is this achievement only 20G? one that requires 100% sync in all missions deserves at least 40-50G if anything more..
  • #52 because of what i hear it only requiers you to get the main chain quest 100% sync unlike in AC:B where you need a lot more accomplishments...
  • Thank God it's only the 9 Sequences and not the whole game. That explains why it's only 20GS, though.
  • Its not difficult. Just time consuming
  • This was surprisingly easy :)
  • I just can't stand the fact that they make you restart the entire DNA sequence if you botch the 100% at any point. This game isn't perfected and Ezio will still do random things or jump the wrong way and if that fails it on you, you're stuck with another 15-30 minutes of catch up to risk failing again... They need to get way more forgiving with the ability to retry. I get the approach, but we have real lives as well and spending hours on something tedious is just annoying. It's wake up time developers. Games should be more fun than chore. If we want to complete a game fully, please make it realistic enough to not sacrifice too much real life time. Collecting things is nice, but it gets to a point where you're just tired of the same hunting shit over and over and spend too many re
  • real hours doing so
  • #50 thank you for posting that mission i had much trouble with it i hated that one
  • I do the same missions over and over again just trying to get this achivement but ill get it...eventually
  • Only 20 points for one of the hardest achievements in the game, are they trying to kill my gamerscore?
  • You can re-do bits after can't you? I've only just started the game and got 50% sync in the first mission (the 9/9 templars bit) If I can't re-do that later on I will just restart now.
  • Yes you can re-play memories later. Once you finish stock up on ammo and good weapons and re-play the missions again.
  • only having trouble with the bomb challenges. I think i have crafted everything but still haven't "crafted a bomb w/ each shell type" or on of every effect. what am i missing. I did them all in an order just to be sure.
  • Honestly I've always thought the 100% sync challenge takes away some of the fun of completing the game. AC2 was so much fun because in each playthrough of the game you could change how you completed each mission. This makes playing the game through multiple times pretty redundant because its the same. I understand Ubi trying to offer something different but from an enjoyment point-of-view being told what to do definitely detracts from the experience. I really hope they bin the sync challenges for AC3.
  • This is only storyline memories, not all additional memories
  • Hard but fun. should be worth more though
  • does anyone know what happens if you fail the optional objective. do you have to click 'restart memory' or can you just purposely die and then go back to the point before you failed. will it still count if you do it the next time?
  • So close yet so far
  • I9 MiTcH 95 You need to restart the memory; dying won't un-fail the optional objective...
  • Are the sopiha missions part of this too?
  • uhhh fuck! "the mentor's keeper" is soo annoying ._. please anyone help! gt: dracon74
  • Wow, achievement was way to easy, I had done it crossbowless hahaaa
  • This was so much easier than the other games!
  • Okay so I'm really confused now!! I just completed this achievement but it didn't pop! i have 100% Synch through sequences 1-9 but no achievement! what gives??? please help
  • I went and did a recruit assassin mission that i had ignored before and it made the achievement pop once i finished it :D dunno why because it's totally unrelated but still... it worked :)
  • Man I'm stuck on the one where I can't be detected and where you can't take any damage... Not as hard as brotherhood since in this one you only need to get 100% for the sequences not the entire game! But still.... 100% achievements annoy me -_-
  • @48 me too i can't do it on Altair first memory too. I need to keep civilians safe, but they always fall from the assassins tower and they die. how can reach 100% in that mission?
  • now i figured what you need to do. you don't need to save the assassins that were falling from the tower or the hostages, you just need to save people in village, and they are black dots on your map! watch:
  • @ 20. The flag collecting in Brotherhood wasn't that bad. However the feather and flag collecting from AC1 and 2 killed it for me. I hate collectibles. Thats why I have 98.5% in AC II and 97% in AC 1. I loved how they incorporated in game maps in Brotherhood for the 10 feathers and 100 flags. Hated how in this game after collecting 100 Animus fragments I get nothing but 20 GS,no armor or weapons. uggh. ONTOPIC- These weren't that bad only had to repeat 5 missions,they were a hell of alot easier then Brotherhoods Sync missions. Still have yet to get Principle from Brotherhood ha ha. I HOPE THAT IN AC4 THEY TAKE OUT SYNC COMPLETLY. I loved how in AC 1 and AC 2 I DID the mission how I wanted to, The Sync missions take away the AC experiance for me.

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