- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 50 [1000:1gs:]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000:1gs:: 100-150 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None [open world/free roam]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No [can choose all of the easiest settings when starting a new game]
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: Many of the achievements are glitchy, as of the time of writing this guide. See below
  • DLC: Wrath of the Druids
    • Difficulty: 5/10
    • Time to 210: 5-8 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: Mastery Challenge
    • Difficulty: 7/10
    • Time to 40: 2-5 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: The Siege of Paris
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Time to 260:1gs:5-8 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: Tombs of the Fallen
    • Difficulty: 2/10
    • Time to 20:1gs:: 45-60 minutes
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: Dawn of Ragnarok
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 260:1gs:15-20 hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: Mastery Challenge 2
    • Difficulty: 5/10
    • Time to 30:1gs:: 3-5 hours
    • Unobtainable: One of the challenges for this DLC has a game-breaking bug that will make the achievement unobtainable. Read the roadmap or achievement solution for information on how to avoid it until it's patched.
  • DLC: The Forgotten Saga
    • Difficulty: 5/10
    • Time to 260:1gs:: 8-10+ hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: Tombs of the Fallen, Part 2: Buried Knowledge
    • Difficulty: 2/10
    • Time to 30:1gs:: 2-3 hours
    • Unobtainable: None
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

Welcome to Assassin's Creed Valhalla, the third entry in the series since the new form the series has taken. This entry sees you playing as Eivor, a Norse viking in the 6th century AD, during the time when vikings were sailing to England to invade and take over. If you've played Origins and/or Odyssey, Valhalla will feel very familiar, with some new features. The story has been designed into multiple story arcs instead of one story and many side quests, gear is now all unique with special attributes, the skill tree is vast and varied, and the combat has some new features to it as well. The achievement list for this game will also be familiar to those who have played the previous two entries: you'll need to complete the story arcs, kill all members of the Order of the Ancients, complete all "collectibles" on all of the maps, and mop up a bunch of miscellaneous achievements. There is a lot to do in this game, so depending on your pace and efficiency, you're looking at a solid 100 hours, minimum, for the completion, but you can likely expect more. Let's get started.
Note on glitchy achievements: Unfortunately, there have been many reports about many different achievements simply not unlocking or stopping tracking. There are also many reports of World Events not completing, NPCs not acting properly, quests not progressing, etc. The most common fixes are, first, to reload a previous save. The game auto-saves regularly, so loading the previous auto-save will only set you back a minute or two, at most. Doing this takes care of the majority of the bugs and glitches, thankfully. If that doesn't work, try quitting and restarting the game. And if that doesn't work, try a hard reset and clearing your cache. If none of those work, you will likely end up waiting for a patch.
Abbreviated Walkthrough:
As noted in the Overview, when you start a new game, feel free to choose all of the easiest difficulty settings. Difficulty has no bearing on any achievements (not even Overdesign II (30G) despite its description). Likewise for whichever gender you decide to choose.
Like many Assassin's Creed games, there is a lot to do on the map. There are wealth to find (yellow dots), mysteries to complete (blue dots), and artifacts to find (white dots). For the completion, be aware that you'll need to complete everything on the map in all regions of the game. Nothing is missable though, so feel free to tackle the story, collectibles, and anything else in whatever order and pace you prefer. Despite the events of the story, all areas can be returned to and all collectibles can be gotten after finishing the story. There are a few things to be aware of up front:
  • As noted in the Completionist All the Way! (30G) achievement solution and above, there have been multiple reports of mysteries, wealth, and artifacts not counting/completing properly when you collect/finish one. Because of this, I highly recommend keeping an eye on the lower right corner of the screen whenever you complete anything on the map to ensure it checks off a box that it's been done. If not, you should immediately reload you previous autosave before completing it and try again, as this will resolve the majority of these types of bugs.
  • Upon arriving in England, I highly recommend heading to Walden in Grantebridgescire to obtain the Book of Knowledge there, giving you the Incendiary Powder Trap ability. This ability is extremely useful, as it can be used to blow up the destuctible rock walls that otherwise can only be broken with a red explosive vase. These vases can be a pain to track down and carry to the correct location at times, and this ability eliminates the need to ever look for a vase again.
  • Also after arriving in England, I highly recommend heading to the Isle of Ely Monastery and getting the Book of Knowledge there, giving you the Dive of the Valkyries ability. This ability lets you destroy the bar on barred doors by attacking the door with the ability from the front, eliminating the need to find a way to destroy the bar.
  • Every time you do a raid to collect the Cargo chests, also make sure to loot all regular (non-Cargo) chests around the abbey/monastery. The reason for this is because doing every single raid in the game still won't give you enough Supplies to build everything in your settlement. The regular chests in abbeys and monasteries also give you some Supplies, which will cut down on the hunt for more Supplies later in the game.
  • The maximum power level is level 400. Reaching level 400 gives you enough skill points to fill the entire skill tree (all nodes and skills). As a result, you can choose which things you prefer early in the game, but know that you'll eventually have everything. Also be aware that you can respec any/all of your skill points at any time, as many times as you want, for zero cost. So don't hesitate to move around the skill tree to see what's available, and if you don't like what you find, remove those skill points and spec in a different direction.
  • DO NOT sell any fish that you kill/catch. There are a few altars (required for the completion) that require you to offer specific fish, and having to recatch ones you sold will be very tedious. Specifically, you will need 20 small bullhead and 5 small brown trout.
  • On the same note, there is an altar that requires you to offer 5 fabric, which is also needed for the completion. Once you start obtaining fabric from chests, I highly recommend keeping 5 in your inventory at all times so you have it available when you reach the applicable altar.
  • On your travels, specifically at night, keep an eye out for a firefly. They are small glowing balls that can be found randomly around England. When near one, you will get a prompt to press button-y.png to catch it. One is needed for the Twinkle Twinkle (10G) achievement, and since their spawning is random, it's best to be alert for one as you go to save yourself time later.
  • Before you surpass power level 300, get the Overdesign II (30G) achievement out of the way. While it's possible after that, you'll save yourself the hassle of removing upwards of 100 skill points by taking care of it before you pass level 300. Refer to the achievement solution for where to get it.
With all of that out of the way, you're set to play through the game. Feel free to play any mix of story quests, collectibles, and whatever else you'd like to do. Completing the story quests and doing a minimal number of map items is enough to keep you at a high enough level to continue progressing through the story, if you prefer to do that first. There is quite a bit to do on the map, and it can be overwhelming at first. For the completion, here is what you need to complete:
  • Collect all wealth (deep yellow dots), complete all mysteries (blue dots), and collect/complete all artifacts (white dots) on the map for all five locations. This includes England, Norway, Vinland, and two others that I won't mention here to avoid spoilers.
  • Complete all raids in England.
  • Complete all pledges on the Alliance Map in your settlement.
  • Build every single building in your settlement. 
  • Build the Hidden Ones Bureau, and follow the questline to travel to Vinland.
  • Build the Museum, and return all Roman masks to the proprietor.
  • Build the Seer's Hut and follow the storyline given by Valka to its end.
  • Kill all Zealots and Order members.
With that said, there are in fact some things that you don't need to worry about, in terms of unlocking all achievements:
  • None of the questlines from the settlers in your settlement are required. These include the one for talking to Randvi about Grantebridge and taking her there, the quest from Tove, the quest from Tekla, and the quest from Gunnar, among others. These offer only some more character development, and of course some XP, but you'll get far more XP than you need from everything else you need to do for achievements, so feel free to ignore these questlines if you desire.
  • In general, you do not need to find and loot all of the regular chests on the map, which are indicated by faint yellow dots. However, I highly recommend reading through the Home Sweet Home (30G) achievement solution to ensure that you do loot the regular chests in abbeys, monasteries, and villages/towns to ensure you maximize your Supplies you collect and reduce the need to hunt them down later.
  • Viewpoints technically do not need to be synchronized for any achievements, surprisingly. While they do reveal dots on your map, so does being within 500-600m of them. Like all games in the series though, they offer fast travel points which are huge time savers. Because of that, it's still in your best interest to sync all viewpoints.
  • You will often come across wandering NPCs with a question mark above their heads. Talking to them and paying them a bit of silver reveals an unmarked collectible on your map. In general, you don't really need to worry about interacting with these NPCs at all, as syncing viewpoints and traveling around the map for other collectibles will reveal just about every collectible anyway.
That should sum everything up. Complete the story, kill all Order members, complete all collectibles on all maps, and then mop up any miscellaneous achievements you're still missing. Refer to the guide below for the best place to obtain each one.
Wrath of the Druids DLC

The Wrath of the Druids DLC adds a new area (Ireland) and a new story quest, mysteries, treasures, and artifacts to complete/collect. It plays very similarly to the main game, so you should have no issue jumping in and getting these new achievements done.
Mastery Challenge DLC

The Mastery Challenge DLC adds a new side quest and 15 new mastery challenges to complete. These are replayable challenges that will test your melee, ranged, and stealth skills. You will need to perfect these challenges to earn all the gold medals, unlocking the A True Master (30G) achievement and an interesting story cutscene that hints at future content to come!
The Siege of Paris DLC
The Siege of Paris DLC adds a new area (Francia) and a new story quest, mysteries, treasures, and artifacts to complete/collect. It plays very similarly to the main game; however, with the added addition of black box quests. These play similarly to Unity's system, where you have multiple options to eliminate targets and truly feel like an assassin again. Otherwise, you should have no issue jumping in and earning the 260:1gs:!
Tombs of the Fallen DLC
This latest title update adds new content in the form of puzzle tombs, akin to those in the Tomb Raider series: mini dungeons whose challenge is solving puzzles mixed with some minor platforming to open the tomb at the end to gain access to the loot. Unfortunately, none of this content is marked on the map, given with a quest, etc., meaning you're meant to track everything down manually. Even starting this content can be tough to do unless you know exactly where to look. I have described how to start this DLC in the "Spelunker" achievement solution. Once you start the DLC and complete the first short introductory tomb (which is when "Spelunker" unlocks), you'll reach a giant stone slab inside this tomb, and Eivor will comment on it being a map of England. This rudimentary map shows you the locations of the other three Tombs, but unfortunately there is no way to have their locations marked on your map. The locations are detailed in "Crypt-ologist" along with details on how to complete each.
Two important notes:
  1. You only need to complete two more tombs of these three to complete the final achievement in this title update. However, there is a high likelihood that all will need to be completed for a future update.
  2. A tomb is considered completed when you loot the chest at the end with the gear inside. HOWEVER, there is a hidden tomb fragment at the end of each tomb. Again, while these fragments aren't required for any achievements in this title update, there is a high likelihood they will be needed to open a door in a future update. To avoid the need to backtrack to and through these tombs later, ensure that you also collect the tomb fragment before leaving each tomb.
Dawn of Ragnarok DLC
Upon loading your game after installing this DLC, you'll be given a new mission in Ravensthorpe, 'Restless Dreams.' Follow this through an intro mission to this DLC. When done, you'll have access to the brand new region Svartalfheim, the Dwarven realm being overtaken by Surtr and his legion of Muspels. Like the base game, you'll have new territories with the usual open world activities to complete for each region. Each territory also has a story arc to follow and complete to finish the story. Lastly is a new mechanic added to this DLC: the Huge-Rip. This lets you extract Hugr from slain enemies (and other sources) to use toward five new abilities. Completing the story missions and clearing your map of all activities will net you almost every achievement. Refer to See No Evil (20G) to make sure you grab that one, since its requirements are a bit finicky. Also, make sure to read through the requirements to fully upgrade the Hugr-Rip in Hugr Incarnate (40G) since there's a bit more to it than originally appears. Lastly, if you get stuck during any open world events, refer to Over the Hills… (40G) for some tips on the trickier ones. 
Mastery Challenge 2 DLC

WARNING: There is a challenge-breaking bug associated with the Trial of the Raven in Anderitum Hideout in Suthsexe. The key you need to loot from the fourth guard you encounter is only available during your first attempt at this challenge. In all subsequent attempts, he has no key, and it's therefore impossible to complete the challenge. You therefore need to make a manual save before attempting this challenge so you can reload it if/when you fail to get gold on this challenge.
This title update DLC picks up where the first Mastery Challenge title update left off. Head back to Ravensthorpe, and be aware that if you left the game immediately after obtaining A True Master (30G), you will still need to finish the quest from the first Mastery Challenge update. Look for and track 'The Cryptic Tutelage of Hildiran' from the first DLC in Ravensthorpe, and return to Hildiran to turn it in if you haven't already. With that quest completed, you'll get a new one, called 'The All-Seeing Eye,' in Ravensthorpe. Accept it to get a quest marker in East Anglia. Head to the marker and go all the way to the east coast of the area with the quest marker, down to shore where the boat is, and you'll have a stone ramp near you to walk up to a breakable (explosive) wall. Blow open the wall and fall the short linear path to a door you can interact with for a cutscene. This adds three new Mastery Challenge locations to your map (one in southeast Suthsexe, one in southeast Lincolnscire, and one in northwest Hamptonscire). For the completion, you'll naturally need a gold medal on each of the nine new challenges (the achievement guide has more detail and tips on this). Once you've completed those nine, you'll have a new objective to return to the same door in East Anglia. Do so, and you'll have a boss fight. This is a straightforward fight since there is no way to fail (other than dying, of course), so just fight your way through all the enemies in each phase. Once the boss is defeated, straight ahead in the corner of the room you're in is a final shrine with three more challenges. You now need to obtain a gold medal on each of these three challenges to finish off this DLC and unlock its only achievement. Again, refer to the guide for more information on these challenges.

The Forgotten Saga DLC

This free update adds a brand new game mode, called The Forgotten Saga. It is a roguelite game mode that takes place in Niflheim. To access it, head to Ravensthorpe and you'll automatically have a quest entry available title The Forgotten Saga, to speak to a new guy in town. Follow the short string of objectives to jump right into this new mode. It should be stated that, like all roguelite games, the difficulty is at its highest when you first start, since you haven't unlocked any upgrades or permanent perks, plus you don't know the enemies and bosses yet. So don't be discouraged by your first run, as it gets noticeably easier and more manageable as you unlock skills in the skill tree. I've provided much more guidance in The Queen's Fall (20G) for how to get through the DLC and beat it. The two hardest achievements are Pure of Heart (40G) and Sacrificial Victory (40G), so refer to those for additional tips. The rest of the achievements are miscellaneous ones that you can work on whenever, but know that Freedom Fighter (40G) involves side quests that require multiple runs, so it's best to start on them immediately. Not only that, but the reward for the first of those side quests is one of the most useful in the DLC, so I highly recommend knocking out that side quest immediately. Everything else is easy enough to achieve, especially after a run or two so you are more comfortable and know how this DLC plays.
Tombs of the Fallen, Part 2: Buried Knowledge DLC

The second half of the Tombs of the Fallen content (which is also free, like the first) brings two new tombs to complete. Just like with the three tombs from the first half, there is no associated quest or marker on your map, so you're expected to find these tombs manually. I've provided screenshots in the guide to help you locate them quickly. The two new tombs are both relatively simple puzzle tombs, on par with the first three, making them pretty easy to complete even without a guide. While you only needed to complete two of the three tombs in the first half of the content, you'll need to complete all three and the two new ones for this half.  As expected, and as I mentioned in the roadmap and guide for the first half of this content, the tomb artifacts that can be found at the end of each tomb are now required to complete this second half. So, hopefully you heeded my advice and made sure to collect them at the end of the first two/three tombs, and of course make sure to do the same for these two new ones. With all five tomb fragments collected, you can return to Manius's Sanctum (right across the river from Ravensthorpe) and return to the large stone slab from the beginning of the first half. This will open up another, final tomb, that you'll need to complete a pretty long series of reflected light puzzles. Once you reach the item in the center of this tomb, you'll finally complete this DLC and unlock the only achievement.

Overall Conclusion:
Despite the multitude of bugs and various issues the game has, the gameplay is a ton of fun and the story is enjoyable to follow. Eivor is a likeable character, and there are many good characters that you meet along the way, forming relationships with. The combat feels intense and brutal, like it should when playing as a viking. While one could easily argue this isn't much of an "Assassin's Creed" game and more of just a viking game, it's still a great entry in the series, with solid gameplay and a solid story. The achievement list, while a bit daunting at first glance, isn't particularly difficult and is just a bit time consuming to clear your map. That should be familiar to many fans of the series though, so don't let that stop you from picking up this game.
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]
[XBA would like to thank UntilTammaroYT for the Wrath of the Druids, Mastery Challenge and The Siege of Paris DLC Roadmaps]
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for the Tombs of the Fallen, Master Challenge 2, The Forgotten Saga and Tombs of the Fallen, Part 2: Buried Knowledge DLC Roadmaps]
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 and UntilTammaroYT for the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC Roadmap]

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Achievement Guide

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There are 92 achievements with a total of 2110 points

  • Complete your first raid in England

    Once you sail to England and set up at your settlement, you'll soon be able to see a red crossed axe symbol on your map at various locations. These are raids. To start a raid, you can either approach in your ship and press button-y.png when prompted, or you can approach on foot and hold dpad-down.png to bring up the wheel, and choose the upper left option to summon your crew on your ship. To complete a raid, you need to loot all of the yellow barrel icons on the map/your compass. Once you complete the first one, this achievement will unlock.
  • Create a Jomsviking

    Before you can unlock this achievement, you'll first need to build the Barracks in your settlement in England. Materials for constructing it can be obtained by completing various raids around England. Once you build the Barracks, talk to the person in charge to go through the process of creating a Jomsviking, unlocking this achievement.
  • Complete a Standing Stone puzzle

    Standing Stone puzzles require you to use Odin's Sight to reveal patterns on the various rocks in the area, and you then need to find the correct spot to stand in such that you recreate the symbol on the center rock. Your controller will vibrate faster as you get closer to the correct spot to stand in. While you only need to complete one Standing Stone puzzle to unlock this achievement, you'll need to complete them all for the Completionist All the Way! (30G) achievement. Refer to it for more details on locations and solutions.
  • Complete 3 Cairn challenges

    Cairn challenges require you to stack a set number of rocks such that their height reaches the blue circular plane on top. Ones in the earlier regions of Norway and England are quite simple, and only require the use of a few of the available rocks, as well as simply stacking one on top of the other. However, ones in later regions (specifically Glowecestrescire and Hamtunscire) can be challenging, since rotation and balance are required. While you only need to complete three Cairn challenges to unlock this achievement, you'll need to complete them all for the Completionist All the Way! (30G) achievement. Refer to it for more details on locations and solutions.
    Note that, during the Snotinghamscire quest arc, you will be required to do two Cairn challenges to complete the story quests. These Cairn challenges are not part of the activities required for the Completionist All the Way! (30G) achievement, but they do count towards this achievement.
  • Collect 5 Treasure Hoard rewards

    Before you can obtain 5 Treasure Hoard rewards, you'll first need to find at least 5 Treasure Hoard Maps. In general, there is usually one map per territory in England, plus one in Norway. They are considered artifacts, and are therefore white dots on your map/compass until you get close enough. While you only need to collect 5 for this achievement, you'll need to collect all of the maps for the Completionist All the Way! (30G) achievement. Refer to it for more information on where to find all of the maps. Once you have the maps, you can then locate the treasure reward for each one. The maps themselves give a hint, but they're pretty vague. Instead, you can consult THIS GUIDE that shows the location of each Treasure Hoard reward. As you approach, you should see a glowing light on the ground where you can press button-y.png to loot it.
    Glitch Warning: There are many reports of Treasure Hoard rewards not working. By that, I mean that when you go to the location of where the treasure itself should be (after obtaining the appropriate map), there is nothing there to interact with in order to collect the treasure. Thankfully there are 20 Treasure Maps in the game, and you only need to collect rewards from 5 of them for this achievement, so at least 5 of them should be working. I personally had 6 glitched before I was able to collect 5 for this achievement. So don't give up, and try each one until you get a total of 5 of them.
  • Perform a 150m slide in the snow

    There currently seems to be only one reliable place to unlock this achievement, and it is found in Norway, specifically in Rygjafylke just south of the eastern viewpoint. Below is a video showing exactly where to find the large hill, courtesy of PS5Trophies.
  • Defeat one Daughter of Lerion

    There are a total of three Daughters of Lerion in the game, and all three are located in England. While this achievement only requires that one be defeated, you'll need to defeat all three of them for two additional achievements. Refer to Godly Reward (30G) achievement solution for more information on all three Daughters.
  • Assassinate an enemy from your horse

    This achievement is relatively straightforward, but do note that you first need to crouch on your horse by pressing button-b.png while riding it. Then, approach an unaware enemy out of conflict. You'll need to get very close to the enemy on your horse before you get the prompt to press rb.png to assassinate, so it's best to do this on an enemy outside of a restricted area, so you don't have to worry about the enemy engaging you in combat if he sees or hears you approach on your horse.
  • Assassinate 10 enemies in a row without triggering a conflict

    While the description here is pretty self explanatory, there are two important things to note:
    1. Kills with the bow, even while undetected, don't count towards this achievement. The enemies must be assassinated, not shot.
    2. This need not be done in a single "base" of enemies. You can kill any number of enemies (as few as one or as many as nine), and then travel around to find more. Just be aware that triggering conflict in between areas will make this achievement start over. Closing/quitting the game does NOT reset your progress though.
    Before attempting this achievement, it is made much easier by first obtaining the skill that allows you to throw your axe at a second enemy after assassinating the first. Another beneficial skill is the skill that allows you to assassinate any enemy in one hit with an extra button press. Alternatively, there is an option in the options menu that allows you to turn on the ability to kill all enemies with a single assassination. The game will warn you that this was not how the game was meant to be played, but there is no penalty to turning it on, if you'd like to use it to make this achievement easier. Early in the game, in the first few regions of England, there aren't many opportunities to assassinate many enemies. However, later in the game there are many bases and areas with a lot of spread out enemies.
  • Complete 10 World Events

    World Events initially show up on your map/compass as glowing blue dots, and when you approach them they turn to blue stars. These are essentially mini side quests, that require very little effort and only take a minute or two to finish. There are dozens of these around the map of England and Norway, and while only 10 are required for this achievement, all of them are required to be completed for the Completionist All the Way! (30G) achievement. Refer to it for more details on locations and how to complete some of the more vague ones.
  • While on fire during a fight, kill 3 hard difficulty soldiers without breaking their shields

    This is probably the most difficult achievement in the game, not because of the skill required but because of the very strict and specific requirements. The description is a bit unclear, so here is more detail: you need to kill 3 of the large Shield Bearer enemies (the ones with the big ornate shields and the large pole with a banner at the top) while you are on fire (indicated by the little red fire symbol appearing above your health bar; do NOT rely on only the presence of flames on your character), and on top of that, the three enemies need to have a red skull next to their health, indicating they are far above your power level. One point to clarify is that this achievement can be done on Easy difficulty; it does NOT require you to be playing on Hard difficulty. Another point to clarify is that you do NOT need to be on fire the entire time you fight and kill these enemies. All that matters is that the killing blow is delivered while you are on fire.
    There seems to be only one really reliable place to obtain this achievement, and that is in the southwest area of Hamtunscire, England. Note that this area has a recommended level of 340. In order for the enemies to be considered hard difficulty (red skull icon next to their health), they need to be at least 40 levels above your power level. Because of that, I recommend attempting this achievement (at least in this location) once you've reached at least level 250, but not further than 290, just to be safe. If you've already leveled past that, you can go to your skill tree and hold button-x.png on nodes/skills to remove them and lower your power level. Another thing I recommend doing is using skill points in the top red section of the tree to improve fire resistence and reduce fire damage. You'll spend a decent amount of time on fire, and don't want to have to worry about dying from fire damage. You should also upgrade your quiver at least twice and make sure your arrows are fully stocked, because arrows make this achievement easier. One last recommendation is to have at least 3 rations on hand, just to ensure you don't die.
    Once ready, go to the enemy base where the fast travel viewpoint is located, southwest of Wincestre, in Werham. At this base, you'll see it is surrounded by spikes, and there is only one entrance. At this entrance are two of the shielded enemies. Inside the base, there is an archer straight ahead, a shielded enemy on the left of him, and another shielded enemy on the far right of him. I will describe the method I used. First, silently approach the entrance and shoot one of the shielded enemies in the head. This should take off a large chunk of his health. Try to shoot the same one or the other a couple times. Fight the two of them right at the entrance until they both have very low health, ensuring you don't kill either of them. Now run inside and straight ahead and kill the archer. Look left with Odin's Sight and you should spot another shielded enemy, who may already be approaching you. The other two shielded enemies will hang out near the entrance still. Whittle down this third enemy's health, just like the first two. Now that you have three shielded enemies with low health, you need to get set on fire and then kill them. I found the best way to do this was to climb up on the roof of the building next to where the archer was, and drop a torch on the roof. This will set the entire roof on fire. Stand on the roof while it's on fire and you should stay on fire the entire time. Now, shoot the shielded enemies with your bow to finish them off while you're on fire.
    An important thing to highlight here is that the enemies must die from damage from your weapons. If your arrows get lit on fire while on the roof, and your flaming arrow sets the enemy on fire, and he dies from fire damage, it will NOT count for this achievement. Likewise, if one enemy accidentally kills the other it won't count, but that is a rarer occurance. Also, using the Missile Reversal skill to throw their spear back at them does NOT count for this achievement. To avoid your arrows lighting on fire, stand near the edge of the roof so you aren't engulfed in flames. Wait for the enemies to pull back to throw a spear, and they will be exposed for an arrow. Kill all three this way and you should unlock the achievement.
    The reason I mentioned a fourth shielded enemy above is because he is a good backup if the achievement doesn't unlock for you after killing the first three. For me, the achievement didn't unlock, so I ran to the other side of the roof and shot arrows at that fourth enemy until he died, and when he died my achievement unlocked. So keep in mind you have a fourth enemy available in case the achievement doesn't immediately unlock after the third dies.
  • Complete all territories

    This achievement requires you to collect all wealth, complete all mysteries, and collect/complete all artifacts on all five maps in the game (all of England, all of Norway, Vinland, Asgard, and Jotunheim). If you synchronize all viewpoints in the game, this will reveal all wealth and mysteries on the map. Unfortunately, artifacts are only revealed by either going close enough to them on the map (usually around 450m or so), paying the cartographer in your settlement (once you build his building, but this is only good for England), or paying money to one of the random NPCs around the area with a question mark above their head (which again is only good for England). I personally found that, while taking care of all of the wealth and mysteries in a given region, I ended up close to enough to artifacts to take care of around 98% of them without any issue. There are, unfortunately, a few artifacts in England that you may not end up traveling near enough to have them marked on your mark. Because artifacts aren't marked on your map unless you're near, I highly recommend taking care of any white dots on your compass that you come across during your travels. At a minimum, go close enough to reveal what the white dot is, and it'll stay marked on your map.
    For whatever artifacts you're missing, check out THIS LINK over to an interactive map at IGN, which will help pinpoint what you missed. To cross-check with your own ingame map, for every wealth, mystery, or artifact you've done, there will be a little black X on your map, allowing you to know for sure if you've already gotten a collectible there. For wealth, especially in Jotunheim, make sure you do all World Events and story arcs in that area, as sometimes wealth becomes available (or is much easier to get) after you've done a quest or World Event in that area.
    The vast majority of the collectibles are very easy to complete. I highly recommend waiting until you've obtained the Incediary Powder Trap ranged ability before bothering with collectibles, especially artifacts, as a ton of Roman masks are hidden behind destructible walls, and this ability negates the need to hunt down those explosive red vases, making the difficult trivial. There is another ability, Dive of the Valkyries (a melee ability) that allows you to break open a barred door from the front instead of finding a way around it or a way to shoot it open from behind. This again makes collectible hunting far more efficient. Both of these abilities' Books of Knowledge can be found in Grantebridgescire near the beginning of the game.
    Glitch Information
    I would now like to cover some information on common glitches I've come across or read about or have seen reports about.
    • Reloading an earlier auto save is the best way to take care of bugs related to World Events that won't progress/complete, wealth that won't collect, artifacts that don't seem to be there or can't be interacted with, etc.
    • There are sometimes World Events that will say "You must be anonymous to interact" to complete the quest, even though you are anonymous. You'll need to reload an auto save for this, or you could fast travel away to reset the World Event and then come back and start it over again.
    • There is a wealth in Vinland that has a tendency to not count/mark off as complete, on a large enemy in the western fort. This method of forcing it to count works, as I had to do it myself to get it to count for me. Full credit to the person on reddit who figured it out (since it is a ridiculous method, but it does work). Kill the enemy (and others in the fort that are attacking you, if need be). If you don't get the wealth from him, or you do but it doesn't mark as complete, assassinate him (rb.png on his limp body), and then carry his body out of the fort through the entrance he was patrolling near. You should spot two enemies off to your left with Odin's Sight. Put the body on the ground and use an Explosive Trap on it (you'll need to obtain this skill from the skill tree, on the upper left side of the yellow tree). Whistle to the enemies so they come over, and let them set off the explosive trap. Now kill both enemies. Once they're dead, quick-save your game (hold dpad-down.png and press button-x.png). Now quit to the main menu. From there, choose to Continue your game, and you should be outside the fort where you saved, but the enemy with the wealth is spawned back in the entrance. Kill him (preferably shoot him with arrows, if you have a bow), and then loot him. You should get the wealth and it should count.
    • The cairn in Hordafylke, in northern Norway, called Torghatten Rock, is notoriously glitchy. It is very simple to complete, as you can simply stack three of the four flat rocks on each other to reach the needed height. The problem is that it either won't let you validate your solution, or you'll be able to validate but when you do, it doesn't mark off as complete and you don't get the "Cairn Complete" message along with your skill point. The latter problem is the one I ran into, but the solution is the same. Head to the cairn and interact with it. Stack up the three flatter rocks such that they aren't high enough to reach the end point. Hold button-b.png to quit while they are stacked. Quick-save your game, then quit to the main menu. Continue your game and you'll be back at the cairn with three rocks stacked. Interact with it, and wait for the dialogue to finish. Put the fourth rock on top, and you should be able to successfully complete this cairn.
  • Ram and destroy 5 boats in under 2 minutes with your longship

    Despite this achievement's existence, there is no naval combat in this game. For this achievement, you need to destroy innocent civilian boats by ramming into them. There are many good areas to do this, all on the outer border of England. I found a great spot was in the south of Hamtunscire. You'll notice a decent-sized island off the south coast of Hamtunscire, and there are a few collectibles on this island. In the water between the island and mainland are many boats, all close together. I was able to ram and destroy 6 boats in well under 2 minutes. Head to that location, call your longship, take command of it, and then raise your sail. Then, just sail directly into a boat to destroy it. Make sure you hold button-a.png to raise your sail back up after each destroyed boat. There should be plenty of boats here to destroy.
  • Refer to Full Mastery (30G) for more information.
  • Reach settlement level 3

    Refer to Home Sweet Home (30G) for more information.
  • Reach settlement level 6

    Your settlement level is increased two ways: building the various buildings around your settlement, and allying with certain territories. Note that, while building a building always increases your settlement level meter, you only get an increase to the meter from allying with certain territories. Specifically, when looking at the alliance map and hovering over a territory, you'll be shown the reward for allying with it. If the reward is a blue square with a house icon, completing that questline will increse your settlement level meter.
    In order to reach level 6 for your settlement, you'll need to complete all territory pledges that give settlement increases. You'll also need to build every building in your settlement. Note that there are three buildings - cattle farm, grain farm, and fowl farm - that can be "built" multiple times. You need to build all three of them four times each as well. In order to build this many buildings, you'll need to complete all raids on the map, in England. Doing so will provide you with all of the Raw Materies in the game, which you'll need all of in order to build all of the buildings. Raids will also provide you with Supplies, but unfortunately you will NOT get enough Supplies from all of the raids in order to build every building. You'll likely be upwards of 4000 Supplies short of what you need.
    The only other way to get Supplies is from the regular lootable chests. However, as you may have noticed, some chests contain leather and iron, and some chests contain Supplies. Thankfully, it isn't completely random. The chests that contain Supplies are those chests that are found in civilian areas only. First and foremost, any regular chests found in monasteries and abbeys that you raid should absolutely be looted. These will always have Supplies, so never leave a completed raid without making sure you get all of the regular chests too. Check your map for the fainter yellow dots for the regular chests. With those all done, unless you were very meticulous about collecting chests everywhere, you'll now need to hunt down chests with Supplies in them. As I mentioned, only civilian area chests have Supplies. This means that any place labeled "garrison" or "fort" or any restricted areas with guards will NOT have supplies. Those chests will always have iron and leather. The same applies to any chests that are located in tunnels underground, and any located under water. Distrust areas, on the other hand, are perfectly fine.

    To start, go to Lunden and Jorvik, two cities, and loot the chests there. Remember, especially in Lunden, that if it's a guarded restricted area, don't bother with chests in those areas. Likewise if you see any barracks or garrison in/around the city. Stick to the civilian areas. Once those are done, your next best places to go are the little towns with port fast travels (the anchor icon), such as Ledecestre, Grantebridge, Northwic, etc. Remember, don't waste time with chests underground or under water. Also, specifically do NOT waste your time with Wincestre (despite it being a city, every chest has only iron and leather), Donecaestre (not civilian; all chests are iron and leather), or any other encampments.
    Once you have enough Supplies, you can finally build all buildings. You can get an idea of how many more Supplies you need based on how many more Raw Materials you have left. After doing all raids, building every building will use up every Raw Material, so if you have more than zero Raw Materials, you still have buildings left to build. Once they're all built, you'll finally reach settlement level 6 and unlock this achievement.
  • Place an item on each settlement cosmetic spot

    Cosmetic spots in your settlement in England are those indicated by the wooden dragon-looking totems with a white glow. When you approach them, you can choose a cosmetic item to put in that spot. This achievement requires you to place a cosmetic item in each of the 16 available spots. Note that all 16 cosmetic spots will not be available until your settlement reaches level 4. Refer to Home Sweet Home (30G) for leveling up your settlement. Once you've reached level 4, simply run around to each spot and place a cosmetic item. If you're having trouble finding all 16, the following video shows all 16. Full credit to its creator.
  • Successfully pass close to a guard in a distrust area by blending with a group of monks

    The description here is relatively straightforward. In a Distrust area (indicated by an orange bar across the top of the screen), you need to find a group of monks. Use Odin's Sight to find them; they'll all glow white. Go into their group and press button-y.png when prompted to blend. Now you need to walk at their speed in their group, following along with them, and they should pass by guards. Make sure you pass by the guard close enough to get the prompt to assassinate (but do not do so), and once you walk just past him, the achievement will unlock.
    I found that there were very few opportunities to unlock this achievement early in the game. Monks seem to be pretty rare and hard to find. However, in Canterbury in Cent (southeast England), there are many groups of monks and many guards. This is probably the best area to get this achievement.
  • Equip 8 abilities

    Abilities are unlocked by obtaining Books of Knowledge (marked on the map as yellow dots, tracked as wealth). When you get near enough to the yellow dots, they will turn to books with a rune on the cover. You'll need to collect 8 different ones first (there are over double that many in the game), at least 4 melee ones and at least 4 ranged ones, and then go to the Abilities tab from the pause menu. Here, map 4 melee ones to the four available slots, and do the same with 4 ranged abilities. Once all 8 slots are filled with abilites, this achievement will unlock.
    Note that you'll need to collect all Books of Knowledge in the game for the Completionist All the Way! (30G) achievement. Refer to it for locations of all Books.
  • Fully upgrade and enhance a piece of gear

    There are two aspects to this achievement. The first is fully enhancing a piece of gear. Gear must be fully enhanced before it can be fully upgraded. You can only enhance your gear at the blacksmith in your settlement in England. Gear you obtain will either be regular, a bronze background, silver background, or gold background. To go from regular to bronze you'll need carbon ingots, to go from bronze to silver you'll need nickel ingots, and to go from silver to gold you'll need tungsten ingots. Ingots are marked on your map as yellow wealth dots, and turn into a stack of three gold bars when you get close. Early, low level regions of England have carbon ingots, higher level areas (100-200) have nickel ingots, and the highest level areas (200+) have tungsten ingots. The Completionist All the Way! (30G) achievement has more information on the locations of all ingots in the game.
    Once you have the required ingots, you can go to the blacksmith in your settlement to enhance your piece of gear up to gold level. Note that if you find gear that is already gold (especially from preorder bonuses), you can skip this step of enhancing, since your gear is already fully enhanced.
    With that done, you then need to fully upgrade your piece of gear by holding button-x.png on it in the Inventory menu. This requires a huge amount of leather and iron ore, as well as a decent amount of titanium. You'll will find a lot of these three items as you progress through the game, looting chests and finding wealth. You can also purchase these resources from various merchants in the game, provided you have enough silver. Be patient though, as you should easily collect plenty from natural progression. Once you fully upgrade your piece of gear with all 10 slots filled, this achievement will unlock.
  • Get thrown 30 meters away by a destroyer or a housecarl

    Despite the achievement description implying these two specific enemy types are required for this achievement, the large Goliath enemies will also throw you and can be used for this achievement. There seems to be only one practical place to unlock this achievement. Head to Venonis in Ledecestrescire. You will sail your ship through here as part of the story quest in this region, and can sync a viewpoint to fast travel here. From that viewpoint, head east and slightly south. You'll shortly pass by a building with two huge columns and two white horses out front. Right after this building you'll see a big structure of two sets of 4 giants columns holding up two platforms connected by a small bridge. There is a Roman artifact on top (indicated by a white dot, assuming you haven't collected it already). Climb up this structure. On top is a restricted area. There is a Goliath enemy and a regular enemy. Go near the edge of the platform and let the Goliath use his red rune attack on you to grab you and throw you. With any luck, he'll throw you over the edge and you'll fall all the way down, unlocking this achievement (and also dying, if you're a lower level).
  • Release a firefly in your settlement

    Fireflies spawn randomly around the map, and only at night. If you want to specifically look for one, meditate until it is nighttime. Ride through the woods and you should eventually find a firefly (a small glowing orb) flying around. You'll get a prompt to press button-y.png when near it, collecting it. Once you have a firefly, head to the Seer's Hut in the northwest corner of your settlement. Here there is a waterfall and a small pond. At the pond there is a rock, and when you stand near it you'll get a button-y.png prompt to release your firefly. Do so to unlock this achievement.
  • Complete all Roman collector challenges

    This achievement requires you to collect all Roman artifacts in the game. They are initially marked as white dots on your map, and turn into white masks as you get close. The Completionist All the Way! (30G) requires them all to be collected too. Refer to it for more information on locations.
    Note that this achievement will NOT unlock upon simply collecting all Roman artifacts. You will also need to build the Museum in your settlement (found behind the longhouse). Talking to the Museum owner will give you a quest to return the masks to him. Once you've found them all you need to return them all to him, which will unlock this achievement and reward you with a fancy new piece of gear.
  • Beat all the Orlog players

    There are a total of 19 Orlog players in the game that you need to beat. First, their locations, followed by the best way to beat all of your opponents.
    1. Fornburg (Norway)
    2. Stavanger (Norway)
    3. Ravensthorpe, Ledecestrescire. This opponent only becomes available after building the Barracks in your settlement.
    4. Grantebridge, Grantebridgescire. This opponent only becomes available after completing the Grantebridgescire story arc.
    5. Ragnarsson War Camp, Ledecestrescire
    6. Northwic, East Anglia
    7. Buckingham, Oxenefordscire
    8. Lunden
    9. Quatford, Sciropescire
    10. Folcanstan, Cent
    11. Crawleah, Suthsexe
    12. Colcestre, Essexe
    13. Grimby, Lincolnscire
    14. Jorvik
    15. Donecaestre, Eurvicscire
    16. Picheringa, Eurvicscire. Note that no quests take you to this town, so you'll need to head there yourself at some point.
    17. Glowecestre, Glowecestrescire
    18. Wincestre
    19. Fearnhamme, Hamtunscire
    As far as actually beating your opponents, there is a bit of luck involved since it is a dice game, but I will explain my strategy which allowed me to beat almost every opponent first try. My only losses were due to very bad luck.
    The only ability I used is the one your start with, which allows you to use god favors to inflict unblockable damage. You'll get a new ability from each opponent you beat, but this is the only one I ever used. When playing the game, all you're going to focus on is getting god favors. When you roll the dice, only choose the ones that have a red border (giving you one god favor each) or ones that have a black hand on them (steals one god favor from the opponent). Do not choose anything else, no matter what. Your goal is to collect enough god favors to be able to use 12 of them to deal 8 damage. This may seem like a lot, but it usually took me around 3 turns to build up that many. After using it once, the next step is to finish your opponent, depending on how much health they have left. If they have more than 5 health, continue with the same strategy to build up 8 god favors, and use your ability to deal 5 damage. If they have less than 5 health, you can probably get away with only 4 god favors to do 2 damage. You should be able to do enough inadvertent damage along the way that this last attack should finish them off. 
  • Catch a fish of each type using the fishing line

    There are a total of 19 different types of fish in the game. To unlock this achievement, you need to catch one of each type with the fishing line, which is obtained by building the fishing hut in your settlement in England and then talking to the owner. Note that killing the fish the your bow or melee weapon does NOT count towards this achievement. Because of this, there isn't really any way to keep track ingame of which ones you've caught, unless you never kill any and never sell/trade any. In that case, you can check your inventory to see which ones you have. Also be aware that size doesn't matter for this achievement. Many fish can be either small, regular, or big. You only need to catch one of that fish, regardless of its size; you don't need to catch all three sizes of all fish.
    An ingame listing of all of the fish and where to find them can be bought from the fishing hut in your settlement. There are three books (Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them) that you can buy for relatively cheap to see where to find all types of fish in the game. You'll have far more silver in the game than you'll ever need, so buying these books shouldn't be an issue. However, the locations of all the fish are extremely vague, so here is a more specific list of locations. This is where I located every fish in the game. Obviously there are many places to find each one, and you'll likely find some while trying to find others. I would also like to note that I found every fish by fishing from docks or a coast. At no point did I need to fish off of a boat in a river or out at sea.
    1. Hake - fish directly off the docks in Fornburg
    2. Mackerel - same as above
    3. Redfish - same as above
    4. Arctic Char - fish off the docks of Alrekstad in Hordafylke, or more west along the coast
    1. Bream - fast travel to Folcanstan in southern Cent, and head west along the southern coast until you find some fish
    2. Brown Trout - on the eastern side of Dudmasten Lake (southeast corner of Sciropescire)
    3. Bullhead - fish off the docks of your settlement in England
    4. Burbot - fast travel to Glowecestre, and fish in the river between there and Oxeneforda to the east
    5. Cod - Note - I believe you get 5 cod from either enemies or part of a story quest or World Event, because there are multiple reports of people having 5 cod in their inventory and not needing to catch any for this achievement. If you want to catch one, fast travel to the Forward Camp in northeastern East Anglia and fish off the coast there
    6. Eel - fish off the docks of your settlement
    7. Flatfish - fast travel to Wulfaswic in southeastern Essexe and head east along the river, fishing as you find fish. I found flatfish as I got closer to where the river opens into the sea
    8. Grey Trout - same as above
    9. Haddock - fast travel to Mercian Tower in southeastern Lincolnscire, and head either slightly north or slightly west along the coast until you find fish
    10. Halibut - fast travel to Grimsby in northeastern Lincolnscire, then head east along the river and look for fish
    11. Perch - fish off the docks of your settlement
    12. Pollock - you'll likely catch many of these while looking for the ones above, but the same spot as salmon below is a good spot
    13. Salmon - fast travel to the southernmost viewpoint in Snotinghamscire, then head southwest to the river and fish there
    14. Shad - same as Halibut above
    15. Sturgeon - in Cent, fast travel to Saint Hadrian's Priory fast travel point, then head east to Rouecistre Fortress. Across the river to the west of the fortress are docks. Fish off these docks
  • Spend your first Mastery point

    Spending your first Mastery point first requires that you reach power level 400, the max level in the game. This may seem daunting at first, but if you're going for all other achievements, you will reach level 400 far before you finish everything else in the game. Once you reach level 400, every time you level up after that you'll receive a Mastery point that you can use in your skill tree. Using your first one unlocks this achievement.
    You gain XP to level up from completing quests, killing enemies, collecting "collectibles" all around the map (i.e. collecting wealth, and completing mysteries and artifacts on the map), discovering new locations, and syncing viewpoints. You will automatically get 2 skill points for each drengr and legendary animal you defeat, and you will automatically get one skill point each time you complete a standing stone puzzle, a cairn challenge, and an animus anomaly. The vast majority of your XP will come from completing story quests and World Events; you'll only get a small amount for artifacts and wealth collected. But as I said, you'll earn enough XP to reach level 400 well before you finish all of the story quests and complete all of the items in every region. To put it in perspective, by the time you finish all other achievements you'll have leveled up to the equivalent of level 450 or so (giving you, in that case, 50 mastery points to spend).
  • Light the unlit braziers on Hadrian's Wall

    In the farthest north section of England's map is Hadrian's Wall, with braziers running along the length of it. There are 10 unlit braziers that you need to light to unlock this achievement. Use a torch to light them. If you open your map, you'll see a fast travel viewpoint in the direct center at the very top of the map. Travel to this viewpoint as a good starting point. Directly below the viewpoint is the first unlit brazier. From there, head directly east, staying on top of the wall, and you'll find another 8 unlit braziers to light. The 10th one is up on the building just before the final brazier on the wall. Climb up this short building and light the final brazier to unlock this achievement.
    Note that if you fast travel at any point while lighting the braziers, they reset. So make sure you light all 10 in one stretch without quitting or fast traveling.
  • Complete all the flytings

    Flytings are essentially rap battles against a single opponent, where you need to choose a response that both rhymes, flows best, and is on topic, in order to win the "battle." There are a total of 16 opponents to beat, with their locations listed below (approximately in the order you'll encounter them), along with the correct responses to beat them. I recommend completing these as soon as you reach each location, because completing them levels up your charisma meter, which gives you extra dialogue options, often allowing you to bypass fights on occassion. To save space/time, I have just typed out the first few words of the correct responses, but there should be no confusion.
    1. Fornburg, Norway - Alvis
      • I recall what you taught...
      • Then I'll tell you you've...
      • I will flyt you with flourish...
    2. Stavanger, Norway - Manning, Fighter of Wolves
      • What you make up in muscles...
      • They seem perfectly placed...
      • No, you're quite like your arms...
    3. Grantebridge, Grantebridgescire - Faceless
      • But your rhythm is clumsy...
      • Says the flyter who hides...
      • You're not a talented flyter...
    4. Northwic, East Anglia - Chadwick, Monger of Gossip
      • Then you're speaking to fools...
      • And they're sorely mistaken...
      • Then you've clearly mishead them...
    5. Repton, Ledecestrescire - Jungulf
      • O, to beat such a braggart...
      • You're a weakling, a milksop...
      • Your pride is appalling...
    6. Lunden - Augusta the Cheerful
      • You're the picture of elegance...
      • O, your valor's the subject...
      • It is truly a pleasure...
    7. Oxeneford, Oxenefordscire - Hogg the Burly
      • O, you're barely an insect...
      • You're possessed of a baldness...
      • You've the brain of a donkey...
    8. Quatford, Sciropescire - Ove the Scarred
      • And your thick little skull's...
      • Test your might against mine...
      • If it's fighting you want...
    9. Colcestre, Essexe - Lady Ellette
      • For they put all who hear...
      • I'll defeat you and banish...
      • Lend a salve, for your words...
    10. Canterbury, Cent - Acolyte Alwin
      • Though you speak through another...
      • You're a simpleton and a fool...
      • With such drivel to speak...
    11. Jorvik - Hertha the Very High
      • The one fool that I see...
      • Then enjoy it while you can...
      • What's it like feigning hugeness...
    12. Picheringa, Eurvicscire (note that no quests take you to this town; you need to go there yourself) - Borghild the Aleswife's Bane
      • Your face brings to mind...
      • Now to look upon you...
      • You've drunk far too much ale...
    13. Hemthorpe, Snotinghamscire - Stigr the Amorous
      • Yes, with words I'll ensnare you...
      • I'm as good with my lips...
      • While I don't doubt you can...
    14. Hamtun, Hamtunscire - Fenn the Wistful
      • Well, perhaps they should...
      • It is not mine to judge...
      • To ensure I'll sit...
    15. Asgard (must follow Valka's storyline to reach this, and must complete the quest "View Above All" first) - Thor
      • O beware what you ask for...
      • I'm as wise as an owl...
      • Well, your victory's not...
    16. Jotunheim (available after completing the Asgard storyline) - Ratatosk
      • I should like to see...
      • They're too dull to...
      • I grow weary of your...
  • Defeat all Alpha animals

    There are 11 Alpha animals (referred to in game as Legendary animals) to be found and killed. There are multiple reports that the Alpha animal located in Jotunheim isn't needed for this achievement, and from my own personal experience, I did not need to kill that animal to unlock this achievement. However, you will still need to kill all 11 for the Completionist All the Way! (30G) achievement anyway. They are marked as blue dots (mysteries) on your map/compass. The locations of all 11 are as follows, in approximately the order you'll encounter them:
    1. Rygjafylke - Elk of Bloody Peaks
    2. East Anglia - Black Shuck
    3. Oxenefordscire - The Corpse Feeders
    4. Sciropescire - Beast of the Hills
    5. Lincolnscire - Gemad-Wulf
    6. Suthsexe - Aelfred's Battle-Sow
    7. Eurvicscire - The Blood Swine
    8. Hamtunscire - Elder and Young Lynx
    9. Hordafylke - Bear of the Blue Waters
    10. Vinland - O Yan Do' Ne
    11. Jotunheim - Steinnbjorn
    As for strategies, I found that all of these large animals can easily be killed by just staying behind them. They attack forward, either by biting or lunging, and if you continually dodge behind them and strike them from the side or back, they can't hit you. As with all bosses, feel free to level up far higher than them before fighting them to make the fights much easier.
    While you can "turn in" your killed Alpha animals at the hunting hut in your settlement, you don't need to do so to unlock this achievement. It will unlock as soon as you kill the last one.
  • Destroy 10 Curse Symbols

    Curse Symbols are considered artifacts, and are marked on your map/compass as white dots. When approached, you'll walk slowly and be bogged down until you destroy the Curse Symbol nearby. While only 10 are required for this achievement, you'll need to destroy all of them for the Completionist All the Way! (30G) achievement. Refer to it for more information on locations.

Secret achievements

  • Complete the Prologue

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
  • Leave Norway

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
  • Complete the Grantebridgescire Arc

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
  • Complete the Lunden Arc

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
  • Complete the East Anglia Arc

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
  • Complete the Cent Arc

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
  • Complete the Suthsexe Arc

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
  • Complete the Wincestre Arc

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
  • Complete the Asgard and Jotunheim quests

    This questline can be started shortly after arriving at your settlement in England. Once there, you'll be able to speak with Valka, the seer from Norway. Build the Seer's Hut for her in order to start her questline, which leads to the Asgard and then Jotunheim questlines. Complete both sets of story quests to unlock this achievement. Note that, while you can start this questline very early, completing it has a recommended level of 350.
  • Complete "The Prophecy" storyline

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    This storyline will become available after completing all available pledges in England, at which point you'll be able to pledge to the Hordafylke region in Norway. Completing the Hordafylke story arc unlocks this achievement.
  • Complete Hamtunscire Arc

    This questline will only become available after first completing the story arcs for all other territories in England, then the Hordafylke story arc in Norway. Once that is done, you can return to England and view the Alliance Map to finally begin the Hamtunscire arc.
  • Eliminate all targets of the Order of Ancients

    There are a total of 45 Order members that must be killed for this achievement.
    Of that 45, 15 of them are the Zealots. There is a choice you can make early in the game that will either cause the Zealots to hunt you or not, and if it's the latter, you'll need to track them down yourself. The former method makes this much faster, but if you chose the latter choice, then a link to the locations of all Zealots can be found HERE. Do note that many of the Zealots do not have fixed locations, and instead roam around certain territories, which can make them difficult to track down. I highly recommend going through all of the collectibles on the map of England (wealth, mysteries, and artifacts) first. That way, you'll almost assuredly stumble across most or even all of the Zealots in the process of doing that, eliminating the need to hunt them down. But, the link above can still be used for guidance of approximately where to find each. I do want to point out that for Cudberct, for me, he was not located anywhere near where the guide shows. For me, I fast traveled to the western viewpoint in Lunden, and from there went directly north around 300-400m and found him. Likewise for Cola, for me he was in Ledecestrescire near the north end, not in Lincolnscire or Eurvicscire as the guide says. Everyone else was where the guide said, though.
    Of the remaining 30 actual Order members, 12 of them are killed during story missions (3 from each of the 4 branches). You'll kill 3 in the beginning of the game, 3 in Lunden, 3 in Jorvik, and another 3 in Wincestre. Building the Hidden Ones Bureau in your settlement will reveal the remaining two Order members from the rightmost tree. You can then simply track them on your map to kill them easily. The remaining 2 Order members in each of the remaining 3 branches need to be located. This can be done by finding clues to their whereabouts in the game, or you can use THIS GUIDE to see where each Order member is. Note that, if you don't find all of the clues for an Order member to reveal them first, they are essentially civilians, meaning Odin's Sight won't turn them red, and there's no way to see that you have the correct person until you kill them, at which point you'll get the prompt to confirm your kill. Even so, most Order members are isolated enough that it is pretty obvious who they are, and there isn't really any penalty for accidentally killing a civilian anyway.
    With all four branches of Order members killed, you will have revealed all 5 of the final tier of Order members. The 4 on the left can all be tracked on your map and killed like other Order members. The rightmost one can only be killed by returning to Hytham in the Hidden Ones Bureau in your settlement. After talking to him, you'll be given a new quest line that allows you to travel to Vinland to track down this Order member. Do so and follow the short questline to kill him.
    Once all 15 Zealots are dead and all other Order members are dead too, you'll also need to complete the main story arcs. Specifically, you'll need to complete all England pledges, the Hordafylke pledge, and the Hamtunscire pledge. Once all of that is done, return to your settlement and head up to your longhouse. Hytham should be waiting for you out front, where he'll give you a letter from someone you've been in contact with. Follow this short questline to find the final leader of the Order, eliminating him to unlock this achievement.
  • Run through 30 breakable objects

    Before you can attempt this achievement, you'll first need the skill located at the very top center of the red melee skill tree. If you're focusing on the yellow or blue trees initially, don't fret. For one, you can respec all of your skill points for free whenever you want and as many times as you want. Secondly, by the time you reach max power level (level 400), you'll have filled in the entire skill tree.
    Once you have that skill that lets you run through breakable objects, it's just a matter of grinding out this achievement, as it's very unlikely to happen naturally. Monestaries and villages/houses tend to have a lot of crates, jars, and vases that you can run into to break them. Break a cumulative total of 30 in this manner in order to unlock this achievement.
  • Reach Vinland

    To unlock this achievement, you'll need to start a questline that takes you to Vinland. To start this quest, first progress through the story in England. You will kill three members of the Order of the Ancients on the rightmost tree, and the remaining two will be revealed when you build the Hidden Ones Bureau in your settlement. You then need to kill the remaining two (open their bio and press button-x.png to mark them on your map), which is easy since they're literally just standing around, usually alone, in the open. After killing all five members of the Order on the rightmost tree, a new questline will pop up, telling you to talk to Hytham. Follow this questline to unlock this achievement (and kill another Order member).
  • Draw Excalibur from the Stone

    To obtain Excalibur, you'll first need to obtain the 11 Treasures of Britain. Of these 11, eight of them are obtained from the eight different cave challenges around the map of England. These are marked as blue dots (mysteries) on your map/compass, and turn into doors with a rune on them as you approach. These caves are all linear straightforward locations, where you must reach the end and pick up the tablet at the end. The locations of each cave are noted in this succinct guide HERE
    The remaining three Treasures are looted from three Zealots when you confirm their kills. Specifically, Hrothgar (Suthsexe), Heike (Essexe), and Woden (Cent). The Disorder of the Ancients (50G) achievement solution contains a guide to finding all of the Zealots. Refer to it to track down these three.
    Once you've gotten all 11 Treasures of Britain, you now need to head to Myrrdin's Cave in Hamtunscire. It's right between Uffentune and Stonehenge (marked with a drawing on your map), and is marked with a little gray diamond to indicate its location. If you're going in at a lower level than the Hamtunscire region, avoid the bears outside the cave and just head inside. Follow the decently long path to eventually get to an area with 12 monoliths. Place the 11 tablets into the bases of the 11 unlit monoliths. Doing so reveals Excalibur in the center of the monolith circle. Interact with it to pull it from the stone and unlock this achievement.
  • Complete your first Animus Anomaly

    Animus Anomalies are blue dots (mysteries) on the map/compass, and when you get close they become inverted triangles. There are a total of 10 in the game, and while only one is needed for this achievement, all of them are needed for The Hidden Truth (30G) achievement as well as the Completionist All the Way! (30G) achievement. Refer to the latter achievement's solution for more details on them. 
  • Swim a total of 3km with the horse

    Before you can make progress towards this achievement, you'll first need to build the stables in your settlement in England. After doing so, talk to the shop owner and choose to improve your horse training. Then you'll need to pay 150 silver to buy the ability for your horse to swim. You can pay an additional 300 silver to improve your horse's swim speed, but it isn't necessary.
    Once that's done, you can begin working on this achievement. It is cumulative, so as long as you ride your horse to all story objectives and collectibles, and especially if you make it a point to take the horse instead of your ship, you'll unlock this achievement relatively quickly.
  • Obtain all video fragments and watch the hidden truth video

    To unlock this achievement, you'll need to complete all 10 of the Animus Anomalies in the game. The first 9 are located around England (marked as blue dots, mysteries), and only once you've started the Hordafylke story arc will the tenth and final one be available in Hordafylke in Norway. You will also need to complete all ten of these for the Completionist All the Way! (30G) achievement, whose solution contains the locations of all collectibles. 
    These are platforming challenges that eventually incorporate more and more puzzle elements. The platforming is pretty simple since you get many "checkpoints" along the way. The puzzle elements can get a little trickier as you progress, but the link above also contains solutions to all of the puzzles.
    As soon as you complete the tenth Animus Anomaly, the hidden truth video will automatically play, and this achievement will unlock as soon as it starts.
  • Obtain Thor's Helmet

    To obtain Thor's Helmet, you first need to kill all three Daughters of Lerion. These are relatively challenging boss fights, found in England as blue dots (mysteries). As with all bosses, though, you can come back when you're a much higher level, making them very easy. Each one is detailed below.
    1. Goneril (level 90) - Grantebridgescire. On the large northern island of this region, you'll notice the Isle of Ely Monastery in the south. Directly north of it at the northern end of the island is Goneril.  She is fast and teleports a lot. She will lunge very quickly at you, and often does unblockable attacks. Be prepared to dodge a lot, because even though parrying works great against her, she does unblockable attacks more often. After you take off half of her health, she will employ poison clouds. Steer clear of these, as their effects last long and can really whittle your health down if you aren't careful.
    2. Regan (level 160) - East Anglia. On the northeasternmost coast of East Anglia. From Northwic, head directly north and slightly east to find her. This fight is surprisingly similar to Goneril. Regan's attack patterns are almost identical, and the fight progresses very similarly. Use the same strategies as before to beat her.
    3. Cordelia (level 340) - East Anglia. Located approximately 800m directly west of the large "E" in East Anglia on your map. Despite her very high level, many have defeated her at a lower level, but know that you won't be able to survive more than 2-3 direct attacks depending on how low your level is. Cordelia likes to teleport away and send phantoms shooting toward you at high speed, which you'll need to dodge. She also does many attacks that need to be dodged, meaning you'll need to be very mindful of your stamina during this fight, because if you use it all up and can't dodge, you may be killed. For that reason, you should stick to light attacks to keep your stamina full when you hit her, or use abilities. 
    Once you've defeated all three Daughters, you'll not only have obtained their three pieces of Thor's armor, but also their three daggers. These aren't usable weapons, but keys instead. Head to the southeastern part of East Anglia, just south of Burgh Castle, across the river (you should see a wealth icon on your map nearby). Head into the crypt entrance in the graveyard and into the tunnel. Follow the linear path to a statue at the end. Insert the three daggers into its back to reveal the chest containing Thor's Helmet. Collect it to unlock this achievement.
  • Worthy



    Wield Mjolnir

    Obtaining Mjolnir is a multi-step process. The first thing you need to do is defeat all three Daughters of Lerion. Each one gives you a piece of Thor's armor. Each Daughter also gives you a dagger. All three daggers are used to obtain Thor's helmet. Refer to Godly Reward (30G) for obtaining these 4 pieces of Thor's armor. The fifth and final piece of Thor's armor is obtained by killing all members of the Order of the Ancients. Refer to Disorder of the Ancients (50G) for doing so. Once done, return all 45 Order medallions to Hytham at your settlement to get the final piece of Thor's armor - Thor's Cape.
    Once you have all 5 pieces of Thor's armor, equip them all and head to Norway, specifically Hordafylke. Just northeast of the "e" in Hordafylke on your map is where you'll find Mjolnir. Sail your ship up the water heading northeast. Look to your left (north) for a path among the mountains. Hop off your ship and follow it a bit to locate Mjolnir glowing in a rock. If you're wearing all 5 pieces of Thor's armor, you can interact with it to take it, unlocking this achievement. For a quick video reference of where exactly Mjolnir is, refer to the following video (specifically, at 1:48).

DLC: Wrath of the Druids (Store Link)

There are 9 achievements with a total of 210 points

  • Complete all territories of Ireland.

    Similar to Completionist All the Way! (30G) from the main game, this requires you to complete every items on the Ireland map. This achievement requires you to collect all wealth, complete all mysteries, and collect/complete all artifacts on the DLC map. If you synchronize all viewpoints in the game, this will reveal all wealth and mysteries on the map.
  • Complete a Trial of the Morrigan.

    The Trial of the Morrigan is a new type of mystery in this DLC. There are a couple of these dotted around the map and you should complete them in route to unlocking Irish Legend (40G). You will interact with the Druid's flame, causing a bunch of Druid enemies to spawn in. Defeat them all and you will complete the trial.

    See the video below for more information and an example of one of the Trials.
  • Reach the max level of Dublin Renown.

    See Decked Out (20G) for more information.
  • Kill the only snake in Ireland.

    The only snake in Ireland is found in an abandoned Church in Meath. There is also a cursed symbol inside the Church, so you may want to deal with the first. The snake is hiding in a pot in the side room. Destroy the pot and kill the snake.

    See the video below for more information.
  • Complete 10 Royal Demands

    Along the main campaign of the DLC you will unlock pigeon coups that will have to missions for you to complete. Simply complete 10 of these and the achievement is yours. These Royal Demands include bonus objectives, but you don't need to complete them to unlock this achievement.

Secret achievements

  • Complete the Wrath of the Druids campaign.

    Story-related. This unlocks for completing the last campaign quest "The Cost of Betrayal".
  • Collect all the amber shards for Deirdre.

    This requires you to eliminate all of the Children of Danu in the DLC. Before you can begin hunting them, you need to complete the story quest "Potion of Blood". This introduces the Children of Danu. Some are specifically tied to the story, while others can be found roaming Ireland. For more details and all of their locations, click HERE.
  • Equip a Sickle in both hands.

    The Bone Sickle can be found by defeating the legendary animal, The Black Stout, in the north of Connacht. The Ceremonial Sickle can be found in a Wealth Chest in the Druid camp of Lackenscaul in the south of Connacht. Equip both, one on each hand, to dual wield them and earn your achievement.

    See the video below for more information.
  • Find the full Dublin Champion armor set.

    The first three pieces of the armor set are unlocked by increasing your Dublin Renown to max level. To do this, you will need to unlock the trade posts around Ireland and complete Trade Contracts. The final two pieces are unlocked by defeating the two Lost Drengrs in Ireland.

    See the video below for more information.

DLC: Mastery Challenge

There are 2 achievements with a total of 40 points

  • Get your first Gold Medal in a Mastery Challenge

    See A True Master (30G) for more information.
  • Earn all Gold Medals available

    There are 15 Mastery Challenges in total. Each one will give you a unique loadout, with specific armor, weapons, and abilities. There is a scoring system with specific tasks to complete to earn score. A gold medal requires you to complete all of the tasks to earn 1,000 points.

    See the video and timestamps below for a full gold medal walkthrough of every mastery challenge!

    0:00:03 - Wenlocan Outpost: Trial of the Bear
    0:02:33 - Wenlocan Outpost: Trial of the Wolf
    0:05:54 - Wenlocan Outpost: Trial of the Raven
    0:11:44 - Odin Mine Hideout: Trial of the Bear
    0:19:50 - Odin Mine Hideout: Trial of the Wolf
    0:27:42 - Odin Mine Hideout: Trial of the Raven
    0:36:02 - Lolingestone Bandit Camp: Trial of the Bear
    0:42:15 - Lolingestone Bandit Camp: Trial of the Wolf
    0:46:31 - Lolingestone Bandit Camp: Trial of the Raven
    0:52:58 - Calleva Outpost: Trial of the Bear
    0:59:14 - Calleva Outpost: Trial of the Wolf
    1:01:12 - Calleva Outpost: Trial of the Raven
    1:04:32 - Templebrough Fort: Trial of the Bear
    1:11:53 - Templebrough Fort: Trial of the Wolf
    1:15:40 - Templebrough Fort: Trial of the Raven

DLC: The Siege of Paris (Store Link)

There are 9 achievements with a total of 260 points

  • Complete the Siege of Paris campaign (The Siege of Paris).

    Story-related; unlocked for completing the final main quest, 'Victory'.
  • Complete all territories of Francia (The Siege of Paris).

    Similar to Completionist All the Way! (30G) from the main game and Irish Legend (40G) from the Wrath of the Druids DLC, this requires you to complete every item on the Francia map. This requires collecting all wealth, completing all mysteries, and collecting/completing all artifacts on the DLC map. If you synchronize all viewpoints in the game, this will reveal all wealth and mysteries on the map.
  • Defeat all three Frankish Nobles (The Siege of Paris).

    The Frankish Nobles are similar to the Lost drengir found throughout the base game. There are three of them spread across Francia in Melunois (The Hunter), Amienois (Herbert Du Lilibonne), and Evresin (Gerswinda). The first two are straight forward, but Gerswinda is one of the new Cavalry type enemies and is accompanied by two more cavalrymen. The cavalry enemy type will stay on their horses and circle you before charging. You can remain patient, shooting arrows at them as they circle, trying to stun and then dodging their charges. Or you can be aggressive and chase them down, though there is a bigger risk related to this tactic as they can strike fast and hurt hard.

    See the video below for more information.

    [0:00] - The Hunter (Melunois)
    [1:32] - Herbert Du Lilibonne (Amienois)
    [3:31] - Gerswinda (Evresin)
  • Reach maximum Infamy in the Rebel Missions (The Siege of Paris).

    The Rebel Missions are a new type of side quest added in this DLC. You will complete them either solo or with a group of NPC allies. Each Rebel Mission that is completed successfully will earn you Rebel currency used in the Rebel Shop and Infamy to level up. Max Infamy requires unlocking Level 4 Infamy, which will take completing ~30 Rebel Missions.
    Along the way of unlocking this, you should unlock Lèse-majesté (10G) for completing 10 Rebel Missions. You will also unlock enough Rebel currency to purchase the Reaper Armor set for Vendange (20G).
  • Defeat the Ghost Auroch Boss (The Siege of Paris).

    The Ghost Auroch is the legendary animal in Francia. It is found in Amienois. This works like any other fight with a large animal; however, half way through the fight the bull will run away from you and you will need to chase it down. In the next area it will regain health until you attack it. If it regains enough health and you don't kill it quick enough it will run to another area to heal again. Once defeated, you will earn your achievement.

    See the video below for more information.
  • Kill an enemy with a scythe while wearing the full Reaper armor set (The Siege of Paris).

    The Reaper Armor set is unlocked by completing Rebel Missions to gain Rebel currency and increase your Infamy. The Armor pieces are unlocked as follows:
    • Reaper's Pants is available to purchase for 400 currency at Infamy level 2
    • Reaper's Helm is available to purchase for 450 currency at Infamy level 3
    • Reaper's Cloak is available to purchase for 450 currency at Infamy level 3
    • Reaper's Bracers automatically unlock upon unlocking Infamy level 3 and starting your next Rebel Mission
    • Reaper's Torso is available to purchase for 750 currency at Infamy Level 4 (Max Infamy)
    There are two Scythes you can obtain in this DLC:
    • Scythe of Revolt is unlocked as part of the 'Majesty in the Dark' main quest
    • The Bloodied Scythe can be found in a wealth chest in Amienois
    Now, equip all of your Reaper Armor pieces and one of your Scythes. You can keep your bow equipped, but should remove any second hand weapon to avoid any issues. Then just kill any enemy with the Scythe and all the armor pieces equipped.
    See the video below for more information.
  • Pat all the cats in Evreux (The Siege of Paris).

    There are four cats that roam the streets of Evreux. The cats are black, gray and white, orange, and white with spots. You should find the gray and white and orange cat hanging out in the market near the vantage point in Evreux. The black cat is usually found around the well near the market. The white cat with spots is often stuck in a house on the edge of Evreux with stained glass all around it. You should be able to interact with each cat and pat them; however, if they are curled up and sleeping you will need to wake them up by shooting an arrow near them.

  • Complete 10 Rebel Missions (The Siege of Paris).


Secret achievements

  • Enter the Assassin Bureau in Francia (The Siege of Paris).

    The Assassin bureau in Francia is located in Paris, but you need to find three keys to enter it. Finding the first key will unlock the side quest 'Hidden' and mark the other key locations on your map. After entering the Bureau and earning your achievement, work your way through the Bureau to find a mythical sword, Joyeuse, and complete the side quest.
    See the video below for more information.

DLC: Tombs of the Fallen

There are 2 achievements with a total of 20 points

  • Complete one Tomb of the Fallen

    The first Tomb of the Fallen, Manius' Sanctum, is an introductory tomb that kicks off this DLC content, but it isn't a quest automatically added to your log like all other DLCs. Instead, you need to manage this entire DLC manually (or with screenshots). To start this DLC, you'll need to head to the southwest "corner" of your settlement in Ravensthorpe. Hug the shoreline as you move west and you'll find a group of people at the shore (just after the docks end) with a speech bubble above them, watching animals splash around in the river. Talk to these people to start the DLC (screenshots of the location below).

    This will mark the first tomb on your map. Head across the river and to the location. Use Odin's Sight and you'll see a symbol appear on the giant rock face. You can now interact with the symbol to make the rock disappear and open the entrance to the cave/tomb. This is how all Tombs of the Fallen work: you need to hunt down the entrance, find the symbol, and interact with it to open the cave.
    This first tomb, as mentioned before, is pretty short and straightforward. It introduces you to the main mechanic of the tombs: figuring out how to get the weighted pieces (either the smaller ball you can carry or the bigger pedestal you can slide) onto the appropriate pressure plates to open the final door, granting access to the gear chest inside. Once you open up the door of this first tomb, loot the chest and you will unlock this achievement. You will also be shown a big rock map of England, which shows the locations of the three other tombs. No need to remember their locations (since they aren't marked on your map), since screenshots will be provided for them in the next achievement solution.
  • Complete three Tombs of the Fallen

    Refer to Spelunker (10G) for accessing and starting this DLC, as well as completing the first tomb. After completing it, you'll be shown (vaguely, on a rock wall) the locations of the three other tombs. Of those three other tombs, you only need to complete two of them for this achievement (since the introductory tomb counted as one of three for this achievement).
    IMPORTANT NOTE: As noted in the roadmap, each of these three tombs is marked as completed (towards this achievement) as soon as you loot the gear chest(s) at the end. However, each of these three tombs also contains a tomb fragment located at the end. These tomb fragments are not needed for either of the two achievements for this DLC, but there is a high likelihood they will be needed for future content. It is therefore highly advisable to pick them up before you fast travel to where the next tomb is, so you don't need to backtrack for future content.
    For a guide of all three tombs, where they are and how to complete the puzzles in them, refer to THIS LINK.
    The only problem I had with that guide was that it didn't show the actual entrances to the tombs, which is hard to find in most cases. In particular, Boudicca Tomb in East Anglia and Venutius Tomb in Eurvicscire. To help, here are screenshots of each.
    Boudicca Tomb

    Venutius Tomb

DLC: Dawn of Ragnarok (Store Link)

There are 9 achievements with a total of 260 points

  • Complete all territories of Svartalfheim (Dawn of Ragnarök)

    Just like with the base game, completing all territories requires you to collect all Wealth, complete all Mysteries, and collect all Artifacts. Like always, synchronizing all of the viewpoints will add all Wealth, Mysteries, and Artifacts to your map. It then just becomes a matter of heading to each point and collecting/completing it. 
    That being said, there are some things that could trip you up. With Wealth, the raids and treasure and gear are all straightforward, but the Books of Knowledge are all hidden behind puzzles. If you're struggling with any, refer to THIS LINK that has a full rundown on how to get each one. The only other Wealth you might struggle with is one up in a tree in Gullnamar. The only way to reach it is with the Power of the Raven. Nearby you can find large black birds you can kill and get the ability from. 
    For Mysteries, most are extremely simple, but there are a few that you might be scratching your head on:
    • The one with dead Bo who fell off the roof next to the grieving woman in Gullnamar requires the 'Instant Horde' upgrade for the Power of Rebirth ability on your Hugr-Rip. That upgrade revives all dead bodies around you when you use it. You'll need to use the ability three separate times on Bo to complete that event. 
    • The one with Skavi and his crow Kraka that is out on a floating rock in Svaladal requires you to upgrade the Power of the Raven ability on your Hugr-Rip so that it lasts for 50 seconds. That's the only way you'll be able to fly to that floating rock (which also unlocks "Flying Fortress" when you land on it). Fly there, kill the enemies, talk to the tied up guy, get the ember nearby (use Odin Sight), then fly back to Skavi. 
    • The altar in Gullnamar requires 5 regular pollock. Thankfully, they can be found in the river north-northwest of the altar, only 100m away. Just use Odin Sight to find fish and shoot the biggest ones with your bow to quickly get five regular pollock. 
     As for the Artifacts, they're the easiest since most are just sitting on the ground or on a table to pick up. The only exception are the Jotunheim Runes, which function similarly to the cursed symbols from the base game. The difference here is that you need to destroy 4-6 of them to finish each Artifact. Thankfully there is a simple trick, which is to use Odin Sight after destroying each one. This will show a trail coming out of the one you destroyed and leading to the next one, so you don't need to look around aimlessly for each one. Note that you may need to wait a few seconds after destroying each one for the trail to the next to appear. 
    Once all four territories are fully checked off, you'll finally unlock this achievement. 
  • Complete the Dawn of Ragnarök campaign (Dawn of Ragnarök)

    Story-related; cannot be missed. 
    Complete the three arcs across the three main territories, then head back for the final mission, 'The Reckoning,' to finish the campaign for this DLC. 
  • Kill 30 enemies with an Atgeir (Dawn of Ragnarök)

    The Atgeir is a new weapon added with this DLC, and you will receive one as a quest reward from one of the first missions in this DLC. Simply equip it and get a cumulative total of 30 kills with it. Just be aware that only "human" kills count; animal kills don't count. This can be done in Svartalfheim or any of the other maps in the game.
  • Discover all Shelters (Dawn of Ragnarök)

    Story-related; cannot be missed. 
    There are only four Shelters in this DLC (despite it seemingly like far more during the intro mission) and you'll be required to go to each one to progress the main story. Aside from the Shelter you find during the intro mission, each of the three main regions has a single Shelter, and its general location is marked on your map from the start. It's just a matter of going to that general area and then using Odin Sight to find nearby orange arrows painted on various surfaces that direct you towards the entrance to the Shelter. Once you enter the Shelter you'll get a notification that you discovered it and it becomes available for fast travel. Simply discover all four for this achievement. 
  • Teleport-Assassinate two enemies and fly away without being detected (Dawn of Ragnarök)

    This achievement requires quite a bit.
    First, you'll need two specific powers equipped: Power of Jotunheim, which lets you teleport, and Power of the Raven, which lets you turn into a raven. The former can be found on a number of different Jotnar enemies (prevalent in the southwest and central areas); the latter can be found by killing any of the giant raven enemies around the world. 
    Next, you'll need a couple upgrades. You'll need the Jotunheim Assassin upgrade for the Power of Jotunheim, which grants the ability to teleport assassinate while that power is active. You'll also need to buy the center Hugr-Rip upgrade which gives you a second Hugr bar. 
    Now, with all of that set up, you need to find a restricted area with enemies. An easy area is right east of the viewpoint in Eitri in the center. You'll want to identify two enemies who are not close to each other or not visible to each other, nor are they near any other enemies. You will also need both Hugr bars full and two full bars of adrenaline. 
    Now comes the execution, and this is important to get exactly right or the achievement won't unlock:
    1. Trigger your Power of Jotunheim
    2. Aim at the first enemy with LT and press RT when prompted to teleport assassinate. 
    3. Move toward and within view of the second enemy while you wait for your stamina bar to refill
    4. Aim at the second enemy with LT and press RT when prompted to teleport assassinate
    5. When the assassination animation is done, trigger your Power of the Raven ability to turn into a raven
    6. Fly until you are out of the restricted zone and land anywhere outside the zone, not near enemies
    7. As soon as you land this achievement should unlock, if you did everything correctly. 
    The key thing here is flying far enough away to leave the restricted area before you land. Fly even farther if you want to be safe. 

    Refer to the following video to see these steps put into action.
  • Reach a Muspelheim Monolith (Dawn of Ragnarök)

    You'll need to collect enough Silica (5) and Giant Feathers (20) to upgrade your Power of Raven's endurance. With the upgraded duration, you can reach the Muspelheim Monoliths (floating red rocks) by flying to them from viewpoints and other highpoints around the map. Each monolith will have a Ember of Muspelheim, which is used to upgrade your Hugr-Rip for Hugr Incarnate (40G).
    See the video below for more information.

Secret achievements

  • Fully upgrade the Hugr-Rip (Dawn of Ragnarök)

    This achievement requires quite a bit of work. 
    The first series of upgrades is shown to you and is relatively straightforward. There are five different powers, and you'll first need to find them all before you can upgrade them. You'll find Power of Muspelheim and Power of Rebirth regularly in the beginning of the DLC. Power of the Raven can be found on any of the large black birds around the map. Power of Jotunheim is found at many locations where you actually need to use it to solve puzzles, plus some Jotnar have it. Lastly is Power of Winter, which is found on some Jotnar, but also on a corpse right next to Kara at her arena. You can beginning upgrading each one you find it.
    For upgrading the powers, you'll need some new resources. The main resource you'll need is silica, which is only obtained from the various raids around the map. There is exactly enough silica to use for all upgrades, plus 6 more for an altar. So you'll need to complete every raid to get all the silica. For the Power of Muspelheim and Power of Rebirth, the other resources you'll need come from killing Muspel enemies. You'll be fighting and killing a huge amount throughout this DLC, so these two upgrades won't be an issue. The Power of Jotunheim and Power of Winter abilities both require resources obtained from killing Jotnar. Initially you won't have much of these, but once you get to the story arc in the southwest region (or if you just explore it to complete the territory) you'll fight many more there and definitely get enough resources to upgrade both of those powers. The fifth power, Power of the Raven, requires giant feathers to upgrade. The only source of these feathers is the giant black birds you'll come across during the DLC (both the live ones that attack you and the corpses with the Power of Raven on them to obtain). This is definitely the only resource you won't come by naturally, and as a result, I highly recommend killing every giant bird you come across in your travels, to make sure you have enough feathers and don't need to grind them out later. 
    With all the powers fully upgraded, there is one other type of upgrade needed for the Hugr-Rip. The final set of upgrades is only done with Ember. If you work on clearing your map, you may have already participated in a world event with Skavi to track down his crow Kraka on a floating rock. There, you would have obtained your first Ember as part of that world event. You will now need to fly to every single floating rock to get the single Ember on each one. There are a total of 9 floating rocks (and therefore 9 Embers). Two important notes here:
    • The only way to reach most of them is to not only upgrade the Power of the Raven to extend the duration, but also upgrade the Hugr-Rip to have a second Hugr bar. Then get to the top of the nearest high point, use the Power of the Raven, and hold boost the entire time to fly to the floating rocks. For most, you will need a second usage of the Raven power mid air. NOTE that this second usage must be done BEFORE you run out of the first usage.
    • The only way to know which ones you've collected is to zoom in on your map all the way and look at the floating rocks. If there is a yellow dot, ember is there. An X indicates you've already gotten the ember there.
    Once you've collected all 9 Embers, you can head to a blacksmith to purchase all four versatility upgrades for the Hugr-Rip. 

    In total, you'll need to acquire the following to fully upgrade your Hugr-Rip:
    • 60 Silica (from raiding Mylna locations)
    • 40 Giant Feather (from killing and looting Giant Ravens that can be found around Svartalfheim, they always drop 2)
    • 40 Living Spark (from killing and looting Muspels, especially Flame Keepers as they always drop some)
    • 40 Magma Blood (from killing and looting Muspels, especially Ash-Bringer and Brann as they always drop some)
    • 40 Jotun Seidr (from killing and looting Jotuns, especially Jotnar-Djevelen as they always drop some)
    • 40 Frozen Blood (from killing and looting Jotuns, especially Jotnar-Guld as they always drop some)
    • 9 Ember of Muspelheim (collected from the Muspelheim Monoliths mentioned in Flying Fortress (10G))
    Once you've purchased the two upgrades for all five powers and then all four versatility upgrades, you'll finally unlock this achievement. 
  • Tell Kára a Tale with at least four Boasts (Dawn of Ragnarök)

    Kara is located just northwest of the center region. Before bothering to go there, you need to unlock Boasts. These are the Heroic Sagas you will find around the four regions, and are marked as artifacts on your map. There are 12 in total, and you'll be finding them all for Over the Hills… (40G) but for this achievement you only need any four of them. 
    Once you have four, head to Kara and talk to her to start a wave based arena mode. Choose any Tale (doesn't matter which, as long as it's not Kara's selection, which doesn't let you add Boasts), preferably the lowest difficulty one. Then you'll be able to add as many Boasts as you want to your Tale. Here, the Heroic Sagas you've collected are translated into modifiers for the fights. Choose any four, but preferably four that won't make it too difficult for you. I chose ones that didn't really impact my playstyle (and as a side note, if you want until you've collected all Sagas, you'll have many more to choose from here). Now start up the fight, and for me, I chose a lowest difficultly Tale and just had to fight three short and simple waves of enemies. Once all waves are dead, you'll get to a results screen and this achievement will unlock. 

    The video below shows this information in action.
  • Purify Hreidmar's Cursed Armor (Dawn of Ragnarök)

    Hreidmar's Cursed Armor can be found in the Hodda Shelter in Vangrinn near the blacksmith area. This armor is cursed and will slowly kill you if you use it. First, you must complete the five Jotun Blight artifacts located in Svartalfheim to unlock five clarity runes, which are the Artifacts where you need to shoot the various cursed objects, similar to the cursed symbols from the base game that made you walk slow. You'll unavoidably get all five while completing all territories.. Then, socket a clarity rune to each piece of the cursed armor to negate the cursed effect and unlock this achievement.

    Two things to note:
    1. Make sure you pick a round rune slot for a regular rune, otherwise you won't see these special runes on the list. 
    2. Some people report needing to equip all pieces of the armor to unlock this. I didn't need to, but be aware in case it doesn't unlock immediately.
    If you prefer a video guide, see below.

DLC: Mastery Challenge 2

There are 1 achievements with a total of 30 points

  • Earn all Gold Medals available in Mastery Challenge

    WARNING: There is a challenge-breaking bug associated with the Trial of the Raven in Anderitum Hideout in Suthsexe. The key you need to loot from the fourth guard you encounter is only available during your first attempt at this challenge. In all subsequent attempts, he has no key, and it's therefore impossible to complete the challenge. You therefore need to make a manual save before attempting this challenge so you can reload it if/when you fail to get gold on this challenge. DO NOT rely on autosaves. Make a manual one before this challenge to fall back on.
    Firstly, this achievement actually requires you to complete all Mastery Challenges with a gold medal from the first Mastery Challenge title update as well, so refer to A True Master (30G) if you haven't done those yet.
    This title update adds a new quest that leads to three more shrine locations, with another nine challenges to complete. Each location has a melee, ranged, and stealth challenge, just like the first set of shrines. I have detailed each challenge below with the requirements to pay attention to, my own tips and strategy, and then lastly a video at the end of this solution that shows all challenges being completed with gold.
    As with the previous set of Mastery Challenges, you may want to consider removing your skill that damages enemies when you parry them. While it felt quite essential to do it for some Bear Trials in the first batch, I didn't encounter any problems in these challenges while having that skill, despite needing to parry a decent amount. It's up to you if you want to remove it. I didn't find it necessary here like I did with the first batch.

    Anderitum Hideout, Suthsexe

    Trial of the Bear
    Poison kills: Margin for error = 1 enemy. All enemies in this challenge must die from poison damage except one
    Parry: Need around 10 to complete the challenge

    As you can see from the requirements, you need to ensure virtually all enemies die from poison. While parrying has a chance to cause a poison cloud to appear, it's not very reliable. Your ability, on the other hand, automatically poisons everyone around you. The good news is that the poison and its effects on enemies seems to linger almost indefinitely, meaning once you poison enemies you could really just let them die over time. Get your parries done early, and then you can just use your ability on a group to poison them, hit them a few times each to build up more adrenaline, but then make sure to make off when their health gets low so you don't accidentally kill them. That's the main thing with this challenge - ensuring you don't accidentally kill enemies before they die from your poison. 

    Trial of the Wolf
    Weak points hit: Only need around half of the total available to complete this challenge
    Poison kills: Margin of error = 2 enemies  

    While your gear does allow you to poison enemies if you hit their weak points, this is a pretty rare effect and therefore one you can't rely on at all, unfortunately. Instead, the only reliable way to poison enemies is to parry them. Unfortunately again, unlike the Bear challenge, poison won't last long enough to kill them if they have most of their health left. My strategy for every enemy was to get their attention, parry them to poison them, then shoot their weak spot to bring them to their stunned state, and in this state they take far more damage from poison, easily allowing them to die from it. Worst case, parry them again if they get back up from being stunned. 

    This works on every enemy except two: the two crossbow enemies at the end of the challenge, because they don't do melee attacks for you to parry. Thankfully, your margin for error is two enemies on the poison kills, so as long as you kill every other enemy with poison, you don't have to worry about the archers. However, it is still quite easy to poison them. Simply stand near them so a melee enemy attacks you while near them, and your parry poison cloud should get the archer too, poisoning him. 

    Trial of the Raven
    All chests must be looted, and there are only four of them, easily spotted with Odin Sight. For this challenge you must stay nonlethal and anonymous, and there is no way to stay nonlethal and anonymous in this challenge unless you avoid interacting with enemies entirely. You'll need to sneak from bush to bush in this challenge, getting each chest when the coast is clear, looting the key from the fourth guard (see important warning above for this), getting the prisoner from the cage, then back out the way you came in. It's a simple challenge that only really requires patience. If you rush you're likely to get spotted and need to start over. 

    Saint Guthlac's Point

    Trial of the Bear
    Finish in under 2:00: Margin for error is around 10-15 seconds once you know what you're doing
    This is purely a speedrun challenge, and there's absolutely no way you'll get gold without using your Valkyrie ability to jump right to the platforms with enemies. If you use the paths and ladders, you will never succeed. This one is pretty tough to explain in words, so refer to the video below to see how this is done. 

    Trial of the Wolf
    Simultaneous kills: Margin for error = 2 enemies
    Weak points hit: Margin for error = 2 weak points

    As you can see from the margins for error, this needs to be a pretty efficient run to get gold. This challenge is entirely small groups of enemies that you fight one group at a time. My strategy was just to hit each weak point first, to ensure I got them all, then whittle down the health of each enemy until it was around 25% or less, then run away enough that it was easy to target all enemies with the ability to ensure they were all simultaneous kills. If you accidentally don't kill one, just bait him to the next group of enemies and finish him off with them. 

    Trial of the Raven
    Air Assassinations: Margin for error = 0 enemies (must air assassinate all of them)
    As you can tell from your loadout for this challenge, you'll be putting enemies to sleep, since they're often in groups, and then air assassinating them while they're asleep. Be patient and wait for enemies to group up who walk around, then put the group to sleep so you can air assassinate them without interruption. This one is tough to describe an approach in words, so refer to the video below to see this in action.
    Trial of the Bear
    Fire Damage Kills: Margin for error = 3 enemies
    You've got two ways to set people on fire in this one: parry an attack and hope that it ignites your weapon, then hit an enemy with it, or use your rt.png+button-a.png ability to ignite your weapon. Note that using this ability also sets all enemies on fire that are in front of you in your general area.
    The important thing to keep in mind here is that you don't accidentally kill all the targets before you complete the challenge for fire damage kills, because you are likely to come across all four targets before finishing the challenge. Be sure to go around looking for more enemies to kill with fire. Killing them with fire is pretty simple in this one. You can parry all the melee enemies to save adrenaline for the firebomb enemies that rarely melee attack you. Use your ability for them, to either ignite them when they're near you or to just light your weapon on fire. Like all challenges that require element damage kills, just be very careful to not accidentally kill enemies with your weapon while trying to whittle their health down so the fire kills them. Thankfully this challenge has the biggest margin for error out of all of them.
    Trial of the Wolf
    Weak Points hit: Margin for error = 2 weak points
    Headshot kills: Margin for error = 2 enemies
    As you can see from the margins, you need to be near perfect with hitting weak points and headshot kills. Thankfully, this is the most straightforward challenge of the bunch. Just shoot an enemy weak spot (after a perfect dodge to slow them down, if need be), and then finish them off with a headshot while they're stunned. The headshots should kill them in a single shot while they're stunned. That's all there is to this one.
    Trial of the Raven
    Assassinations: Margin for error = 1 enemy
    Indirect kills on targets: Margin for error = 0 targets (all four must die from indirect kills)
    For this challenge, it's important to realize that the indirect kills only apply to the targets, not the regular enemies, and that all four targets need to be killed by indirect means. Indirect means include making cargo fall on their heads, shooting an oil vase to make it explode/setting them on fire, or death by an animal attack. A booby trapped corpse would also count, but it takes around four trapped corpses to kill a single target, so that's not really practical. Two of the targets can easily be killed be dropping cargo on their heads. Wait for them to walk up the obvious huge bundles hanging in the air, then shoot the latch to drop them for an instant kill. A third target just hangs out amount some explosive vases, and once you kill the enemies on the walkway around the area, the target just stands by the vases in isolation and doesn't move. Easy enough to shoot one. The explosion will do significant damage, and then the ensuing fire damage will finish him off. The fourth target walks in a rectangular path around a rectangular building, and stops periodically to look at animal cages. If you want to use the animals to kill him, first, wait until he is on the other side of the path before you shoot the doors to release the animal, otherwise you'll immediately be detected and lose your anonymity, and second, be aware that a single animal probably won't kill him; he'll likely kill the animal first, and you'll need a second to finish him off. My preference was to wait for him and the regular enemy to split up enough, then I assassinated the enemy and put the corpse inside the rectangular building in the middle, under the cargo, and booby trapped the corpse. When the target came to investigate, then explosion also blew up the nearby vases, and did enough damage that the resulting fire damage killed him. You could also use the corpse to bait him under the cargo and shoot it, but it's hard to get a good angle on the cargo latch without risking exposing yourself.
    Of all of the normal enemies in the level, as you can see from the margin above, you need to assassinate every single one except one. Thankfully there are bushes and high points everywhere that make this pretty easy. Feel free to abuse the whistle tactic to lure enemies to the bush you're in, then finish them off. It should go without saying, but make sure you complete the Assassination challenge before finishing off the last target.
    Once you've completed all nine of those challenges, you'll get an updated objective to return to the door in East Anglia. Do so, and you'll enter a boss fight. This is quite straightforward. It takes the form of three phases, each representing one of the three types of challenges you've been playing. Here though, there is no way to fail and no medals, so just brute force your way through the enemies to get to the boss each time, then beat it by normal means (dodge/parry and counter attack).

    With the boss beaten, a new shrine is available in the corner of the room you're in, only a few steps away. The final three mastery challenges await here. They are the same areas you just went through for the boss fight, same layout and enemies and everything, except with challenges to complete for the medal this time.


    Trial of the Bear
    Melee kills: Margin for error = 3 enemies
    Parry: Only need around 7-8 total

    The melee kills are the most important thing here, because if you follow the same path you took in the boss fight, you won't encounter enough enemies to complete the challenge. What I did was, after the second encounter with the boss, instead of following the corridor, turn off to the left to see an opening with a ladder leading down. There are three enemies at the bottom. Jump down, quickly kill them, then climb up to the platform and you'll need to drag the object over to the hay spot so you can reach the ladder to climb back up. Now you're free to follow the path like normal leading to the boss, and killing all the enemies on the way will ensure you finish the melee kills challenge. Obviously you'll need to be quick to keep the boss below 100% health, but I had no problems by just spamming light attacks against all enemies.
    As for the parries, you can do them all against the boss very easily and quickly. Don't bother trying against the regular enemies. Just finish them off quick to get back to the boss.
    Trial of the Wolf
    Weak point hits: Margin for error = 2
    Headshot kills: Only need around half of the enemies to die from headshots
    Just like the boss fight, enemies will come at you one or two at a time. If you're getting swarmed, stay all the way back by the start point, against the barrier for the arena. I never had more than one or two enemies attack me at a time when I stayed back there. The other enemies just stood farther away waiting for their turn to attack.
    The hardest part (the only hard part) about this challenge is hitting the weak point on the chest of those dual axe enemies. They tuck their heads, making it really easy to accidentally headshot them and kill them before hitting their weak point. They move so fast that even trying to hit their chest after a perfect dodge with the slowdown is a challenge. Thankfully there's a really easy way to ensure you can hit their chests: tire them out. After around three or four combos against you (simply dodge them), they will tire out and just stand there panting. Go off to the side (I found around a 45 degree angle from their front to be best) and carefully line up a chest shot to ensure you hit their weak spot, then finish them off with a headshot.
    The headshots are very easy to complete here, because enemies only come at you one or two at a time, and each one can be finished off with a single headshot after stunning them with a weak point shot.
    Trial of the Raven
    Put enemies to sleep: Margin for error = 1 adrenaline bar (must put 5 enemies to sleep with six available adrenaline bars)
    The only challenge here is knowing where to find enough berries to fill up your adrenaline bars so you have enough to put five enemies to sleep. Note that it doesn't need to be five different enemies. You could put the same enemy to sleep five times and it'll complete the challenge. It'd be too hard to explain in words where the berries are, so check out the video below. Note that the boss can spawn in one of three places, and it's random, so you won't be able to follow the video to get to the boss each time necessarily, but at least you can see where the berries are from the video, and use those adrenaline bars to put enemies to sleep on whichever path you need to reach the boss.
    Once you've gotten a gold medal on all challenges (remember, including all challenges from the first Mastery Challenge update), this achievement will unlock. Below is a video showing a gold medal being achieved on all challenges from this second batch of Mastery Challenges. Full credit to the creator of the video.

DLC: The Forgotten Saga

There are 9 achievements with a total of 260 points

  • Reunite the dead within Kaldstad, Døkkerland and Nidheim (The Forgotten Saga)

    This achievement requires you to complete three secret side quests, one in each of the first three regions of this DLC. Each one requires multiple playthroughs to complete, and on top of that, the reward for completing the Kaldstad side quest is extremely helpful. Therefore, it's in your best interest to get these done as soon as possible. 

    From the first encounter in this region, of the two chains you can take, take the chain to the left. Walk around the back of where the encounter is here, and you'll be able to jump across some ice platforms and into a cave. Follow the path up and through a smashable ice wall into a room with a sword you can Invoke to start an encounter. You'll notice, when doing so, that a cutscene shows a head lying on the ground, and then you'll fight an armless and headless body. Beat it, then on two more subsequent runs, repeat the exact same process. Each time, the enemy will gain more limbs and eventually a head. After the third time of beating this enemy, the quest will complete and you'll get a permanent favor, one that revives you once per run with half your health. 

    Immediately upon starting this region after jumping down, head into the building right in front of you and talk to the NPC to start this quest. At the very end of this region, before crossing over a big bridge toward the end, there is a big obvious building off to the side with a reward marked on your compass, and when you use Odin Sight while close, you'll see many NPCs marked in green inside. Head inside and kill the ten or so enemies, and open all the cages to free all the dwarves. Then, during a subsequent run, talk to the NPC at the beginning again. You'll need to fight off a bunch of enemies, and after beating them this quest will complete. The reward is a rope granting you access to the hidden gem merchant, which is required for Crossing Dókkerland (40G).

    This quest line is the longest and most involved. First, when you get to the first set of bridges where you must choose to go left or right, go right. At the second set, again go right. At the end of this second bridge you'll meet an NPC that'll ask for your help in defeating a certain enemy. Right above him is a vertical area with a bunch of enemies. Kill them all and you'll kill the enemy in question in the process, which requires you to confirm the kill. On a subsequent run, the NPC will greet you right at the start of this region and ask you to get moonstones from the hidden merchant for him. Head back to the same area, going towards the gem merchant marked on your map. You'll likely wind up at a green glowing chest that's sealed with magic, and the merchant is around 30m below you. The entrance is found off to the side. Backtrack about 30m the way you came to get to the chest, turn toward the chest, and head off the left side of the path. If you look down, you'll be able to see some ledges below you (along with a lift to get back up). Jump down and there will be a small entrance into a cave with the merchant. Talk to him to get the moonstones, and when you exit the cave you'll automatically talk to the NPC and give him them. On another subsequent run, this time make a left at the first bridge fork. Just past the encounter on this side, you'll be able to find a small shrine of sorts with the NPC lying face down nearby, and a sword you can Invoke to start an encounter. Do so, and a werewolf will attack. You can hurt it, so instead just run to each moonstone (the things glowing extremely bright on the ground) and stand on one. The wolf will jump and get hurt from it. Move to each of the three until the werewolf is ready for you to just attack to finish off. Along the way, some regular druid enemies will spawn. Kill them off, then talk to the NPCs to finish this quest line finally. 

    Once you've completed all three quests, in any order, this achievement will unlock. 
  • Defeat Nidhogg without using an Elk Shrine (The Forgotten Saga)

    What this achievement actually requires you to do is to progress through and beat the boss at the end of the third region all without using a single elk shrine on that run. While you can't use any elk shrines on this run, you CAN buy elk antlers from the coin merchants to heal that way. Buying those will not void this achievement.

    Before attempting this achievement, there are a few things you should do to prepare to make this easier, as this can be one of the harder achievements in this DLC:
    • Complete the side quest in Kaldstad discussed in Freedom Fighter (40G) since this grants you a free revive once per run. This makes this achievement far more manageable and less stressful.
    • Consider obtaining and fully upgrading the Dwarven Defender Outfit. This outfit is located in Dokkerland. Head all the way down to the bottom of the region, keeping an eye on the mountain with lava flowing down it off to the left a bit. Once you get to the base of this mountain near the end of this region, follow the obvious path up the mountain around the lava, and you'll eventually reach a glowing chest you can't open. Head past it and up further on the mountain until you reach a stone archway. Head through it and jump down into the hay behind the chest. This allows you to open it and obtain the outfit. Now, if you collect enough Thoughts from beating bosses, you can fully upgrade it. Its fourth and fifth upgrades give you passive healing abilities that will make this achievement easier. I will mention here though that I did this achievement without using this outfit, in case you don't want to amass and spend over 50 Thoughts on fully upgrading this outfit before you attempt this achievement.
    • Consider buying the Nar Favor that reduces costs of coin merchants by 30%. This will give you more opportunities to buy health, health upgrades, weapon upgrades, and runes from coin merchants, making you more likely to succeed in this run.
    With that all done (or as much as you prefer), you're ready to start this run. Your biggest asset for success here is going to be taking advantage of the save exploit to ensure you reload in case you really mess up and take a lot of damage and/or die. Here is how the exploit works:

    The game autosaves right after you complete every encounter in this DLC, as well as right before every boss fight. What this means is that you can quit out and reload your save whenever you feel like you really screwed up, took too much damage, or even died. For example, you're having a great run and then those druid enemies in Nidheim really destroy your health with their fire attacks after you screwed up some assassinations. Rather than being stuck with the results of that fight (such as all the health you lost), you can pause and quit to the main menu, then continue your game. You'll be back to just before you started that encounter, allowing you to reattempt it again, hopefully with better results. You can use this during any encounter or boss fight to ensure things go better for you, or just that you succeed and don't die.

    There's no need to be so conservative that you're reloading your save every time you get hit. Personally, I would only allow myself a maximum of two hits per regular encounter before I'd reload. The first and second boss fights have a little more leeway since you can heal at the coin merchant right before each one, so you should be able to go into each boss fight with full health (or close enough). Then, in Nidheim, I highly recommend just avoiding almost every encounter. The druids are so overpowered that it isn't worth the stress. Only do encounters with enemies already spawned, and only if you either need the coins to buy antlers or if the reward will upgrade your weapon (first priority) or health (second priority). You should therefore be able to go into the Nidhogg fight with full health or close to it, and definitely your revive still left. This should give you plenty of margin for error during this boss fight. As soon as you beat the dragon, you'll unlock this achievement.

    Those are really the main tips unique for this achievement. I also recommend reading through my tips in The Queen's Fall (20G), as they all apply to this run as well.
  • Knock 10 enemies off of ledges using the Kick of Tyr Ability (The Forgotten Saga)

    This achievement is cumulative across all runs of the DLC.

    The Kick of Tyr, like all abilities in this mode, is obtained randomly during runs. You might start a run with it, might find it from an encounter during a run, or might not see it at all during a run. Once you do find it (you assuredly will during one of your multiple runs required for all achievements), you should make it a point to go for this achievement immediately. However, enemies in the third region, Nidheim, are extremely strong and tough to progress this achievement on, and the fourth section has barely any opportunities for this achievement. So, if you find this ability late in a playthrough, consider spending the 75 Memories with Nar in Odin's Camp to take this ability with you on your next run. The enemies in Kaldstad and Dokkerland are far weaker, and they are almost always on platforms that they can be kicked off of.

    What is strictly required for this achievement is that the enemy is kicked off an edge and that they die from the fall damage. If the kick kills the enemy first, or they hit a wall and die before their body plummets, it won't count. Thankfully, pretty much every enemy in the first two areas will die pretty easily from fall damage. It then just becomes a matter of managing your adrenaline bar(s) so you can use the ability. An assassination kill will fill an adrenaline bar, so use that to your advantage to get one or two kills towards this achievement in each encounter, and you should easily be able to unlock it in a single run. If not, you should earn plenty of Memories in a run to pay for the Favor from Nar to take Kick of Tyr with you again, so you don't have to worry about finding it again.
  • Find Hel's Majordomo (The Forgotten Saga)

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Around halfway through the fourth region of this DLC, you will encounter a merchant automatically. Upon speaking to him, this achievement will unlock.
  • Buy all of Nar's Favors at least once (The Forgotten Saga)

    Nar unlocks in Odin's Camp after your first run and after buying some skills from the skill tree (I personally bought around eight or so after my first run, and then the shop for Nar unlocked on my way through camp to start a new run).

    This achievement is cumulative across all runs. In other words, you don't need to buy all Favors at once. Instead, you need to buy each one at least once at some point during your time playing. I recommend buying the majority of them for your run when you attempt "Sacrificial Victory," so check that achievement solution out and you'll make the majority of progress there. Then, after that run is complete, you should have enough Memories and Thoughts to buy whatever you have left to purchase.

    There are eight Favors to purchase for this achievement, six of which require Memories and two of which require Thoughts. Memories will come from completing encounters, side quests, killing bosses, and as rewards when specifically marked on your map. You'll get plenty of Memories just by playing. Thoughts are only awarded for beating the bosses, so they take a bit longer to amass, but after a couple runs, the first two bosses shouldn't be too difficult to routinely beat to get their Thoughts, so you can farm them there if absolutely need be, but you'll get enough Thoughts from playing naturally, as long as you don't waste them on Outfit upgrades that you'll never use.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to track which Favors you've purchased and which you haven't, so make a mental note of which ones you have yet to purchase. Or, just purchase them all at once so you don't have to worry about it. 
  • Defeat Hel, ruler of Niflheim (The Forgotten Saga)

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This achievement unlocks upon beating Hel at the end of this DLC. The DLC consists of four regions, each with a specific boss at the end, and you'll need to beat them all in a single run to complete the DLC and unlock this achievement.

    As noted in the Roadmap, like all roguelite games, the difficulty is highest at the beginning of your time with this content, and only gets easier as you play more. So before you fret about trying to beat all four areas, and getting frustrated that it's tougher than the base game or other content, you'll definitely want to put some time in to expand your skill tree by spending Memories, and get some new/upgraded Outfits to help. The only real randomized part of this DLC are what the rewards are for each encounter in each region. Aside from that, most things stay the same run after run, specifically the layout of the regions (your map actually stays uncovered permanently), the boss fights and attack patterns, enemy and encounter locations, etc. As a result, it's possible to provide some tips and guidance that will work in all runs, since there is actually minimal variability.

    First off, and most important, is the existence of an exploit you can use to save you if you really mess up a bad run. The game autosaves right after you complete every encounter in this DLC, as well as right before every boss fight. What this means is that you can quit out and reload your save whenever you feel like you really screwed up, took too much damage, or even died. For example, you're having a great run and then those druid enemies in Nidheim really destroy your health with their fire attacks after you screwed up some assassinations. Rather than being stuck with the results of that fight (such as all the health you lost), you can pause and quit to the main menu, then continue your game. You'll be back to just before you started that encounter, allowing you to reattempt it again, hopefully with better results. You can use this during any encounter or boss fight to ensure things go better for you, or just that you succeed and don't die.

    With that important exploit out of the way, here are some general tips and guidance that will help you be successful:
    • Your early runs should be focused entirely on collecting as many Memories as possible. Memories are used to expand your skill tree, which is the most critical thing to do to make this DLC easier.
    • Speaking of skill tree, while you can obviously cater your unlocks to your playstyle, you will unavoidably be in conflict during many encounters and all boss fights. I therefore highly, highly recommend that you buy skills "up" and off to the left. Going straight up and also left gets you health upgrades (very important), melee damage upgrades (extremely important), and melee resistance upgrades (critical). Also at the top of the skill tree is, in my opinion, the most important skill in the game: the skill that slows down time when you dodge just before an enemy hits you. This skill should be your top priority, so make a beeline up to it right away. Then, work on all of the health upgrades, melee damage upgrades, and melee resistance upgrades, with next priority being the critical hit and damage upgrades and ranged resistance upgrades. These will all make marked improvements in your survivability.
    • Regarding the encounters and the available rewards, this will again depend a bit on playstyle (for example, I never use abilities, so I never prioritized encounters with abilities or ability upgrades), but my recommendation is that your top priorities should be health upgrade and weapon upgrades. I found that getting my melee weapon fully upgraded was a game changer. Enemies and bosses died so much quicker. Health upgrades are equally important since they drastically improve survivability. Next priority after those should be rune rewards, since you can get some really good runes during your run. Those prioritizations will only apply to Kaldstad and Nidheim though, since those two regions are the only ones where you need to make a choice and only get some encounters. In Dokkerland, on the other hand, you're free to go after every encounter since there are no branching paths. If you're confident in your abilities (and using the save exploit mentioned above as a backup), you should absolutely clear each encounter. For the ability and ability upgrade ones, since I didn't use abilities at all, there's no point in picking abilities just to have them. Same with the encounters that reward a new weapon. For all three of these encounters, I would choose the coins as a reward instead. Coins are extremely useful in the shop. More on that below.
    • One more thing on encounters: the encounters where the enemies are already spawned are far easier than ones where you need to invoke them from a sword. If the enemies are there, you can stealthily take them out and the risk of taking damage is very low. For invoked encounters, you'll be thrown into combat with multiple enemies all at once. These are risky in terms of taking damage and losing crucial health. However, with a bit of skills and upgrades, these encounters in Kaldstad and Dokkerland should pose little threat and can likely be tackled without much risk. Nidheim is another story entirely. I highly recommend avoiding any of the invoked encounters in Nidheim unless the reward is something absolutely necessary (like your final weapon upgrade, for example), because the group of druids are extremely powerful, and can very quickly and easily overwhelm you with fire attacks, draining your health. If you maximize encounters in Kaldstad and Dokkerland, and use coins to buy stuff from the merchant at the end of each region, you should be able to run past almost every encounter in Nidheim, only doing ones where enemies are already spawned and only if the reward is worth it.
    • At the end of each of the first three areas, and halfway through the four area, is a merchant where you can spend coins. Your absolute top priority in these shops should be to buy a weapon upgrade to continue working towards a max level melee weapon. If you desperately need health, that should be next priority. After that, check through the runes and buy whichever ones apply to your build. Things might seem pretty expensive, but if you take my advice above with encounters and choose the coin reward often instead of accepting something you'll never use, you'll be swimming in coins (I was often entering the shop with 1000-2000 coins on hand).
    • Make it a priority to finish at least the Kaldstad side quest (discussed in Freedom Fighter (40G)) before worrying about beating the DLC. This side quest rewards you with the ability to revive once per run with half of your health left. This is extremely helpful since it effectively gives you 50% more health during every run.
    • Lastly is weapon selection. I personally went with something fast rather than something slow and strong, such as two handed weapons. Most bosses move around pretty rapidly, and if your attack is slow, you're going to end up missing very often. The faster your attacks, the more effective you'll be. In particular, the first boss jumps around a lot, and the second and fourth bosses also move pretty frequently. I personally had great success with a flail that increased speed with each successive hit. I was killing any enemy in a single combo, and really wrecking havoc on bosses with a fully upgraded flail. Use whichever weapon you prefer, but I highly recommend prioritizing attack speed to help with bosses. 
    Those are all of the tips I can offer, as the rest will come down to skill. However, thanks to that save game exploit, you'll actually have the ability to attempt each encounter or boss fight over and over, getting needed practice to improve your tactics and learn when to dodge to avoid damage. Keep at it, constantly growing your skill tree, and you'll see the game become progressively easier and less intimidating. Once you finally succeed and beat Hel, you'll unlock this achievement.
  • Return to Odin's Camp for the first time (The Forgotten Saga)

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This achievement will unlock upon dying for the first time. Alternatively, if you're a god and beat the DLC on your first attempt somehow, this achievement will still unlock then since you'll return to the Camp after succeeding too.

Secret achievements

  • Defeat Hel with the Draugr's Toll Outfit equipped (The Forgotten Saga)

    The first piece of this achievement is actually unlocking the Draugr's Toll Outfit. This is unlocked automatically during the Dokkerland side quest required for Freedom Fighter (40G), so make it a point to complete that side quest during one of your first runs so you have this Outfit available. Note that this outfit, along with its benefits, carries a disadvantage in that it reduces all healing effects by 50%. This mean elk shrines and elk antlers from vendors only heal you half as much as they normally do. That is what makes this achievement more of a challenge than the others.

    With the outfit available, there is some preparatory work I recommend doing before starting the run where you attempt this achievement. First, ideally, it would be a good idea to earn enough Thoughts from beating bosses in previous runs such that you can fully upgrade the Draugr outfit. This will greatly improve its armor and make it so you take much less damage during your run, helping offset the reduced healing. Secondly, amass enough Memories (should only take one run to do so) that you can buy a number of Nar's Favors before this run. Namely, you'll absolutely want to purchase the Favors that increase the number of elk shrines and mark them all on your map. I also recommend purchasing the Favor to reduce merchant costs by 30%, so you can buy more health, runes, and weapon/health upgrades from merchants. If you had a good weapon in the previous run, you can also buy that Favor to use it again this run. Just know that you only get the base version of the weapon even if you had it fully upgraded in your last run, so you'll need to upgrade it all over again. Lastly, from a preparatory perspective, complete the side quest in Kaldstad discussed in Freedom Fighter (40G) if you haven't already, since this grants you a free revive in each run. This is critical to success.

    With that all done, you're ready to start this run. Your biggest asset for success here is going to be taking advantage of the save exploit to ensure you reload in case you really mess up and take a lot of damage and/or die. Here is how the exploit works:

    The game autosaves right after you complete every encounter in this DLC, as well as right before every boss fight. What this means is that you can quit out and reload your save whenever you feel like you really screwed up, took too much damage, or even died. For example, you're having a great run and then those druid enemies in Nidheim really destroy your health with their fire attacks after you screwed up some assassinations. Rather than being stuck with the results of that fight (such as all the health you lost), you can pause and quit to the main menu, then continue your game. You'll be back to just before you started that encounter, allowing you to reattempt it again, hopefully with better results. You can use this during any encounter or boss fight to ensure things go better for you, or just that you succeed and don't die.

    There's no need to be so conservative that you're reloading your save every time you get hit. Personally, I would only allow myself a maximum of two hits per regular encounter before I'd reload. The first and second boss fights have a little more leeway since there is a guaranteed elk shrine to heal after each one. The third boss fight, the dragon, is the roughest one. Not only is it really easy to take a ton of damage, but there aren't any elk shrines throughout the fourth area, so you won't be able to heal much. My recommendation is just to ensure you don't die and use your revive during this fight. As long as you survive it, there is a guaranteed elk shrine right at the start of the fourth area, and then a coin merchant halfway through the fourth area where you can buy some health too. That way, you should be able to go into the Hel fight with at least half health, plus your revive with another half health.

    Those are really the main tips unique for this achievement. I also recommend reading through my tips in The Queen's Fall (20G), as they all apply to this run as well.
  • Complete all encounters in Dókkerland (The Forgotten Saga)

    This achievement is cumulative over all runs of this DLC.

    Dokkerland is the second region of this DLC, and this achievement requires you to complete all encounters available in it. As noted above, this is cumulative, and you don't need to complete all encounters in a single run. However, it is entirely possible to do it in a single run, and even recommended, since there's no way to track which encounters you have an haven't completed yet.

    Dokkerland is the most straightforward of the regions, because you don't have a split where you need to choose which direction to go. Instead, each section has two or three encounters to choose from. You'll need to complete them all eventually, to unlock this achievement, but after a few runs of getting skills and a new outfit, you should be well equipped to take care of all encounters in a single run just for ease of tracking.

    One important thing to add here is that the side quest in this region, described in Freedom Fighter (40G), gets you access to the building with the hidden merchant. The enemies in this building count as an encounter towards this achievement (but there is no need to actually get to and talk to the merchant). So you'll need to complete that side quest to gain access to an encounter for this achievement. 

DLC: Tombs of the Fallen, Part 2: Buried Knowledge

There are 1 achievements with a total of 30 points

  • Complete all Tombs of the Fallen

    This title update adds two tombs in addition to the three from the first title update. As with the previous tombs, there's no way to have them marked on your map. To help, I've taken a bunch of screenshots of the locations to help you get to them quickly and easily. Since I only included two tombs in the previous guide, the remaining three entrances are shown in images below.
    Cassivellaunus Tomb
    Verica's Tomb

    Togodomnus's Tomb

    Each tomb involves a series of puzzles and some platforming, just like with the original tombs. They relatively simple even without a guide, but if you'd like to see how they're completed, refer to THIS GUIDE.
    IMPORTANT: As I mentioned in the first title update's guide and roadmap, you should have collected the optional tomb fragment hidden at the end of each tomb. If you didn't do so, you'll need to return to the tombs you've already completed and grab it at the end of each one. Thankfully, assuming you broke the bar off the locked door at the end of each tomb, you can take that shortcut back to the end of each one to get the artifact quickly, without having to go through each tomb again. With the new tombs, be sure to grab the tomb fragment at the end of each as well.
    With all five tomb fragments collected from the five main tombs, return to Manius's Sanctum, located directly south across the river from Ravensthorpe (it should be marked on your map from the first title update). Head through past the pressure plate and down the zip line to start a cutscene to open up the final tomb - Eden Ring Station. Head down and into the tomb for a decently long series of reflected light puzzles. If you need any help with this tomb, refer to the above guide. Once you finally get to the center and remove the item there, after a brief cutscene this achievement will finally unlock.

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