Show-Off Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Show-Off



    Parachute onto a zipline.

    How to unlock Show-Off

    You may think this needs to be done from high up, but it doesn't. This means whenever you find a zipline you can do it. You should have parachutes unless you have used them all. If this is a case, go to a tailor and purchase them. Find a zipline and climb up it (not to the very top though, just the part the line is attached to). Now jump, hold and then let go and hold . If you do this quickly enough, you will parachute and then drop onto the zipline.

    Here's a video for further assistance:

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  • Hopefully not again missions like the Leonardo ones to unlock the parachut
  • Looks easy enough, just jump, pop a 'chute, let go above a zipline, bleep-bloop.
  • @ #2, my thoughts exactly.
  • I will probably fail the first time on this.
  • @1 Ubisoft said that Ezio will have the parachutes, pistol, poison blade, poison darts, throwing knives, crossbow, etc. from the start of the game on.
  • It is true #5 Ezio does have all those at the start. Easiest way to get this one is to find a zip line with structure you can climb above it and parachute down over the line. The trick is you gotta press B again after you release from the parachute to grab the line with the hook blade.
  • check it !!!
  • This was my 2nd unlock. Pretty simple. Just climb to the top of one of the lookout towers and jump off into parachute, line up a zipline below and release. Should catch it and automatically zip.
  • Can not get Ezio to hook on the zip line. No matter what I do. Literally copying every single video on youtube exactly and he refuses to hook on the zip line. Any advice??
  • just hit b
  • You think I haven't tried that? Thanks for your input...
  • just hit b sounds to easy
  • relese from the chute and hold B easy
  • Where do you extra chutes at???????
  • @14 : You can buy extra ones from tailors - plenty all over the city.
  • Got this earlier tonight. Buy chutes and the chute pouch at the tailor. Parachute off a high point, let go above a zipline and HOLD B! Reach out and grab the zipline on the way down.
  • What I did was find the zipline first, then mark it on the map. Then find a viewpoint and you'll know in which direction to 'chute in. Then drop above it and hold B. Super easy.
  • @6 actually all of those except the crossbow.. you have to buy that one
  • @ msfstar13 thz for the post it heled me alot!
  • @ msfstar13 Really helped me out thank you
  • im gonna try this now
  • This one was a little more annoying than I thought it would be to get...
  • My guide is here.
  • Ridiculously easy for 20G. =/ Unless you're playing like a mindless zombie and not heeding the game's advice, you shouldn't have any trouble with this.
  • you can just find one of the poles that hold up the zipline that has the pole on the top of it, stand on it, jump,open your parachute and release it.
  • Wow I'm stupid -.- This was rather pathetically my 41st achievement. I got 100% before I figured this one out. The word "directly" from the "almost flying" achievement got stuck in my head while attempting this so I was trying everything to get the 'chute to hit the zipline and have Ezio automatically move over.
  • Guide video:
  • Second achievement for me. Really easy
  • Here is what I did: 1- Travel to Faith Mosque 2- Climb to the top of the Mosque Tower and jump towards (sw) and there is a zipline below you. 3- Turn circles in your parachute until you are about 10 feet or so off the zip line and then let go and hold b then bam you got it.
  • OMG, this was by far the most frustrating achievement to get thus far. >.< Go to Galata Tower, aim directly to the south as there's a zipline right there. Just circle down on the parachute and then line it up, drop, and bleep-bloop. Easiest way to do it as I could NEVER get it to work jumping off the top of a zip-line pole.
  • I don't think I would have ever found this if it wasn't for this site. I don't think it would have every happened naturally for me, nor would I have thought the functionality possible. Very fun to pull off though! Just be sure not to run into the wood holding up the zip line. You can drop above the rope and it will catch it. Don't try to enter the zip line as if you were running to it on the roof.
  • i love this movie so much
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