Pyromaniac Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Pyromaniac



    Complete all Bomb Missions.

    How to unlock Pyromaniac

    These bomb missions are actually more like tutorials. They are given at Piri Reis near the Grand Bazaar in the Imperial District. The icon is black with a white bomb and beakers. It shows up after you progress through the story and learn about bombs. Inside you must go to the wall near his desk. You will see 4 paintings. Each one has 2 missions total, and you must complete one to get the other. They stop shining after you have done both. They are extremely easy missions and short. You will have to run back to the shop after doing them, you are not automatically put back inside.

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  • This sound very interesting, now that u can craft bombs.
  • This was actually a really easy 20. I 100% all of them on the first try except the one where you have to cause two fights with two different sets of guards with cherry bombs. I escaped before I caused the second fight thinking there would be more to it. lol
  • how do you unlock these? because i can't seem to find any of the start points
  • this sounds like a fun achievement
  • @ 3 i have the same problem, i have an icon on the map, but cant seem to start it
  • just worked it out. at piri's place on the wall opposite the bomb crafting table, there are 5 pictures, each has an attached mission. not sure what you need to do to unlock each, but may be related to mediteranean defence, or w/e
  • They're like the guild challenges, if you look on a board near some crafting tables, or check you DNA, you should find a list of bomb challenges.
  • how do you do the datura one? I don't know what to kill him with thats not ranged or melee
  • nvmd, did it with a bomb
  • They are not e challenges you find in he DNA menu but rather they are on the shop wall at Piri's
  • does anyone know how many shell types and effect types there are? Because crafting a bomb with each shell type and each effect type is one of the challenges.
  • @11 it sounds like they are just the bomb missions, like the 4 you get from the bomb specialist and there are 4 more. you can check in your DNA.
  • one of the bomb missions is to use every bomb effect twice. I feel like I've crafted every combination possible and used it three times just to be sure and I'm not getting that mission checked off. It's the last one I need to get the achievement.
  • oh you have to do all the Piri Reis missions too
  • just do the missions from the wall in piri, no need to do all the bomb missions from your wall to get achievment
  • As far as I am aware, in the "Mediterranean Defence" part of the game, 5 cities have a mission "Piri Reis : Survey the Region" ... completing all of these gives you access to all of the missions on the wall in Piri Reis' shop. As previsouly mentioned, completing all of these 100% gets you the achievement. I was with #2, missed the last one on the first try
  • OK everyone is making this confusing..... There are 2 steps you have to do to get this. 1st there are 5 missions on the mercenaries defense. They start with Piri Reis and have a logo after them they are all in different cities. Send your assassins to do these. 2nd where you meet Piri Reis turn to your right and there are 4 maps. There is propabley about 10 quick and easy missions you have to do. Once you do that and your assassins return from there missions WAAA LAA Achievement. Takes bout 15 minutes to complete
  • I can confirm that you only have to do the missions on the wall of Piri Reis's shop. I just did all of them and the achievement popped. I haven't done any of the Mediterranean Defense Piri Reis missions yet.
  • In my opinion, I think this achievement may be glitched just like Sage. :(
  • Nope, I was wrong, turns out that once you finish a Picture-Mission, it is replaced by a new/different one.
  • i never knew about these missions until i looked at my achievement list =/
  • You can find the list for this and the quilds in the DNA menu. Press start and go into DNA. To the far right under secondary sequences there is a part called Challenges. These are the lists for the bombs and the various guilds as well...
  • Can someone please put an official way to do this everyone is puting different ways and i am confused
  • Go to Piri's place. On the wall to the right )if you're facing Piri at his desk) there are five murals the you can "interact" with. Interact with one of the five murals to start one of the bomb missions. Hope this helps #24.
  • @25 there are only 4 pictures that I can interact with on the wall
  • It's really simple. Go into Piri Reis next to the guy sitting at the desk are 4 pictures. each picture contains 2 missions when you have done all 8 the achievement will pop up. Simples. :)
  • WARNING! PLEASE READ: This achievement is glitched unless you delete Patch 1.02. Do not update your game, and complete the requirements for this achievement. Known bugs with Patch 1.02: Bomb Challenges (Crafting) Craft Maniac Achievement Pyromaniac Achievement Sage Achievement
  • #28... Is anyone can confirm ? I don't wanna play a second playthrough...cause I think I have this patch.
  • @29 the achievement worked for me, got it yesterday, and I have the latest patch, i think that is 1.02. The craft maniac achievement also worked for me. To get the pyromaniac achievement you need to complete all the piri reis tutorial missions only, there are 2 per painting on his wall.
  • @29 Adding to comment #30 i think i was logged out of xbox live, i dont know if this makes a difference or not.
  • Look, in the DNA go to the bomb challenges, Do all those. Then go to Piri Reis and do the bomb trails on the wall. 4 pictures, But be careful because some of the pictures have 2 missions and not just 1.
  • @32, you do NOT need to complete the DNA bomb challenges. Just the Piri Reis wall pictures. I have not completed the bomb challenges, but I earned the achievement when I finished the Piri Reis pictures (keep doing the picts until they stop glowing).
  • This achievement is so easy, just people are making it hard for other people to know what to do. Literally go to his (Piri Reis) shop, on the wall near where he's sitting are FOUR pictures, each one has two missions. Do all 8 and the achievement will pop. The bomb missions on DNA menu will do nothing towards this achievement and neither will the Defence missions they just unlock ingredients. Thank you to the people who commented here saying that's all you have to do. Tried that first and saved me a lot of time running around doing other bits that weren't necessary lol
  • Just do the photos on the wall at piri des(sp?) it's so easy
  • On the right of Piri there are four pictures. You need to do each one twice, eight missions in total for the achievement.
  • Do you have to 100% synch these or just play through them and finish them?
  • I think you have to 100% synch them like the other missions.
  • You don't need to 100% synch them, just finish all 8 challenges (2 per pic).
  • OMG!!!! This has gotta be the perfect achievement for me, since I'm practically a Pyromaniac myself (that and I LOVE EXPLOSIONS) XD

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