The Juggernaut Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • The Juggernaut



    Perform 3 kills using the Charge as The Gladiator (Multiplayer).

    How to unlock The Juggernaut

    Ability: Charge
    Ability Unlocked: Level 20
    Character: The Gladiator
    Mode: Any

    This can be done in any game mode but you must have Charge in your ability set as well as be The Gladiator. Line up where you think your target is and use the ability. It will disperse a crowd so you don't have to fear killing the wrong person.

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  • In one session or over time?
  • At all theres no in One Session in the Description
  • Goodbye perfect AC score, no way imma buy a multiplayer dlc >.>
  • ive now done like 10 charge kills so far and also done 4 in one game and it still doesn't unlock this is the same problem ive had with the privateer achievement
  • This can be done alone just choose private under simulation category choose training ground for mode. Quickest way imo.
  • I had to do it in a single session and they had to be clean kills. If it was contested it didn't count, but after I got my 3rd clean kill in a single session, which was my 8th overall charge kill in the third manhunt game of the attempt, it unlocked.
  • Sorry, it was actually WANTED matches, not MANHUNT...
  • The easiest one, why? because i just got it in training ground, and no need multi-player actually
  • Yes, only doing a private game is enough. It's hard to get this one in a real multiplayer game xD...
  • im sorry but what the hell is the charge
  • It doesn't say it has to be one session, but it must, because I've gotten about 10 kills now and still no cheevo.
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  • how do you charge kill?
  • never mind, got it...
  • Sounds like fun. I love bashin some fools
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  • Fail multiplayer DLC's are fail.
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  • To tabhunter: The Charge - it's one of your abilities, use with LB or RB, choose before you start playing the match.
  • As #6 says. It's really easy to pick up this achievement. Get to rank 20 in mulitplayer to get the Charge ability. Then go to the private simulation and training ground mode. Wait for the cooldowns and charge your easy prey. Bingo.
  • And just remember that the description leaves out the whole "in a session" bit. I did about 8 charges, still no achievement. Then I did it 3 times in a row during a game of Wanted, and got it.
  • 3 times on Private category, Training Ground mode, 3 kills in a row with Charge and don' t got achienvement.
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  • To support the guys saying you can get this in Training Ground.... You can, I just did, 5 minutes boredom and ding! The achievement popped :3 Now only the Corsair to do and nobody seems to play Steal the Artifact ): add me if you wanna private it to let me get the achievement (: AltFoot85
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  • I just got this in Training Ground, really easy achievement.
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