Mouse Trap Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

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    Kill 5 guards with a scaffold after they have been stunned by caltrops.

    How to unlock Mouse Trap

    In order to gain this achievement you must first have a caltrop bomb. You can buy these from the Black Market Dealers or by crafting them yourself. When they explode, they have spikes fly out and the guards that walk on them will hop up and down on one foot in pain.

    After obtaining the bombs, go ahead and look for a scaffold. They are in many areas and are basically wooden planks/platform structures that help people do work. Normally they do not have anyone on them. If you run next to one holding , you will notice it says "Pull Down" as you run by. You will have to be running and holding the button to see it say that, then press to execute the pull down. It will topple over. I suggest trying it once first before doing it with guards. These do not have to be at once, you could do it one at a time if you really wanted. Get the attention of a group of guards and bring them to the scaffold. Quick throw the bomb with (must be selected via menu) and the guards will walk on the spikes and start hopping up and down. Now run by the scaffold and press to pull it.

    Here's a video for further assistance:

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  • this might be a bit of a challenge
  • Have guards chase you to a scaffold, drop caltrop bomb, pull the scaffold onto them with the hookblade.
  • It doesn't specify "at the same time." So maybe it can just be done one at a time, which would make it not at all challenging.
  • For fuck sake, do this earlier on when not all the guards are strong as fuck bastards. Also, practise bringing down those fucking scaffolds, because it is hard as fuck. It doesn't need to be that hard!
  • Bringing down the scaffolds are not that difficult. Just hold right trigger as you move across the front of it. Your B button will change to 'Pull Down'. Let some guards chase you to one, drop a caltrop bomb, and pull it down on them. I was able to get 2 guards at once doing it this way.
  • There is a spot by the macroian tower with two scaffolding within 15-20yds of each other and multiple black market vendors to buy more bombs. Expect to use about 3 bombs on your first attempt and maybe get 1 out of 4 guards. But as they don't need to be done all at once was able to do this even with janasaries in the 6th memory sequence.
  • Go to the landmark with all of the janassaries, hook and run one, keep running around the castle, set up the caltrop bomb (impact caltrop bomb is the most prefered bomb.) run to a scaffold, use your caltrop bomb, pull it down, then you have 20G.
  • I had a lot of trouble pulling down the scaffolding and I still don't understand how i was sometimes able to do it and mostly not able to. Very frustrating, but got it done.
  • Glad I'm not the only one that was frustrated s fuck doing this. I love the AC games a lot but the controls are extremely clunky at times. I never get the option to pull down the scaffolding and if I do it's for a fraction of a second. Pretty shitty if you ask me because it shouldn't be so difficult.
  • Best time to do this is in CAPPADOCIA. (all easy guards) 2 scaffolds that have a quick respawn rate in NW corner at the gate you have to climb over in the story line. Just up the stairs is a black market dealer that sells impact caltrop bombs. Ran around and gathered up 8 or so guards.. ran up to the top of the scaffold so they would gather around the bottom, dropped down and dropped a caltrop bomb, (RT+B) when facing the scaffold and tore it down. Had to tear it down to get achievemnt.. throwing the guards wasnt working for me.
  • Think this might be slightly glitched! I couldn't find 5 guards near enough so (for some reason) decided to try it anyway on four! Sure enough the achievement popped! When I checked the bloody mess I saw a citizen (regular person/non guard) as one of the five! So ah yay unexpected achievement!
  • Pulling down the scaffolding is the hardest part of this achievement
  • You don't need to get 5 at the same time. It's cumulative. It's sort of tricky to get the guards with the scaffolding. If they're close enough to die from it, you'll probably bump into them when you try to double back and pull the scaffold down (just hold B as you run by it)
  • Do you actually have to get them close enough so you can pull down the scaffold with your hook blade, or can you simply caltrop them, grab them and throw them into the scaffold?
  • from what im reading grabbing the guards doesnt work it seems u have to grab the scaffold instead plus its cumulative so easy as pie
  • Actually, the EASIEST place to do this is by the ferry in Imperial North district. There are multiple guards patrolling the area, and a bomb crafting area is situated close by.
  • For anyone having trouble actually pulling the scaffold down, you can't just be standing in front of it. You have to be running by it for "Pull Down" to appear on your HUD.
  • They dont all have to be at once????? WINNING!!!
  • Fuck sake i thought they had to be at once. -.-
  • i got it on one try. just go to the imperial docks. there are a bunch of guards. use a cherry bomb to get the guards to the scaffolding at near the docks then when they're all there use a caltrop bomb on them. throw the scaffolding on them and there you go.
  • Here's my 2 cents. 1. You don't have to have a crafting station near by. If you have the bombs on you that you want to keep using, you can just bring up your weapon select screen (RB on 360), highlight the bomb you'd like more of, and press A to make more. 2. Best method I found for baiting and killing the guards is this: get their attention (hook & run or just bump into them for a bit) then while leading them to the scaffolding wait until you're just a little past it before dropping the caltrops (or they'll get stunned before being in the kill zone), then run (don't sprint) back past the scaffolding and press B to bring it down. 3. Area I used is in the Imperial North area, just NE of the Bazaar (I couldn't find a lot of usable scaffolds in the docks area). Hope that helps.
  • Was this bugged along with the bomb crafting and such done 5 at once and 3-4 at once on multiple occasions no pop yet
  • @25 I got this, and the bomb crafting, after the patch. I'm not sure why some folks are having problems after the patch, but so far I'm not one of them. I'm also going to finish getting the "Sage" achievement with the patch active to see if it goes through as well. As far as the scaffolding, the only thing I can think of is are you sure that the guards are still under the effects of the caltrops when you bring the scaffolding down to kill them? Maybe they're recovering right before they get killed.
  • I could have gotten this earlier if I had thought about it. I was gathering a bunch of guards for the mosh pit achievement and I had a group of 8 or so following me and I just happened to run in front of a scaffold and it kind squished 7 of them and the last one ran that time I wasn't really sure what I had done, but it was funny as hell.
  • Go to the tent in the upper-left part of the map with all the janissaries (near the Valens Aqueduct). Throw a cherry bomb on a scaffold, which will attract a lot of them. Next, throw a caltrops bomb and knock down the scaffold. Easy.
  • Finally got this achievement today. Every time I found a scaffold, there never seemed to be any guards around
  • Video guide:
  • fortunately you don't need to kill them at same time.
  • Pretty easy once you get the hang of it.. i started out throwing them into scaffolding but that was not the correct thing...
  • This one is very hard, but i should eventually get it done :D
  • Bull shit. No way can this be done all at once. I've tried it several times with at least 16 guards being crushed. Nothing.

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