Keeper of the Creed Achievement

  • Keeper of the Creed



    Find All Flags in Masyaf.


    There are 20 flags to find in Masyaf.


    • 20 - Masyaf

    Masyaf city MAP:

  • For a map showing the locations of all of the flags/templars, visit the following site: It also has a checklist for each section so you can see which ones you have already gotten Happy Hunting!
  • hate finding these damn flags take too long
  • ok i was actually looking for some that were available in memory block 3 not 2 D: D:
  • only 20 is easy... but around 416 flags AND 60 templars is a little bid more annoying
  • Can I collect all of these flags at the start of a new game? I'm playin' through for the first time and wanted to know if I could quickly wrap this achievement up or if I will be unable to reach them all until later. If the case is that 1 or 2 can't be gotten until later I'd rather pick them all up together for convenience sake. Thanks in advance. Mike.
  • the easy one of all the flag achievements
  • Flag achievements suck, this One isn't too bad though with only twenty to get.
  • Ive been collecting the flags in masyaf but its not counting them. i think my game is glitching.
  • glitched!!!!
  • I'm totally missing a flag (#6 on the interactive map linked above). I'm at the point and there's no flag and it's not like I can come back to this point later in the game. Do the flags not show up again if captured on a previous playthrough or if not actively connected to Xbox live or something?
  • Damn these achievements are annoying. theres so many
  • @#5 Kara San You wont be able to get all of them until you can get into the back courtyard area in memory block 3. You'll only be able to get 18/20 before that
  • With no #10 having the same problem
  • flag #6 is not in the spot it says it is you have to go past the first beam then right befor the second off to the left when your standing in front of it is a ledge that is hidden from view, you wont die when you go to the egde bur that is where flag #6 is
  • i got 18 but is only saying 16. why do games have so many glitches. IDIOTS!!!! grrrr :(
  • Is flag #6 only available during the attack on Masyaf? I can't go back to that part in the Animus and I can't seem to get back to that part of the map.
  • @ 16, Flag #6 is available after the mission. You can simply walk back up the same tower ladders and perform another leap of faith down to the beams.
  • This is the only flag achievement I have lol :(
  • Ubisoft must of fixed this in the update, because last time I played flags that had already found on a previous playthrough wasn't showing up but are now :-) Thanks to no 18 aswell didn't realise you could go back for Flag 6
  • This achievement is easy if you use thegamestorys tutorials
  • is it me or is not working anymore?
  • flag number six is not there ive restarted the game multiple times an tried going back to it in memory block 1 (only one it lets me reach that point on) anyone have any advice ?
  • The guide on IGN was most helpful in getting this achievement.
  • This was the easiest of the flag achievements to accomplish.
  • The website is working without any issues for me.
  • At #25, bolt5556, the website won't show up for me because the internet says it is no longer a safe website. I checked it and it had two pop-up that wouldn't let me into the website past the main page.
  • When i did this i thought everywhere would only have about 20 >< no such luck
  • This achievement is glitched. I know for a fact that I got 20 flags but the game is only showing that I have 19/20. I've gone to each spot three times and there are no more flags.
  • For any who are stuck with flag #6, it does not appear until after you find the traitor in memory block 2.
  • Find a map online with the locations... It's a pain when you already collected majority of the maps though, but still it helps. Just keep checking
  • Even doing this achievement was boring... Finding all flags would be quite frustrating....
  • fuck, #17 isn't there.. I have 17/20, and 2 of missing are currently blocked in the Assassin's garden.. I KNOW THE #17 WASN'T THERE WHEN I 1ST GO THERE.. what now? ;////// crap.
  • These are so troublesome, and this is only 20 flags for this achievement!
  • easy one for flags
  • Thanks #1 I will use this to get all the flag achievements. :)

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