Overkiller Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Overkiller



    Assassinate 50 guards with the hidden blade.

    How to unlock Overkiller

    The hidden blade is your main weapon. You press to assassinate an enemy whom is unaware of you. If you kill them in one hit and they aren't attacking you, that's basically an assassination. This will come easily over time as you play the game naturally.

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  • easy enough, should come with normal story progression
  • Hidden Blade is definitely the most common weapon used, so give it an hour or so worth of play.... easy 20GS!
  • reminds me of half of the AC1 achievements being about X kills. Good times!
  • One achievement you can get in about 5 minutes. Ok.
  • easy and fun to do !
  • a nice and simple achievement :)
  • easy peasy lemon squessy A little dissapointed they couldn't be a little more creative, although the rest of the list does look promising.
  • They should make it more challenging like dual assassinate 50 times or Air Double Assassinate from parachute 50 times...just regular assassination on 50 guards, give me 5 minutes.
  • this was on AC1
  • very easy got it during the second sequence. Can be done sooner though. Just use the hidden blade to kill until it pops. Doesn't have to be any specific type of kill. Counter, stealth, high profile doesn't matter as long as he goes down by the hidden blade.
  • Easy Like An CupCake!
  • Should be easy considering the hidden blade is the weapon I was mostly using.
  • I prefer the hidden blade. It's sleek, silent and sexy :)

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