Worth A Thousand Words Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Worth A Thousand Words



    Collect all of Ishak Pasha's memoir pages.


    How to unlock Worth A Thousand Words

    These pages are scattered around and there are only 10 of them. Once you get 25 Data Fragments, you can purchase a treasure map that shows these from any book store. This makes the achievement extremely easy. See "Capped" for more details on the fragments you will be collecting. Also, this achievement relates directly to the "Holy Wisdom" achievement. You must collect all of these to unlock the mission. You should have no problem collecting these pages.

    Note: There is one page in a district you cannot get into until during/after Sequence 5 Memory 3.

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  • more collectibles... fml
  • @1 Yeah, but this time they're more like Assassin Seals or those Romulus Scrolls, because the Armor of Ishak Pasha is the equivalent of Armor of Brutus and the Armor of Alta├»r. Ishak Pasha itself is a small palace on the countryside of Istanbul/Constantinople. This is probabaly where the armor is hidden if it weren't for the assassinscreed.wikia article that says that is was located in the Hagia Sophia.
  • I'm not sure if this is just in Constantinople or what; but I just collected the first one and it said "1 of 10." I guess we'll see though.
  • All the pages are in constantinople, after a while you get a map of their locations. The grave of Ishak Pasha is located in the Hagia Sophia (complete that memory within 6 minutes to unluck the challenge of Hagia Sofia)
  • here is my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gyMF9DbxjM
  • Here's a guide, with videos, showing you where all 10 pages are: http://www.mlwgames.com/acr/ishak-pashas-memoir-pages
  • It's awesome that you can just buy the treasure map showing the locations of all the pages instead of having to follow a guide.
  • Anyone know which treasure map it is?
  • Is anyone having a glitch with this? gone to all 10 locations grabbed all of them even have the map and the pages turned on and there is not any. I only have 9 of 10. Gone to all locations 3 times there is not any pages there
  • Where can I find the maps? just curious
  • In the book stores can u buy a map for these. Hope mine is not glitched as the person above! ;S
  • @ adionis thz for the post it heled me alot!
  • @anton_bp Thanks for the advice!
  • easiest collectible ever! wait till your done with game then buy treasure map for memoir pages.
  • After you beat sequence 9 go to any book store in Capagnia and buy the bottom treasure map that says ''Iskh pahsa memoir pages locations map'' buy it. Then all 10 will be in the game World map. After collecting all 10 you will get the achivement. Then on the in game map a ''Hidden tomb'' beacon will appear. Go there and beat it to unlock the ''Hidden Wisdom'' achivement and also Ishk Pasha's fabled armor. It is an incredible piece of armor but like the ''Master assassin'' armor better because it fits Ezio better lol.
  • I would do this before doing the last sequence with ezio, otherwise you cant even play the game again unless you sit through a 35 minute credit sequence that can not be skipped, even if you quit and reload your game it puts you right back at the start of the credits......was going to play through all the AC games right up to origins but this is the last one ill be playing lol, what a massive dick move on ubisofts part wasting my fucking time.

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