A Friend Indeed Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • A Friend Indeed



    Complete all Faction Creed Challenges from a single faction.

    How to unlock A Friend Indeed

    There are 4 different factions. Assassin Guild, Mercenaries Guild, Romanies Guild, and Thieves Guild. The one you will want to focus on is Assassin Guild. This is because you have to do most of it anyways and they are the easiest of them all to complete. There are 3 sets of challenges only containing 7 total challenges to do. I suggest being active with these during Sequence 4, as you will be recruiting likely the full roster of assassins.

    Call Assassination during a fight: When you are actively fighting enemies, just press Must have the red bar filled by one.

    Call Assassins on a target: Press while not in a fight and assassins will come and kill a nearby enemy. Must have one red bar filled by one.

    Use Arrow Storm: Must have all 3 red bars filled (meaning you need at least 5 assassins recruited or not active in missions). Hold down and a rain of arrows will kill enemies on screen.

    Call your Assassins within a story mission: You should get this naturally, but during any story mission call them out to help you. You can replay DNA sequences, or just do them in the Master Assassin based missions.

    Recruit Assassins: You will likely at one point get stuck on 11/12 recruits. You will recruit a few more and the number will not change. After you have taken over all dens, make sure there is no recruiting icon anywhere. There are 6 memory based recruits, 5 of them you do after taking over dens. The last one is unlocked after finishing Sequence 3 Memory 3.

    Train recruits to the rank of Master Assassin: You need to train 7. There is an achievement related to this alone. See The Mentor achievement description for more information on how to rank them.

    Successfully perform a Den Defense: You will learn how to take control of a Den in the storyline. As you take them over, some will be attacked if your awareness gets too high in those areas. You then must go contest and defend the area that is being attacked. Each time you rank an assassin to master, they will lock the den from this happening. Therefore, if you lock all dens you will need to replay Sequence 2 Memory 6 until you get the challenge unlocked. Some report it unlocks automatically after getting all Master Assassins. Some also report it doesn't always count and will have to be done a few extra times.

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  • Gewoon weer kijken bij je headquarter en alles completen van een faction. Kan niet zo moeilijk zijn.
  • Destroyer this aint a Dutch website:P I believe Assassin's Faction is easiest - you already get most done by just playing.
  • how do you get this one ?
  • I suppose you just need to do all challenges of 1 of the 4 Creeds.
  • Destroyer0486 wat ga je nederlands praten XD Shouldnt be all to hard
  • where do you see what challenges you have got left too do ?
  • At your DNA
  • #1 said Just another look at your headquarter Compline and all of a faction. Can not be too hard. no idea what it means but he wrote in dutch
  • @8: He just said that you have to look at those blackbords you find in your heaquarters for the challenges..
  • Assassins is easiest looks like. only thing is waiting for the LB call-in ability to recharge.
  • Can someone tell me how to use Romanies on guards? I thought you used walked up to a group of guards and they walk off together but that doesn't count towards challenge.
  • @11: Purchase a group of Romanies, walk up to some guards, **target one of them**, then press B to have them distract them. You'll need to find a new set of Romanies after that. I did this with Romanies.. found it to be the easiest. Many of them deal with killing guards from different kinds of areas, which is fun and pretty quick and easy. Only tough one can be the "Kill a Stalker without getting stabbed" since it's a random event, but if you play through the game, you should see more than the 5 necessary. Just hit B the moment a Stalker gets you. The Assassin one is also pretty easy as there are only 7 challenges instead of 10 like the others. Note that the Den Defense challenge is automatically unlocked if you lock all your dens.
  • Thanks 12, It'll try that. Killing a stalker is easy, once the he has a hold of you quickly hit X
  • myeh, still need this achivment. the assasin one is bugged with me unless ive missed something it says ive recruited 11/12 and i cant recruit anymore got all my assasins at max rank so dont understand ;((
  • I got this one by doing all the bomb challenges. Easy and definitely more fun blowing up guards than training assassins and those awful den defense games. Piece of piss!
  • #14 Same here, man. Says I need one more recruit but I can't do anything. Not sure if it's a glitch or what.
  • I was having the same glitch as #14 and #16. I just sent my lowest level assassin on a mission he had like a %25 estimated success to make sure he died and recruited another citizen. It popped after that. :)
  • #14, #16 - there is another way... When you are in the Mediterranean defense map and on a city there's a button command (bottom right of screen) that allows you to assign an assassin or several to a city - means they help guard it, keep % high etc. you can assign as many as you want and each time you assign one a new slot opens up so you can keep recruiting new assassins and trainign them up - I've got about 40 in my stable now!!
  • #18 Great tip. I didn't even realise you could do that.
  • @18 wow thats really helpful thanks
  • This achievement can GLITCH. No idea how but I did all 4 and the bomb ones as well and did not receive the achievement.
  • I have completed both bombs, romerna and assasins and still haven't gotten it. What am i doing wrong?
  • I had to replay the game over and unlocked it right after finishing mercenary tasks. I suggest focusing on this achievement as soon as possible. I unlocked it by sequence 4 memory 3 doing mercenary tasks on second time through. DO NOT PUT THIS ACHIEVEMENT OFF.
  • I guess I can also add some tips... For mercenaries: -Use mercenaries on guards (10) Hire mercs, climb under a guard on the roof and send mercs to fight him. They will take their time climbing up but instead of waiting, climb up and kill the guard quick yourself. It will count as you sent in mercs. Repeat this again on the next guard on the roof. You wont need to rehire mercs. Shouldn't take more then 3 minutes. -Destroy a scaffold by throwing someone into it (5) There is a lot of scaffolds in the first area of the map. North side of Constantinople. Don't bother pushing guards into these until tasks show up in DNA. It wont count and you are wasting time. Likewise, there is plenty of scaffolds around hagia sophia(sp) and south west by the ruins of colums that look like Rome.
  • -Kill an enemy using a thrown weapon (5) DO THIS EARLY, there is tons of guards with weapons around enemy controlled view points. -Disarm and kill a guard with his own weapon (5) easy, with fist as primary "weapon" hold RT and press x when the enemy attacks and then let him have it. -Kill a Byzantine Almogavar (25) The last bomb mission by that one guy, you can kill 5 each time you replay it. You do not have to do all the bomb missions in order. You can just pick the last one on the wall from the entrance. -Perform a Hook and Throw (10) run at a guard and tap a. Does not work on janissaries.
  • tap b* in last one mistake sorry. -Perform a Double Assassination (10) Just walk up to 4 guards wondering around. Stand in middle and hit x. Then kill the other 2 as painfully as possible. -Kill an Ottoman Janissary (25)- best done in sticky bomb mission. Throw a bomb at the target. camera will change HOWEVER turn around and you will see Janissaries swarming the dead guards. Throw some more bombs in the pile and run. I managed to kill 8 with 1 bomb. Really quick. Replay the memory once done. -Perform a combo kill streak of at least 5 kills (10) Play through Sequance 4, memory 3. Once done, the guards in the memory will change to weaker and much easier to kill. Run in and have a lot of them around you and just go for a streak. There is a vid on youtube of this.
  • SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! OMG! im getting so raged as i only need about 7 more achievements until i have 53/53 i need this one and i spent ages doing the factions... ive done EVERY SINGLE FACTION FOR EVERY? SINGLE SET (bomb = done, assassins = done, romanies = done, thieves = done, mercenaries = done!) and its still saying i dont have the achievement (i am on xbox 360) i dont know what to do ive tried everything somebody reply with some help! :(
  • Where can you do a dive for 30+ meters into the water?
  • Woops didn't mean to put (I am on xbox 360) /: copy and pasted of youtube so 4got to take that part out :L
  • Press Start button, select DNA, Scroll to the far right (second last option for me), select Challenges. Within that you can view all challenges for all the different guilds.... just t save you time running to each faction HQ to look at the boards
  • Assassins faction is an easy win, ignore the rest
  • @12 "The Assassin one is also pretty easy as there are only 7 challenges instead of 10 like the others. Note that the Den Defense challenge is automatically unlocked if you lock all your dens." Thanks for this info, I was putting off locking all dens because of this for most of the game.
  • @18, I didn't even realise you could even do that. Damn I suck at this game.
  • i got this for the assassins faction, tho arent you supposed to get the crest of whatever faction you complete? i read that its supposed to be atop the armor room above the fireplace though i dont see anything
  • i think i did this in the piri reis (bomb place) as you get an extra slot for each type of bomb. unless im thinking of a totally different one???
  • so everyone gets the them achievement except for me because the game is glitched at the part where you have to use all bomb types and craft them challenge. did all the rest of challenges of any faction but this one is glitched because of some update goddammit. used every bomb type with ever possible ingredient and did not pop up and said hey you complete challenge and got achievement. shit challenge. so help please thanks ;)
  • the assassins challenges are the easiest. Note: you DON'T need to make the "3 den (hideout) defense challenges" because when you have 7 trainees reach the rank of Master Assassin (The Mentor achievement) you will unlock it, since the hideout is safe.
  • Better do the assasin faction just like in Brotherhood as the achivement guide says. Because one of the Assassin factions challenges is to get 7 tariniee assassins (recruits) to reach the level of Master Assassin. This will also net you ''The Mentor'' achivement. In fact as soon as this achivement popped I got The Mentor because that was my last faction challenge from the Assassins guild.
  • I just did them all cause ya know #yolo

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