Silent But Deadly Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Silent But Deadly



    Kill three guards simultaneously with only throwing knives.

    How to unlock Silent But Deadly

    There are many places where there are multiple guards to kill. You want to find guards that don't have any armor on or very little (that way they die in one hit). All 3 guards have to die in one hit. Go to an area with at least 3 of the above guards and make sure you have knives equipped. Hold to select them on the right stick's wheel. Hold down when you have them equipped and you should see the guards light up. Now let go to kill them. If you have a bad position, you may press to cancel the throw and try a different angle.

    If you still have not obtained the achievement by Sequence 4 Memory 1, then you can do it within the memory. Get to where you have 6/9 people knocked out and you'll come into an area with a ton of enemies. There are a good amount of unarmored ones.

    Here's a video for further assistance:

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  • if it's like the older games then switch to throwing knives, aim at a group of 3 guards, hold x for a few seconds and release it then you're supposed to kill them. also, add me on xbox live!!! i need active friends
  • HA I get it!!!
  • Wow, unless they changed something, this is a 20pt achievement that will take about 5 seconds after getting your throwing knives.
  • I think Silent but Deadly should be the name for the achievement for killing 5 guards that are effected by a smoke bomb...would be a way better name for it.
  • smoke bombs are not silent they make a big whoosh sound when thrown
  • Should be an easy achievement
  • lol, 20 points for 5 seconds of work. thank you :D
  • if anyone struggles with this one: if you collect enough books to get the third masyaf key, you can access a mission as altair where you have unlimited throwing knives and dozens of spawning enemies... should be fairly easy to get it there
  • Like # 8 said, or if you don't wanna wait until you get to that point, just wreak some havoc get your templar awareness up, find an official to kill, but sneak up on him via the roof tops. They always have two guards with them. Hold down Y and when they're all lit up let em rip. Bleep blop.
  • check it !!!
  • This is for if the guards are not going down by one knife hit. Target one of them in the group and throw a thunder bomb at him (lethal pouch with impact shell, Arabic powder,& coal dust). Then hit 'em with the triple knives.
  • Got this by accident,was aiming at two guards guess one was off screen bam chievo
  • In the assassin mission where you are going to defend a herald. There are three killers comming that are easy to kill with the knifes.
  • I got it at Masyaf at the start, the game even told me how.
  • Not as easy as you guys assume. There is only 1 type of guard that dies from a single knife throw...
  • ^not really bro, its pretty easy. It can be done during the prologue (snowy Masyaf). Wait until 3 guards come at you and charge up your knives and let em fly
  • The third Altair memory has several moments that were pretty much tailor made for this achievement.
  • Finding this one annoying with the tough ass guards. =(
  • i can never get enough guards to do this... and when i do, i can only ever get 2... =(
  • pretty easy to get at the start of the game right after you exit the castle.
  • I was having a hard time until I did what comment #9 said. I just walked up behind the official and the two escorts and killed them all very easily. :)
  • I just went back into the very starting mission where Ezio falls from the Masyaf castle, then he has to climb to get his stuff back, following the ghost of Altair, then once there u get ur throwing knives as well as your sword and blade, then a group of about 5 enemies comes at u after u run up, hold Y for a few seconds and let go, BAM 20 points for very little work lol.
  • I'm only in the middle of the second DNA sequence but I just got this in "The Mentor's Keeper" Altair memory when Masyaf is under attack. VERY easy as all the guards are one knife kills.
  • lol @4 i completely agree
  • can easily be gotten during the altairs mission "a new regime". you'll be given throwing knives by his son and will have plenty of opportunities to get 3 guards in front of you.
  • Easy
  • This is hard. The Lightning Strikes is easier than this.
  • Personally, I replayed DNA Sequence 1, Memory 2. Just after you've received your Hidden Blade again, you encounter 4 guards. Have you Throwing Knives set and hold Y to throw 3 knives. Hopefully, you will hit 3 of these 4 guards. :)
  • yea ive been trying for some time now and havent seemed able to just quite get it...mostly because it doesnt kill the guards the first time around
  • @ 11 Thanks, I used the thunder bomb and it worked. Well I had to throw a second pair to kill them but it brought their health down a lot.
  • Very easy way to get this, Sequence 1, memory , right from the start you have 3 guards. :)
  • Sequence 1, Memory 5, I think #32 meant. That's where I got it first time. Just double check you have knives equipped.

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