Armchair General Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Armchair General



    Control all cities (except Rhodes) simultaneously in the Mediterranian Defense game.

    How to unlock Armchair General

    The way you rank up your assassins is through gaining experience mostly through something called Mediterranean Defense. Any assassin den or the assassin boards next to the bomb crafting tables in the cities have the access point for managing assassins. It is also in the Assassin HQ. There are 13 different city names, each with various tasks. This will be explained in more detail in "The Mentor" achievement description. The main task you will need to complete in each is "Reclaim The City". This means it is under Templar control and you must send assassins to take it over. Pick the assassins that give a high probability and send them. It takes 10 minutes for them to complete the mission. You can get this achievement done as you level them up at your leisure, but keep in mind you gain more money by having control of the cities.

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  • What does that mean, Mediterranian Defense game? Is this what they mean by souped up borgia towers?
  • ^how do you expect others to know that before the game is out?
  • lol at first comment.
  • It'll work similar to the Contracts in Brotherhood. Execept, this time it's a war between Templars and Assassins over who controls which countries.
  • wow, "halorvb13", the game it's not even released yet and u want to know already about this.
  • Well I am very sorry about my curiosity. Btw thanks to #4
  • why's everyone hating on #1, i was going to ask his same question
  • I believe it is a reference to the new Defense game mode in Revelations. This consists of defending different "Assassin Dens." The idea is very similar to the Borgia towers, however the main difference is that once you capture a Den, the Templars can come and attack it, even re-capture it should you fail to protect it. There was a mention in GameInformer that the only way to 100% protect a base would be to send an Assassin Master (lvl 15 recruit) to protect it. Check out this video to learn more about the Den defense game mode:
  • If it's an option I won't even bother trying to control them then until all of my assassins are fully ranked up.
  • @8 Your explanation would be accurate if it weren't for the fact that the Mediterranian Defense game isn't the same as the Den Defense minigame. The Mediterranian Defense game is roughly the same as the contracts in AC:B as 4 already stated. @9 Same here.
  • Go to the big whites bombs on your map, get assassins and attack every town, you get money and xp in every town with different missions.
  • easy
  • It would be nice if you could access this whenever from the main menu. Kinda sucks searching for a pigeon coop.
  • during the 3rd sequence i accessed this and i can't back out of it and i can't select any of the assassin's. i need it to progress in the story but can't move. the memory before this i could sync 100% because i had no assassin's to signal.
  • Easiest way to do this is to do a bunch of contracts in each city which ranks up your assassin recruits as well as lowers the difficulty of the "reclaim city" contract. once the contract is low enough difficulty send one assassin recruit out to accomplish the task in each city. The reason you should wait until you can do them all at the same time is because the templars will try to take their cities back. All you have to do is control them all at the same same time. Says nothing about losing them after. lol Hope this helps.
  • Also once you do take a city you can do contract to keep it under your control.
  • Doesn't the discription say Assassin's gaining control is permanent? I never know the Templars can take the cities back.
  • @17 Nope. You will lose control over time and Templars will make a play for the city
  • The easiest way to complete this is by conquering each Templar den as early as possible, then recruiting all 12 assassins as you do so. Conquering each city in groups of two was the quickest way to complete the achievement.
  • I wonder why it is every city except Rhodes. A city can be under siege. Jerusalem was "under attack" when I got this.
  • The deal with Rhodes is having to play the multiplayer maps set in Rhodes to unlock it. I think its a neat touch that content for Single and Multiplayer is unlocked in the other, like the Multiplayer Emblems in Desmond's Journey, or after completing Hagia Sophia's Secret, you get "The Impaler" as a title.
  • I hate that the max "control" you can have of a city is 50%. I'd recommend finishing your Assassin's Guild Challenges(with the exception of 7/7 Master Assassin's, get to 6 here is you haven't progressed far enough into the story to get #7) before attempting this. That way you don't have to worry about keeping up control of the cities, taking over cities, and trying to do a successful Den Defense with a bunch of assassins out on missions. Once you have Master Assassin's they can do pretty much all of the missions solo except the 6-star ones. Good luck and hope that helps.
  • I wish the game would have done a better job explaining how the heck the meta- game worked. I had no idea that you could even assign assassins to each of the cities. Would have made this a lot easier and could have had most of them all under complete control by now instead of playing catch up....
  • Recruit 12 assassins, level them all up to the max, and then just start taking over cities one by one. You'll get this cheevo in no time :)
  • what is the highest level you can get for your recruits? 15? and if so is it possible to send master assains into other cities in the mediterranian metagame or is it just those that are 10 and below?
  • This achievement really isn't all that hard to get. Just work all of your assassins up as you progress through the game up to the rank of master assassin, and once you've finished you can just nail every city one by one. While you're waiting for your assassins to take a city work on any other single player achievements you might be missing. It'll make the time between taking over each city a little more bearable.
  • So easy once you have 10 assassins @level 10+ , just do the 1 contract "take control of city" in each area and boom done
  • I'm so fucking done with this contract/defense BS! I didn't mind it in the first one, because you could pretty much ignore it and be fine. As soon as you get started in this it'll keep trying to keep you going, because the templars will attack your citys and you have to keep control up. I tried to be thorough, I have 5 level 10 assassins in every city but the last two--even Rhodes. And I did this before I had even started sequence 4. I'm spending more time on this micro-management crap than the actual game. If I wanted to play a management sim I'd play Evil Genious. This better not be in AC3.
  • why all cities except Rhodes? does it have a Historic reason or something?
  • ok is any one slaw having problems with this achievement I reclaimed every city and the Templar's ain't trying to regain them but no achievement why

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