Lightning Strikes Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Lightning Strikes



    Kill 5 guards in 5 seconds using only your hidden blades.

    How to unlock Lightning Strikes

    It is best to combine this with a Smoke Bomb. You must select your hidden blades and cannot use any other weapon. You have to do this extremely quickly. Killing 2 guards at once will be required. You must kill 2, kill another 2, then kill the last 1. Almost all guards travel in 4, so you must find an area with more or lead them with cherry bombs. Throw a smoke down and start assassinating.

    You can try this in any heavily populated guard area or if you want fast access, just go to DNA Sequence 4 Memory 1 and get to the courtyard area that has tons of guards.

    A good method instead of using Smoke Bombs is to use Poison Bombs. You can still get your kills before they die, plus you can see what is going on. Load the above sequence, get on the roof, and thrown down a cherry bomb. Now you can throw down poison and leap and assassinate, then assassinate the remaining. You will get de-synced but that is perfectly fine.

    Here's a video for further help:

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  • seems pretty easy, I'm sure all you need is a smoke bomb and do some dual assassinations
  • I think they intended it to be a kill streak Achievement.
  • EASY !
  • If they intended it to be a kill streak achievement, I think it'll be quite difficult. For all we know, I think @1's method is the best.
  • Fur reasons this achievement is bullshit. 1) it says ONLY your hidden blade, smoke bombs don't work. 2) even if smoke bombs did work wouldn't matter anyway because Ezio likes to go epic with his hidden blade kills and every other kill animates for 3 seconds minimum. 3) getting 5 enemies to be in the same general area is really tough, and when you do get them there there's like 3 or 4 rifleman outside the circle shooting at you and fucking up any chance at a quick kill streak, and finally 4) enemies can block you when you're in the middle of a kill streak and sometimes even if you do hit them it doesn't kill them. Either I'm missing some skill that you don't get until later (I'm up to have not started sequence 3) or this one and the 3 enemies simultaneously with only throwing knives are gon
  • gonna be the biggest bitches of them all. Also, that should read FOUR reasons not fur. lol
  • @3 On October 16th you posted EASY...maybe you should've waited until they released the fucking game to comment on how "easy" something is just because of the way it sounds.
  • @7 the game released on the 15th
  • @8 The game released in November
  • 7/9 is right. Nov 15th, 2011.
  • good luck
  • It sucks that guards only move in groups of 4 in this game unlike ac2 and brotherhood where there were patrol groups of 5
  • Do the one bomb mission where you cannot swim and five guards will be bothering some guy...just throw the bomb and make sure to get two guys on the first two strikes and one on the last. Easy
  • @13 ive tried that and managed it multiple times but still no achievement
  • @14 Apparently it must be with ONLY hidden blade (Bombs involved apparently will not let it work)
  • I think this is glitched I just got a kill streak of 7 guards in 5 seconds and it didn't unlock yes I was only using hidden blade
  • @16 No offense but I don't think it is even possible to kill 7 guards in 5 seconds with the hidden blades, particularly since Ezio has a certain dramatic flair for his hidden blade kills. The actual guide says that the smoke bombs are essentially required to pull this off. I have confirmed it myself as it popped for me while using the smoke bombs.
  • @11 The video you posted ended up being the perfect spot to do the achievement. Just throw a cherry bomb, wait til all the guards investigate, throw a smoke bomb, and go nuts. lol So apparently even though I tried and failed with bombs numerous times you CAN in fact use them. Anyone still having issues with this check out 11's video should help. I did it first try.
  • ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS: 1) goto Fatih Camii (top left of main island) 2) climb ontop the building with guards patrol. 3) turn on eagle vision 4) use decoy bombs, then smoke. 5) air assassination (x2) then dual execution and finaly one single kill. Simple.
  • Right at the entrance to the Imperial section of the city in front of the main gate is a group of four stationary guards with another group of four circling. Get on the building corner and wait for them to converge. Drop a smoke bomb, air assassinate into the middle of them then, if you're lucky, you'll get the two doubles and one like I did after a dozen, or so tries. I freakin hate the slomo combo. Thing in an open fight for this.
  • This popped up in "End of the Road" for me
  • It actually was not very hard as i accidentally did it. It can be done with smoke bombs and using the hookblade attachment. The way I did it was that I had my Templar awareness very high so I would get white square pop up leading me to a Templar official. I got the attention of a group of 4 guards walking by and made them chase me over to the Templar official and his 2 body guards. Then I threw a large smoke bomb and ran in with eagle's vision on and double assassinated twice then regular assassinated once and got the achievement.
  • I accidentally did it the same way as #21. While avoiding spoilers, I got it on the final group of guards that attack.
  • smoke bombs! easy as that
  • I've done this five times and it still hasn't worked, I throw a smoke bomb and air assassinate two and then assassinate the other three and for whatever reason it doesn't give me the achievement.
  • YOU CAN USE BOMBS I used the video link a few comments up (Used Cherry bomb, but then clatrop to strun instead of smoke) and got the achivement
  • I could be wrong but I think the Air Assassination takes to much time (timer startes mid air) Looking @ #11 video he did not perform an Air Assassination, ran into group and spam'd (X) button. Worked Great!
  • I got this achievement during the part where you are connected to a carriage while using a parachute. I grabbed some guys off a horse and dropped them on another guy and then assassinated one.
  • One of my friends has done the same thing. When you are on the parachute at the end of session 8, if you are quick enough you can hook and throw two guards at another two guards and assassinate the fifth for a rather simple achievement
  • Got this during one of the bomb tutorial missions .. I think was the caltrops one .. and as was mentioned above , it states no swimming for full sync. Simply followed it through , chucked the bomb in front of them , they came to check , hopped about , two duals and a quick fifth and it popped. Whilst he is somewhat dramatic on single target hidden blade kills , the doubles are pretty fast , so definately helps to go double-double-single.
  • smoke bomb then kill
  • This didn't work properly for me - used a cherry bomb to group 8 guards together, then used the smoke bomb. Double air assassination, double normal and then one single. So I got the "I can see you" achievement but not this one.. seeing as bombs DO in fact work, I guess I'll just have to try again
  • i have tried multiple times and did not work, knowing fairwell that i did 5 in 5 seconds. could it be glitched? they just did an update so maybe i should try it without the bombs
  • just got it. i think the games internal timer is a little faster then 5 sec but ow well lol
  • I just got this on one of the bomb training missions for Peri or whatever his name is, basically 5 guards harrassing a man you chuck bomb run up and kill all 5, simple.
  • I am sure i have done this achievement lots of times, but it wont pop, i have had a smoke bomb, killed 2, then 2 then 1 guard and it just doesn't give the achievement.
  • I did it during normal game play, during the horse chase during sequence 8, killed 5 guys with the assassination move on the parachute.
  • This achievement is pure luck...all the videos I've seen online have just had the perfect number of "2+2+1" lined up for them. The game's internal timer is WAY faster than five seconds. Even on the bomb mission, I have no idea how people are doing it as you can only use caltrops and they don't even reach the fifth guard.
  • Man this one is giving me some trouble. Thanks for the tips guys ^_^
  • 13's method works. Try it on the Piri Reis: Caltrops mission. Right at the start throw a caltrop at the target, not at the guards, then kill em two by two. Fifth (single) kill gives you the achievement if you were fast enough :)
  • After about 10 tries it finally unlocked for me on the caltrop bomb mission. Thanks for the tip!
  • I've tried multiple strategies to get this achievement... started with the tips, caltrop bomb mission: successfully killed the first 5 guys in 3 seconds, multiple times... The parachute mission at the end of sequence 8... and just good ol' fashion throwing smoke bombs after cherry bombs, dropping down and going that route... I'm almost positive I've successfully done it yet i'm not getting the achievement. I heard that after the latest upgrade, a lot of the achievements were "glitched" and were unable to complete (specifically, the collect all books.. which i have completed with no achievement). Curious if anyone else is having similar issues.
  • Well, after another hour of attempting, it finally did work on the Caltrop mission. You literally have to be flawless with a 2-2-1 assassin combo for this to work. I was pretty close to chucking my controller through the tv so good luck.
  • I've explained it all here.
  • I also just got mine on the caltrops mission...however, I went (2-1-2). The right two guards, the one standing by himself, then the last two guards. This was the quickest way for me to get the kills since it was hard to get into a nice position to get two double hidden blade kills consecutively.
  • ok, I am not sure if this way has been posted before but this is by far the easiest way During the mission "The Spy who shunned me" you will be asked to go to the market to find the key to the prison, when you get there you will see several guards watching two others fight, climb to the roof of any of the nearby buildings and throw a decoy at the fighters, the guards will investigate, you will have around 8 gaurds all in close proximity, assassinate 2 from the roof and just spam attack once you have landed, done it first attempt hope this helps anyone who has had trouble with this
  • I forgot to say, throw a smoke bomb at them before jumping down
  • here we go, everybody is saying do it on the caltrops mission but there is only one way that can work. 1. Throw the bomb at the target, NOT THE GUARDS 2. Kill the target first, as he will not be affected by the caltrop. Then you have to double assassinate the affected guards. Good luck
  • I actually got this achievement without trying, and without any double assassinations. It was during the part that Ezio attacks the Arsenal with all of the assassins in Memory 8. I was just going for the the Full Synch mission requirement (5 kills without being injured), and got this achievement at the same time I got the optional objective fulfilled.
  • And I didn't use any smoke bombs either, I was just on a killing spree and the guards were so distracted by the army of assassins coming after them that they didn't put up much resistance.
  • I'm completely bewildered and frustrated! At least three different times now I've performed 3 double kills, one after the other but the achievement simply won't pop....
  • Im sick of the guard repeatedly saying "Ive been tolerent with you but my paitients has been at test" over and over again every time i fail at getting this achievement on piri reis mission lol
  • @17 + Others who complain about Ezio's Flair. You can turn down the Action Cam Frequency in the options, :)
  • Addendum: Seems they took the friggin' option away in this one. Sorry about that.
  • I tried this last night and killed 6 guards in 5sec, and it didn't pop. This is getting so frustrating.
  • I did this one at the same time as the Poison 10 Guards achievement. Go to DNA number 4, memory 1, and get to the first area where you have to kill the minstrels. Pop a cherry bomb down, and then poisen 10+ guards. While they are all dancing around in the Mosh pit, walk up to them and stab them quickly. Its really hard not to get a double kill there are so many of them in close proximity. First attempt and bang it worked.
  • Thanks for that info. Got both of them on the first try that way.
  • ANNOYING ! ANNOYING ! ANNOYING ! Ezio keeps jumping on them, or slowly laying them down, which takes forever !!! Is there any trick to just remain standing and stab 2 at the same time? This achievement SUCKS !
  • STUPID !!!!!!! I tried this so many time, I ran out of bomb supplies. Crappy achievement. I swear I've earned it 6x now. But no unlock.
  • THIS WILL NOT UNLOCK. I've spent over 4 hours trying to get this unlocked. I've watched 4 different videos on how they did it, and tried it several times. I've used Datura poison, smoke and cherry bombs in different combinations. I air assassinate 2 guards, stand and kill 2 more while standing and another 2 while standing, and no achievement. I've also killed 3 sets of 2 guards all while standing, immediately back-to-back-to-back, and no achievement.
  • FINALLY !!! What I think I was missing.... DON'T PULL RT WHEN ASSASSINATING. Just hit the X button while surrounded by guards. All the posts I read, no one mentioned this. Don't pull RT, just hit the X button while surrounded by guards that are stunned by smoke or Datura poison.
  • #58 Thanks! That helped a lot.
  • Air assassination takes too long. Just use cherry bomb to get her some guards, then smoke, and walk into the middle and kill. If you want a ton of guards, go to Sequence 4, Mission 1 at the first set of minstrels. Also ideal for achievement for poisoning 10 guards with Datura bomb.
  • Had a flick through the comments here after so much trouble. At 4-1 I killed the first 3 minstrels and then climbed on top of the church thing behind the next set of 3 you encounter. There are two sets of 4 janissaries guarding some stairs.. try and position a cherry bomb sort of half way between both, just at the bottom of the church. Sit above and wait for them to gather around and then smoke bomb them (i guess poison will also work). Then air assassinate two, take your finger off the right trigger and just hkeep doing x. If you get detected, your checkpoint should be quite close by. Remember to go for impact shell and british gunpowder
  • This is a really annoying achievement.
  • poison bomb and then go to town, thats how i got it
  • Okay... i used a combination of 2 or 3 different methods. 1. Equip a Fuse Cherry bomb and an Impact Smoke Bomb. 2. Use the secret tunnels to go to Fatih Camii (the first one) 3. Climb up to the roof and aim a cherry bomb down into the middle area where the guards are marching around. 4. While the fuse is ticking down, quickly aim and throw a smoke bomb to the spot where the cherry bomb bounced. 5. Jump down into the smokey area and start tapping the 'X' button. As #63 said don't use the RT. This causes Ezio to try and be flashy instead of efficient. (Some people have had success starting out with an air assassination, I am not one of those people). This is what worked for me. Maybe it can work for you, too, or you can use your own rendition and tailor it to your playing st
  • ... This is what worked for me. Maybe it can work for you, too, or you can use your own rendition and tailor it to your playing style.
  • @13 is correct. Tried that mission for the first time and got the achievement.
  • After an hour of failing... it popped FUUUU YEAH! so using DNA sequence 4 memory 1 is a great technique what helped was just pressing X after the fall assasination to take out 2 guys rather then holding LT and X which would make Ezio force them to the ground wasting precious time ;)
  • Sequence 4 memory 1 is incorrect there is nowhere u can kill 5 guys
  • If you cant pull this off during the piri reis caltrop mission you should give up on videogames
  • i did it on my first try. - make Cherry and Smoke Bombs - go to Fatih Camii rooftops - throw a Cherry bomb and wait until five or more guards make a group - throw a Smoke bomb - Turn on "eagle vision" - Air assassinate 2 guards - stay between 2 guards and assassinate them at once - assassinate 1 more guard near you pressing X in his direction (English is not my language, I play the game in portuguese, sorry if i wrote something wrong)
  • Hey guys I've tried all variations of this with and without the RT and I still got nothing. Any actually helpful suggestions?
  • Here is what I did: 1- Make a big cherry bomb 2- Make a big smoke bomb 3- Travel to Faith Mosque 4- Stand on top of Mosque in corner right above herald and drop a cherry bomb straight below you 5- wait until all 12 guards get there (drop another cherry if needed) 6- Air assassinate 2 of them then just continue to do double assassinations until you get achievement. I actually had to kill 9 people before I got the achievement but I promise you this works.
  • I don't know if anyone has mentioned this in any messages above, but I tried to get this by copying the guy in the video. Literally ten tries and still couldn't do it. But rather than air assassinate them, where you have to get up off the ground after the kill which wastes precious time, just poison the guards like the video shows but then DROP down to them (no air assassination) and just walk amongst them killing them. There's so many you automatically double assassinate, and I popped the cheev first time doing it this way.
  • I did this on the first try during the caltrop Piri Reis mission. Just throw the bomb right where the mission instructs you to, make sure your hidden blade is selected, kill the two guys on the left, kill the two guys on the right, then kill the last remaining guy in the middle. Lightning Strikes unlocked.
  • Best place is in the NW of the larger section of constantople. Stand on the roof, throw a cherry bomb, and follow up with a smoke bomb when there is about 7 or 8 guards grouped together. Jmp down then WITHOUT turning on eagle vision, move into the smoke and start hitting the x button.
  • I'm have a VERY hard time.
  • Smoke bomb paired with double assassinations did the trick for me.

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