Iron Curtain Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Iron Curtain



    Perform a perfect den defense without using the cannon.

    How to unlock Iron Curtain

    The first time you experience a Den Defense is in Sequence 2 Memory 6. You are on the roofs and must place your units and barriers around to defend. You can use everything except for the cannon, which is used with . When the game tells you about it, just ignore it. Put barriers whenever you can. The last wave of enemy is a ram unit. The den must take no damage. You will unlock the achievement in the stats screen afterwards.

    Here's a video for further help:

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  • I hope this new system is better then the Borgia tower one it's already started impressing everyone with a name sorter then Borgia tower den is so much sorter.
  • I get the feeling this is gonna be one of those tough achievements. I assume the connon is pretty good :P
  • @ #1 & #2 - Can anyone speak/type English anymore?
  • I assume this is about the tower defense game and if so it's not gonna be easy. You can't have any Assassins killed or barricades destroyed etc for a perfect score.
  • Earned this one with 84% Sync. Lost 2 barricades and 10 assassins. Just don't use the cannon. Place 2 leaders on the roofs. Spam crossbows until you have 6-10. 1 barricade at the end of the road upgraded to maximum. Thats enough for the first waves. Meanwhile spam the rifleman until you run out of moral. AND! use your pistol :)
  • @3 Y r u pisset ov bout shuch litlle matters ?!
  • Thanks Tenreth! Already got this achievement but this game mode was killin me!
  • @7 hilarious I was just wondering the same thing. This is very easy really. Like 5 said leaders on roofs and just pile them with crossbows and rifles. Best advice is to keep the crossbows out from and the rifleman toward the rear where Ezio is. Also do NOT use the cannon at all otherwise no full sync and do NOT build barricades until the battering ram comes into play, the reason being is it takes morale to build them and the more morale you have the more you can build. They go up instantly so as soon as one goes down build one. And also use your pistol it kills the enemy you highlight and gives you morale which, again, is used to build things or buy units. Overall I'd say it's about a 2/10 difficulty.
  • Correction the should have been @3 Also @6 ridiculous. What you wrote was obviously someone trying to be a douche (not saying you are, just that was the intent), I would like to say that 1 and 2 were purposeful in intent, but when you misspell "shorter" twice in the same post you've gotta be an idiot. And 2 the word CANNON is used in the achievement description tell me how it is you misspell that? lol
  • You can replay the first Den Defense game that's apart of Memory Block 2, that's the easiest. Once again, spam alot of crossbows, rifles toward the rear, upgrade those barricades (You can put Assassins on them), and use your pistol. Got it on the first try.
  • Spam crossbows and rifles...Done
  • Glitched achievement and here's why. By the end of the 3rd sequence, I had all my master assassins assigned to dens and so therefore, immune to templar attacks. No matter what I did, or how hard I tried to get my master den assassins killed to open up a spot for attack, it's a no go and I'll have to restart another game just for this cheevo. I think they really fucked up with this particular mini-game system, but thhhe addition of the bombs makes the game still worth it.
  • Yeah- I didn't know to use the pistol until the very end- and it almost cost me!
  • Yep, definately a glitched achievement. I even went back and replayed seq 2 mem 6 den defense and didn't use the cannon and it still didn't pop. Problem is now that anything you go back to replay, the dens are still locked, sooooooo whatever you do, DO NOT ASSIGN MASTER ASSASSINS UNTIL YOU HAVE THISCHEEVO!!!!
  • I have to disagree with the comments about not being able to go back through the DNA section. I went to Sequence 2 - did the den defense level... played one time and got the achievement... to think I almost started another walk through just for this because of those comments... so it isn't glitched... you may have hit the cannon by accident. Try it again and it should pop first try.
  • PS - All my dens are locked and I have already completed the game to 97% prior to going back for this chevo.
  • I stand horribly corrected. Thx ROLLYN. You were right. I'm at 100% and went back per your suggestion and got it. Honestly don't remember using the cannon, but I must have.
  • What unit works best againts the Battering Ram?
  • Good deal Cyco. Happens to the best of us.
  • i just got this with only 86%! and i did this by going back to dna number 2! i think as long as no one dies, they dont damage your building and you dont use cannon u get this achievement!
  • If you really want it you could get your master assassins killed by Janissaries...
  • @WerewlfKingAlex : so far riflemen seem to have the most effect (against any of the machines) , I also spammed the hidden gun as much as possible against them.
  • Good video I saw from TrueAchievements, credit to the uploader. Got it on my first try on Sequence 2 part 6.
  • Confirming: I got this after getting a 99% den defense. A few units died in the process.
  • What if you use the cannon baricade? Does that matter? I guess I'm about to find out
  • Looks like the cannon baricade does work for this. Watch out later on for the guys who run on the rooftops. Took out a whole line of riflemen before I realized they were there
  • i believe the definition of "perfect" means no damage to your den. the cannon refers to using the RB button
  • LB button* sorry
  • The den defense game is actually rather fun just has little to do with the assassins creed game I want to play.
  • Did on on the Den Defense intro mission. The battering ram messed me up the first time but a platoon of riflemen at the second set of rooftops took it down. :)
  • i fucking HATE this tower defense shit!!! one time is okay, but ALL THE TIME?! i just fucking hate it! got the cheevo, though. waste of time...
  • thanks @ #8
  • @24 & @20 You are referring to the end sync % of it that has nothing to do with the achievement. You can technically get the Achievement with as low as 50% sync. All you need to do is have 15 hits/untouched den, and do not use the cannon. you get 50% sync for having full den health, 100% if no damage is taken, no barricades go down, and no one dies, period.
  • Correction I meant as low as 65%, Forgot about the cannon 15
  • ALSO! Make sure to loot bodies with B/Circle, you pick up 10 morale off bodies a lot.
  • I got the achievement and thought I did a decent job, but still lost 3 assassins. How the heck do you keep them from dying? And is there an actual breakdown somewhere that shows how each category is scored? The guide doesn't have it.
  • Easiest to do on 2nd den defense
  • I got this in Sequence 2, Memory 6, your first required tower defense attempt. Follow the initial directions, putting a leader on the roof top w/ 2 crossbowmen, then another leader on the other rooftop with 2 rifleman. When the large horde attacks and it mentions the cannon put up a wall so that you're stopping the enemy right below your assassins, and upgrade that wall once or twice. Asap put a 3rd crossbowman and a 3rd rifleman up, then when you have time turn around and put leaders on the two rooftops behind you, near the last barrier and the fort and drop 3 rifleman on each side asap. Then drop 2 or 3 barriers if possible, fulling upgrading if possible, and just keep firing away at the ram.
  • Sequence 2 Memory 6 - This is the den defense tutorial and can be replayed at any time. Use lots of riflemen backed up moderately by crossbowmen (I personally had 2 rifles for every crossbow). Install barricades wherever possible. When you're not putting stuff in, shoot anything that moves. When available, put assassins in the barricades to buy time. As long as you don't use the cannon (LT) and the den takes no damage, this achievement will unlock. Kinda easy once you get used to the mechanics :)
  • Ive done this twice now on seq 2 and didnt even touch the LB. The den took no damage, and still no cheevo pop...
  • @39 thanks. wasnt aware of this achievement till after i locked all my dens, forgot about that memory where you learn about den defense
  • Thanks Whammyaniac for the help
  • Thanks #8, not using barricades till near the end sounds good.
  • Does using the barricade with a cannon on it count towards this achievement?
  • As they've said before, just repeat sequence 2-6 until no harm is done to your den. Easy task.
  • When you are told to place riflemen you can just keep placing archers and barricades and the moral will keep increasing over time as long as you don't put down any riflemen until you fill the buildings with archers and the lane with barricades. no enemies will come until you put down a rifleman, i ended with around 450 moral and 98% sync. super easy achievement
  • @ #46. Interesting I'll have to try that. Thanks.
  • HOLY. BUTT. NUTS!!!!! As soon as I read the description I was all, "pfft, easy as f**k!!!" but I quickly took a double-take once I read,"without using the FUCKING cannon". I mean, I always used the cannon around a dozen times, and to do a den defense perfectly alone is challenging, let alone not allowed to use the damn cannon (which is like 90% of how I always got a perfect score)! D,:
  • Nevermind, I just reloaded Memory 2 Mission 6 and did what #5 and #7 did, which of course worked!!!
  • Super easy. Memory 2 sequence 6. Enemies dont start coming until you place a crossbow. If you place just a leader, you can sit and wait and you accrue +2 morale every 5 seconds. Start whenever you feel like you have enough. Had mine at 200 morale to start and it was easier than lego.
  • Edit: its actually +2 morale every 10 seconds not 5. Still the most effective way.

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