Pirate’s bravery Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Pirate’s bravery



    Use the Bodyguard against your pursuer as The Privateer (Multiplayer).

    How to unlock Pirate’s bravery

    Ability: Bodyguard
    Ability Unlocked: Level 15
    Character: The Privateer
    Mode: Any

    In any game mode, make sure you have the Bodyguard ability in your set. Choose The Privateer. If someone else picks this character, quit out and try again. Get to an open area and be an easy target and run around. When your pursuer starts to chase you, use the ability.

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  • Why is this the one that is worth 30 points, it is the easiest one, and why does the dlc only have a total gamerscore of 90!?!, at least go 100 or 150
  • I agree with #2 - 90g seems odd for the DLC and this does seem the easiest of the new achievements! It would be fascinating to sit with the developers and hear how they rationalise which achievements are worth what value.
  • Easiest achievement in dlc
  • #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6.its worth 320Mp thats all the achievements Next DLC Jan/24/2012
  • I did the requirements twice in the same match and still did not get it
  • same as #8 ive done this loads of times and still no achievement :(
  • so how do u use ur bodyguard?
  • Ya #10
  • I did this in manhunt. I was leader so i chose the character. And i did not get it in one session. So you do not need all the kills in 1 session to get the achievement. To use the budyguard blend whit the crowed. And when you see you killer use the bosyguard button. If done correctly the bodyguard will be killed ore stun your killer. I hope this will help
  • When I finally got this I was in Wanted and my bodyguard stunned my pursuer. It didn't unlock for me when my pursuer killed my bodyguard.
  • Guys this achievement is glitchy as hell i did this like everytime in manhunt but actually i got it in steal the artifact just have fun and keep using bodyguard everytime and maybe you'll get it
  • I think I did it in Manhunt. Of course you haver to wait till you have to hide yourself. If a Templar is in nearness, only achtivate your guard and hope that it will attack that Templar!
  • Have done this in Wanted about 10 times, with nothing yet.
  • This bodyguard sucks. I've used it a few times but it takes forever to stun the guy and by the time it does, I'm already dead. Just boost this and never use it again.
  • easiest achievement my ass. Follow your team in manhunt and you'll easily get 5 ground finishes for that other achievement. As for this one, I've done it a bunch of times and it hasn't worked for me.
  • i just got this, for anyone having trouble, go on corruption (you are defending alot of the time) and when youre in a crowd wait for someone to come get you, when you think that somebody is next to you hit "Mute" so they cant attack, then hit "Bodyguard" and hell go over and stun them. i got it first time trying this way after countless games of corruption.
  • this achievement SUCKS. The bodyguard is terrible it just stands there or spins ar ound in circles. And whenever my pursuer is in the vicinity he kills me before the clunky bodyguard manages to stun him. Anyone boosting? I need help on these.
  • add my guys to do this achievement in private
  • what is the bodyguard.is he an ablility perk? and how do you use him
  • I just did this in Corrupted mode right now. It only took one use to make it happen. When I was uncorrupted, my bodyguard ran up and stunned the person who was corrupted. They have to be stunned and it only requires one stun for the Achievement to pop (unless if it's glitchy? I only needed to do it one time).
  • What does bodyguard do, exactly?
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  • The achievement didn't pop for me until my bodyguard stunned a pursuer. Simply being killed by them wasn't enough.
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  • I thought this one was a pain in the arse, because it wouldn't do what it's supposed to do (your bodyguard does have to attack your pursuer) or time would run out. But I got this without trying too hard... You have to play "Free for all" - "Steal the artifact" or whatever it's called. You shouldn't get the team artifact one, but the one where you need to kill others to steal the artifact all by yourself. Once you have the artifact, run around. Keep running until someone starts chasing you. Don't worry: some will. So, you'll have your pursuer. Once someone's pursuing you and you know they're close by, use bodyguard. It will run towards the pursuer (who is still chasing you, so he/she will continue to run after you) and knock him/ her out. Easy!
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