Holy Wisdom Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Holy Wisdom



    Complete the Hagia Sofia challenge level.

    How to unlock Holy Wisdom

    This mission is available once you have obtained all of the memoirs. See "Worth a Thousand Words". It will be its own icon on the map and be located, of course, at Hagia Sofia.

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  • don't know what it is, but sounds like fun :D
  • Collect the 10 pages of isha or something like that(after a while in campaign you'll be able to buy map with their locations) if you collected the 10 pages, you unluck a hidden grave memory complete that mission 100% (complete the memory in 6 minutes) and you have the achievement (very easy) note after completing this memory you get the acr new armour
  • what is the multiplayer bonus for completing this? armor?
  • dunno, but i doubt its much
  • Do this and unlock awesome Armour and a battle axe all maxed out. sweetness
  • Thanks for the information adionis
  • Also : You don't need to get a 100%, i did, but my mate failed and also got the achievement :D
  • You have to collect(25 or 35) animus data fragments, then you can buy the map from the bookstore.
  • thanks for the help had no idea what the challenge level was
  • is it the Ishak Pasha memoir pages that you need to collect?
  • Did on my first try and had over 1:15 left. @10 Yes, you need the 10 Ishak Pasha memiors to be able to do this.
  • took two tries, I found it a bit confusing the entire area
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0YEmC93EuU&feature=plcp

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