Craft Maniac Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Craft Maniac



    Craft 30 bombs.

    How to unlock Craft Maniac

    During Sequence 3 Memory 4, you will learn how to craft bombs. Once you learn where to go to craft bombs, you can get this achievement whenever you want. While in the bomb inventory during crafting, just pick any of the pouches and fill in the shell, gunpowder, and effect. Then hit craft bomb at the bottom. That will count as 1. Now hit and dismantle the bomb. It will give you back your supplies. Do this over and over again, building bombs and then dismantle them. You will lose nothing by doing this. Once you think you have enough, exit out to gain your achievement.

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  • Oh god, is this a Minecraft reference? :O I love it!
  • o love this kind of things, like in RPG games and i read somewhere that are 500 different bombs.
  • the bombs looks amazing. i can't wait :)
  • So easy. Craft then dismantle. Repeat 30 times for a quick achievement, or get it over time throughout the game.
  • Does it have to be 30 different bombs? Or like if i press "Add Bomb" does that count as another?
  • Yurr i think it does count towards the 30 when you press "add bomb". I didnt really pay attention or count them out lawl. Easy achievement anyway!
  • i had to do 30 diff. bombs i just got it a couple of hours ago
  • ---> For anyone having trouble with this achievement after the recent update!
  • It's all explained here...
  • haha dont click the youtube link! -__-
  • I tried 30 of the same bomb, 30 different bombs and nothing has worked...can someone please help?
  • Here you go lads.
  • I've gotten rid of the update, but there's no prompt to re-download it upon starting the game, nor can I get this achievement to pop up. Anybody have any ideas?
  • Well, I feel like an idiot. The removal of the patch works... so long as you're not a dummy and select Brotherhood over Revelations...
  • Haha, I didn't know you had to close the crafting table for the achievement to pop...Thanks #12.
  • WARNING! PLEASE READ: This achievement is glitched unless you delete Patch 1.02. Do not update your game, and complete the requirements for this achievement. Known bugs with Patch 1.02: Bomb Challenges (Crafting) Craft Maniac Achievement Pyromaniac Achievement Sage Achievement
  • So basically they did another mistake like brotherhood with the updates -,- was pressing Y and A for 10 minutes and wondered why it didn't pop
  • So if i already updated my game unknowingly, how do i un-update it?
  • @14 You sir, deserve a medal for saving me from hours of frustrating ignorance. If I knew you I would buy you beer.
  • I have the latest update, pretty sure that 1.02 and the achievement still popped for me. The pyromaniac achievement also popped, got it yesterday.
  • Adding to comment #20 i think i was logged out of xbox live, i dont know if this makes a difference or not.
  • @18 You need to go to Setting (all the way to the right of the dash board)> System > Storage > All Devices > Games and App > AC Revelations > Update. Once you select the update you should be able to chose to delete it. It shouldn't give you too much trouble. @Everyone else Removal of the Update did a lot more than fix that single achievement. For those of you who are actually trying to do everything, this will allow you to finish the guild challenges. It was stopping most of the 'do this this many times' challenges. Doing each one once more instantly moved the counters from 2 or 3 to finished.
  • I didn't have any issues with the update. Weird
  • Apparently they changed the requirements for the achievement: Was finally able to get it this way.
  • @24: Thanks for the link. I got it this way since crafting tables was not working for me.
  • i went to a random crafting table and crafted a load of bombs then just through them straight away and kept repeating. didnt take long
  • Thanx #25 Managed to get the achievement this way Still don't have the bomb missions (create a bomb with every shell and effect) but never mind
  • I stand corrected: I just got the bomb challenges the same way :)
  • Really easy this one, got it when getting the first key lol
  • got it using the link from #24 also saved deleting any files very easy
  • Combining the Ideas,I Stood next to a crafting table, made one of each bomb for a slot, exited the table used the wheel to make 2 of each, back to the table, dismantled the 2 of each i just made and repeated, u don't run out of materials this way and it took me about 90 seconds to do.
  • I did what #31 did and it worked. This is definitely the quickest way. And if you have the extra 4th slot unlocked from the bomb guild challenges then it also helps.
  • @#24 that really helped me, I know I am way after the fact but I finally returned to this game and finally figured out how to get this thanks to you
  • Thank you guys. I was getting so frustrated. I went through and made every single combination of ingredients and it still wasn't popping for me.
  • @31 - That worked perfectly for me too!
  • Thank you #31. It was the only way that worked for me!
  • THis is a frigging awful achievement! Many thanks to 31 who helped loads otherwise I would never have got this.
  • #24 is correct. Using the information from the link he provided it took me like 2 minutes. If you don't feel like following the link I'll just go ahead and summarize. I just used diversionary bombs and replaced them by pressing A when hovering over the diversionary bomb slot in the weapon wheel. Just do that for a couple of minutes and the achievement should pop. I didn't even know you could replace bombs that way haha

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