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    Collect all animus data fragments.


    How to unlock Capped

    There are a total of 100 animus data fragments spread throughout the world. Once you obtain 50 of them, the last 50 will all appear on the map. Pressing while you run around makes it easy to spot them, and it will put them on your map if you see them while in this mode. Once you go out of eagle vision that is when they will show up on the map (not during). They are easy to get to, because once on your map if you put them as your target marker, a beam of light will show on them. The below maps will only show you 50 of them (the 50 I did not get). You can use this as an extra resource if you get stuck, but really, you should have no problems doing this by yourself.

    Note: You can only get the last map with the collectibles after starting Sequence 7, therefore it is not possible to gain the achievement beforehand. You can replay this memory later to access them easier, or there is a no ferry for you.

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  • I wonder how many there are. Well, at least we know where 1 is.
  • what are the data fragments??
  • @1 where?
  • @2 they r the flags of this game.they look like what achievement pic looks like short of. @3 there is a video of ezio and yusif running around the rooftops of the city and ezio gets one of the fragments.
  • There is 100, they are diamond shaped fragments.
  • Can you get maps for these? From vendors, or maybe from Piri Reis (who teaches Ezio about bombs, sort of the AC:R Leonardo)?
  • the more you get, the more desmond sequences you unlock. desmond gameplay is in first person and not fast paced platforming like we all know and love.
  • These also work like flags in Brotherhood. If you see one in Eagle Vision they appear on your map. I just don't understand why treasure chests don't.
  • You need 30 to unlock all of desmonds DNA sequences so it a safe bet there are 30 to be collected.
  • There are 100
  • collect all the fragments you see, when you have 50 of them, you'll get a free map of their locations
  • You can buy maps for treasure and data frags in the bookshops
  • After you collect 50 fragments it unlocks the rest on your maps, IGN made a guide that makes this way easier though.
  • Here is my Videomap, no need collect Vids!
  • Here's a very helpful full guide, with videos, showing you where all 100 fragments are:
  • I've collected 93 out of 100 and I have no more on my map. Should they have all shown up on my map? Only things I haven't completed are the Desmond DNA sequences, if that makes any difference.
  • Preni.. Thanks for the map. Much more useful than a video of actually going to places.... And Gott sei Dank, dass ich Deutsch kann. Whew*
  • @8 TREASURE chest do appear when you look at them with eagle vision. Chests containing bomb ingredients do not. I think they refill periodically, so having them on the map is unnecessary.
  • don't forget that there are some in cappadoica, so the last few anyone is missing are likely to be there
  • #17 there is some in cappadocci or something like that you have to load a mission in the undertaker sequence to get there I believe
  • once you have beaten the cappadoica part of the game you can take a boat there from the docks. i think its on the imperial side, but i can't remember
  • 99/100 found and the last one isnt on my map. Are there any in Masyaf?
  • #23 Same question...
  • #23-#24 Found it!!! It's near thieves guild HQ (near left icon) just zoom the map ;)
  • #25 already got that one I think, zoomed all the way in and still nothing
  • nevermind found it :D
  • I still cant find my last one, I got the one by the thieves guild and all the ones in Cappadocia but have no more map icons...
  • Nvmd, you can check the fragments under additional memories and it will tell you where your missing it from. Mine is in Cappadocia but I will just have to run around til I find out which one it is.
  • This is kinda lame why is there 100 when you only need 30 for the Desmond stuff? There is no point for the other 70.
  • @30, there is a point to the other 70.....................the achievement,
  • LOL @30
  • @31 Amen
  • I think that after like 30-50 fragments, the locations of the rest automatically unlock onto your map. If you're missing a few then just turn of all the symbols except the fragments to find which ones you are missing. Also don't forget that there is some in Cappadocia which you can go to by going to Galata, and there should be a ferry in the far bottom right corner of that island.
  • At least there are not 600 of them...
  • If anyone is having trouble finding their last data fragment and it isn't showing up on their map, I accidentally found my last one in Cappadocia right above the book store!!! It doesn't show up on the map for some reason... Hope this helps!!!
  • The last one (99/100) is in Cappadocia. Replay sequence 7 mission 1 and look at the map straight away :)
  • I hate myself right now, I spent 2 hours trying to find all of these, most of it on ign till i reached 50, then when i finally got it, i didnt realize i was playing offline, & the next day i went to my friends house & downloaded my gamertag. of course the cloud save update comes out the very next god-damned day! D:
  • Theyre not on the map if you havnt seen them before with eagle vision. So if you are on tall buldings, go to eagle vision and just turn around 360 degrees then countinue. But can you buy a map or something for this?
  • @ #39 Once you have collected 50 fragments, the other 50 are AUTOMATICALLY marked on your map. Also, I had the 99/100 problem as well. Got all the ones in Cappadocia and the one near the Thieves Guild HQ. If you're having the same problem, check in Constantine North; there is a Data Fragment marker almost entirely hidden by the marker for the Column of Marcin. The fragment is right near a viewpoint. Prego.
  • *Column of Marcian. My bad.
  • Once you find 50 all the others show up on the map. There are 12 in Cappadocia by the way. Once they are all revealed it is just a matter of grabbing them. Simple achievement, but too bad you dont get anything for finding them all...
  • best guide for collecting them all
  • is there a video or something that has all locations of the data fragments?
  • this one is really annoying... especially when i have just under half of them and dont know which ones i have and have to find them all with a tutorial video. =/
  • At times, on the map it'll show a location of a single fragment. Will it do that for all 100?
  • This oneis not really that difficult!:) for the first 50 data fragments, you can use your eagle vision to locate those nearby. When you have found 50, the map will update itself and show you the remaining 50 :)
  • how is it possible that i cant find the last 1 i have checked every corner bin through icon there is got the 1 at the thieves Hq and at the column of marcian(us)
  • Found it its on the lower right of the map there is a synchronisation point its almost hidden in it
  • I think you can only purchase the map from the Book store once you have found 30 of them already, god damnit :(
  • The fragments unlock 2 maps. The one at 25 fragments is for the Ishak Pasha's memoir pages (This one is expensive from a bookshop), and the one at 50 fragments is for the rest of the fragments, (This one is free and is automatically given to you).
  • I found 99/100 fragments and missing one in Cappadocia (according to the dna), but there's in none showing on the map. I searched the hole place en still nothing any help pleaaaasssee!!
  • The last fragment for me was located by the book store on Cappadoccia. The location on the map is obscurred by the book shop icon. If you zoom in real close you can get the cursor on it.
  • Confirming #53 post. If you are left with 99/100 & the missing one is down as in Cappadoccia in the DNA section, head to the island using the one ferry icon that is furthest right on the map, bring up the map once you are on the jetty in Capp. zoom in to the bookstore location & its there, obscured by the book icon
  • Takes so long lol
  • should get more for this one. kinda hard to get
  • This is so much easier than the flags in one. Lets just be grateful of that.
  • thanks #13 gotta get 50!
  • the fragments in Cappadocia, does it remind anybody else of Aurora in Fable 3 just a little bit?
  • I had also 99/100 and the one i was missing was obscured by the thiefs hq ;)
  • Ok. So, I've collected 87 of 100 fragments, but there are no more left on my map. I have cleared everything off the map and just left "Data Fragments" on, and there is nothing there. What am I missing?
  • @ 17 and anyone else that has trouble in finding the last 50 fragments after obtaining the first 50. Go to the in game ''World'' map,press X to bring up the remove in game beacons option. Remove everything except the Data animus fragments and Banks. Because some beacons hide data fragments behind them. This helped me alot. Also you get nothing but the achivement for collecting these collectibles. Kind of a bummer I was hoping for an awesome piece of armor or a weapon.
  • @61. There are 4 data fragments in Cappodocia. Use the Ferry at the far right of Galatia to get there. If you are at 87 then you must look harder I guess. Besides Cappodocia the rest of the 96 are in Cappagnia.
  • I had trouble getting to 50 to unlock the rest, but once I got far enough to unlock arsenal I wad able to get the rest.
  • Comment #2 by jorby4 Thursday, October 20, 2011 @ 02:42:40 PM what are the data fragments?? Ah the "good" old days of XBA when idiots would post stupid questions before a game was even released. As opposed to now when no one posts much of anything.

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