Fast Fingers Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Fast Fingers



    Loot 50 dead guards with thief looting.

    How to unlock Fast Fingers

    Thief looting is a reward you get for completing Set 2 of the Thieves Challenges.

    • Perform 40 leaps of faith
    • Climb 1km in distance
    • Steal 250 currency with Counter Steal

    You can use any leap of faith over and over again. I would just suggest finding one that is easy to climb to and using it. This might come over the course of gameplay as well. For climbing 1km, this will come easily while playing (considering you need 40 leaps of faith as well). To steal money, hold and press when a guard attacks you. You can check your progress of these challenges by pressing and selecting challenges.

    Now that you have your thief looting skill, find some thieves and hire them. Now go kill guards and they will loot all of the bodies for you.

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  • I hope the title fast fingers means that this new looting will be faster then previous looting. This one will be easy to get for me since in AC:brotherhood I somehow got into the habit of looting everybody I kill since then I still have not been able to rid myself of this habit.
  • yea this will be very easy
  • Looters guna loot :)
  • I just watched some gameplay from Ubisoft in Montreal and they said (while explining some new combat options and mechanics) that you'll have the option of pickpocketing living targets while in combat with the latter. Note: This may or may not be thief looting, because the achievement clearly states: "Loot 50 DEAD guards with thief looting."
  • for thief looting you will first need to unlock the thief skill with the thief guild challenges. after you have done this hire a group of thieves to follow you, and the kill 50 guards. DO NOT LOOT THE KILLED GUARDS!! let the group of thieves you hired loot the bodies otherwise it won't count as thief looting. hope this helps you guys
  • Exactly as #5 says looted about 200 dead guards and wondered why it didn't pop. On the board, it's the Second Challenge (the one with the 40 leap of faiths)
  • Only problem I'm having is idk how to counter steal. Is it eventually shown in a mission? Did I forget how to do it from the last game? Someone please tell me.
  • @7 Counter steal wasn't in the last game. Bascially, it works like a Counter Kill, but hit "Y" instead of "X". It'll grab the guard and loot him while he's somewhat stunned.
  • @7 just as 8 said you have to press Y as they attack you but as a tip press y as earky as ossible to ensure success
  • Complete the Thief Guild challenges and hire thieves, kill the guards and the thieves will help you kill them, and wait for your thieves to go up to them and loot them. They will loot very fast. (Hence "FAST fingers")
  • @7, just hold RT and smash the life out of the Y button the entire time, and when the guard's life bar flashes (as in indication of attack), point the left stick in his direction just to be safe and you will loot the enemy with your hook blade.
  • get thiefs to robe dead bodies
  • You have to supply the robes though.
  • Maybe they are putting the robes over the dead bodies after they ROB them :)
  • Surely disrobing is more appropriate for this achievement? :)
  • You only need to complete Set 2 of the Thieves Guild challenges to unlock their looting ability. As a bonus once you've hired them they loot everyone and you get the cash.
  • Awesome achievment. Love the Thieves faction ability.
  • Never knew you had to hire a group of thieves, thanks to all of the above ;-)
  • thieves ability is the best
  • where is the Thieves Guild Challenges?
  • @5, Ahh, thats where I've been going wrong.
  • For comment #5 thanks I know everyone is thanking you but I was confused on how to do this, so thanks for the tip.
  • thanks for the help
  • trying to get this achievement they will not loot guards that have been poisoned or atleast they wont for me, I discovered this after throwing cherry bombs and datura bombs at the Jannisarys at Fatih Mosque... oh well they looted at least 20,000a from people walking around for me :P
  • I was wondering why it wasn't unlocking...
  • what is thief looting?
  • Almost got it, 5 to go.
  • I've been using the splinter(?) bomb on groups of guards then hang around as my thieves loot them. since those bombs work a lot faster then fighting them.
  • Well that explains a lot, so on with the thief guild challenges, could do with the extra cash anyway.
  • If you are glitching and your thieves won't loot, start to loot someone (hold down b) then back out of looting before you get the goods. The thieves should start to look around, and loot the person you cancelled.
  • This seems alittle unneccesarily complicated. You have to unlock the ability, hire theives, walk around with them and kill guards. I'm going to attempt this in the Janissary Camp just for fun.
  • and I was wondering why it wasn't unlocking when i press B near a body... fortunately i read this page today
  • this never gets old. i love stealing from guards i just killed =)
  • After playing the whole game I still haven't gotten this yet. I guess I don't use thieves enough.

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