The Mentor Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • The Mentor



    Have seven trainees reach the rank of Master Assassin.

    How to unlock The Mentor

    This task is a working task which involves a lot of time spent going back to it. Essentially you take over dens which give you the ability to recruit assassins. The more dens you take, the more recruits you get. You send those assassins out on missions and rank them to 10. Do this by going to any den or near the bomb icons on the map. You can access missions that you may send the assassins on to gain experience. Read the missions details and make sure you have a high percentage to complete the task. You may have to send a few assassins to complete 1 task. Just make sure the experience is worth it. If you stick to trying to level up a whole level each mission you will have an easier time. Once the assassins get to level 10, you do a special mission for them after assigning them to guard a den. This is an indicator on the map and not the same way you were ranking them up. After that mission they may be ranked to 15 which is Master Assassin, but you must do 1 final mission in order to get them to have a symbol instead of a number. You will eventually have all top ranks by the end of the game (the rest after 7 only hit level 10).

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  • If it works like it did in AC:B, I'm hoping for some more variety in the contracts.
  • @1 after your assassin is recruited... when they reach level 10 you get to do a special mission with them and then again when they reach level 15! it's going to be SICK! because the target you have with them is one of the multiplayer characters.. so if u can recruit like 12 assassins there will be 12 different targets to pursue with your assassin during their mission
  • What if your trainee dies after doing the target? Do you think they will have an infinite amount of people to assassinate, or just a select few that you use depending on your location?
  • If this is anything like Brotherhood it won't be hard. All you have to do is get 1 up to master rank and then send the lower classes out on missions with the Master
  • if this is like brotherhood, then this is going to be easy!
  • had all 9 of my recruits assassins rank in ACB :)
  • @6 There were 12 recruits in AC:B.
  • One of my assassins is lvl 14 with max xp how do i get them to go to the next level
  • You can only have 7 Master assassin's, one for each district... if a masterassassin in training dies before being master assassin, he just gets replaced after doing the new mission if he dies after he got master assassin, i don't know yet :p most likely the longest achievement to get, but very easy (like "sage")
  • This one wasn't really difficult. Simply set your Assassins out to missions until they reach lvl 10. Unlock the 6 remaining Assassins Dens and asign them to one. Each Den requires one mission to asign the Assassin and a second mission once the Assassin hits lvl 14 at max exp.
  • Have I mentioned that everytime you unlock a Master Assassin the Den which it belongs to ddoesn't get attacked any longer? That's right! No more Den Defense!
  • After they reach max XP at lvl 14 ( all my assasins have this now ) where do I go to talk to them for the next part of the mission ???
  • Anyone else having trouble getting the master assassin thing to pop up? I have 4 lvl 10 assassins and I can't get the missions to start. Its getting frustrating...
  • @ #7 You can still have all nine of your assassins master rank.... You don't have to have twelve assassins so stop trolling
  • For those people who cant get there assassins to master rank, all you have to do is look for the master assassion mission symbol on the map and that will put them to master
  • How do I unlock a locked den?
  • @16 as far as I know you can't.
  • Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. I have done all the master assassin missions that came up, 100% sync on them (6 in total) but I know there has to be more because I only have 50% sync on the DNA menu. Also, I only have 1 master assassin and no way of promoting more. What am I supposed to do here? This is really starting to annoy me.
  • Just train the assigned assassins until they reach 15500 exp... once the assigned assassins reach this, the icon pops up (takes a while)
  • i set out one of my assassins out on a mission that was an unknown time frame. one of the first missions i did. been playing for hours and he still isnt done with his damn mission. he is my den assassin, and i cant do the mission to promote him. any advice?
  • Hell be back. Once you reach a part in the game he comes back.
  • This is being difficult for me, I have 6 Master Assassins complete and my last one is level 14 with 14460 XP, and won't gain any more XP. I've sent her on several missions, tried killing her to get her replaced and tried just getting rid of her, none have worked. Is there another requirement I have to meet before unlocking the last Master Assassin Mission?
  • i only have 6 dens and finished the entire campaign... -___-
  • When they reach level 10 they want to talk to you, and on the map it shows with an icon. When they reach level 14 with full XP they also want to talk to you...But where? Someone help pls!
  • I've got the same problem as #18. I've got 6 to master, but the 7th says he is just "in training" but there isn't a symbol on the map. I've finished the storyline hoping that it would show up but it hasn't! You can't seem to remove them as den leader, so I've no idea what to do next!!
  • I had all 10 in AC: Brotherhood, so hopesully shouldn't be much of a problem.
  • When you conquer a city one of the contracts is to build a den there. so i think by doing that you can get them all to master
  • Just cannot get this to work, I have 6 master assassins and 1 stuck on level 14 with 15500 out of 15500 xp, no quest will pop up either to make him master assassin, think mines glitched :/
  • If u are having problems with this one. You just need to be sure that u have under your control all the dens then assign in everyone one of ur assassins then level them up to lvl15 then u will see in ur map the master assassins missions and u complete them all and then u are done
  • Guys, if you're not seeing the missions popping up then it's for 1 of 2 reasons normally... 1. Your Assassins rank is not yet maxed out (top of level 9 or 14). 2. You still have 'Recruit Assassin' missions to complete. Number 2 stumpped me for a while. Jet
  • @28 - I had the same problem. You need to complete all the Master Assassin missions. I still had one left, and once that was complete, the assassin was promoted and achievement unlocked.
  • If you have assigned your assassin to a city in the defense game, when they reach 15500 XP you have to swap them out, technically bringing them back to the city. Then the Master Assassin Quest icon will pop on your map in whatever den you made them head of. The stupid thing I don't get is, why on 7 Masters? What's the point of having all the rest of my assassins maxed out at 10? I want them to keep going, screw if they get to be the head of a den.
  • @16 a locked den means that there is an trainee from you in that den
  • what do i do if 3 of my den's r locked? this achievement is somewhat glitched!
  • @32... ditto. I don't like seeing so many maxxed out level 10s. I want them to all have the symbol of the Assassins whether or not they're a den master. My question is this: if I kill one of my Master Assassins and give that den a new master, does that count as another? I have 6 so far, and the 7th is on a mission for an unknown time (which looks like I just have to get to certain point in the game). And I have a crap ton of level 10s that are ready to make a 5-level jump.
  • @35 i think for this achievement you need 7 all at one time. for the unknown time one, you have to progress to the next memory sequence i think for them to come back
  • I barely started Seq. 4. At the end of Seq 3 your very first assassin (not recruited) will be available for a mission, at which time he will become a Master Assassin. He was my 6th Master Assassin. If you play the game the 7th assassin will have an MA mission available, for me it was at Hagia Sofia. Not even 50% into the game and I unlocked the 7 master assassin's achievement. As mentioned, you can send lower level recruits out with the big guys and level them faster. You can only have 7 Master assassins as there are only 7 Assassin Dens.
  • #37 is correct. There is one Assassin that was set on "The Little Prince" contract in the Mediterranean Defense at the beginning of the entire game. It always says "This Assassin is away on "The Little Prince" contract and will be unavailable for an unknown amount of time. This ends up tying into the main storyline and he becomes a Master Assassin at the end of Sequence 3. That is the missing 7th Assassin. I'll bet anyone missing an Assassin with no one else out on contracts is playing prior to the last mission in Sequence 3 and has this guy pending on the "Little Prince" contract.
  • And even if you don't do 3 Den Defenses per your Assassin Guild challenges, the game will give you the Guild Challenges anyway after you have all 7 Master Assassins and all Assassin Dens locked.
  • i have 4 master assassins and the rest have been sitting on level 10. i keep sending these guys on missions but they dont seem to be going anywhere. i have finished the game. is this why i cant progress them anymore? any help would be great thanks
  • At #40, after you get an recruit to level 10, you need to assign him to an unlocked den. After that you'll be able to do the mission that raises him to a master assassin. The moment after I assigned someone to a den, something pops up saying that person wants to talk to you. Talk to him to start the mission.
  • Note: when you have 7 trainees reach the rank of Master Assassin you will unlock "3 den defense (hideout) challenge" from Assassins Guild, its a easy way to unlock "A Friend Indeed" achievement, because you probably done already most of their challenges
  • #40 Per the comments above, even if you have the max Assassin's and have no room for any more. There may still be a Recruit Assassin mission that you have to complete. This guy will sit in reserve until needed etc. This stumped me as I only had 3 Master Assassin's when I finished the game and the rest all 14. Once I completed the Recruit one another Master mission popped up. Got there eventually.
  • It took me a while to figure out that a few of the missions were part of the normal sequences. I was stuck with 5 master assassin's for a while.

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