Keeper of the Four Gospels Achievement

  • Keeper of the Four Gospels



    Find All Flags in Jerusalem.


    There are a total of 100 flags/crosses to find in Jerusalem.


    • 34 - Poor
    • 33 - Middle
    • 33 - Rich

    Poor district MAP:

    Middle district MAP:

    Rich district MAP:

  • For a map showing the locations of all of the flags/templars, visit the following site: It also has a checklist for each section so you can see which ones you have already gotten Happy Hunting!
  • 99/100... fml
  • i got 99/100 and I lost my mind so you have to restart
  • I used the checklist linked in the first comment and still only got 99/100...i was very careful when checking flags off. Hate it when a game has this many collectibles.
  • ok so i've got all flags except the ones in the middle district because it is locked and i've gone to all high points and can't unlock it. any suggestions?
  • Just went through all three maps twice, and I'm still 98/100...fuck this bullshit.
  • There's a glitch which means one flag in one of the districts won't appear, if it doesn't you just have to start a new game if you really want the achievement. But then again, you might get the same glitch.
  • FML, I hate this achievement! >.
  • MelBayBeeXx: Wich flag is glitched, or is it different ones for each game/player?
  • To get to the different districts in the cities you have to get further along . But yeah 98/100 , biggest ain in the ass ever because you have to restart the whole game in order to re-try witht eh flags .D:
  • I found a flag that WASN'T on the map which was linked on this achievement. It was in the rich district and was on a "viewpoint" building. If you look on the map it is in the upper middle section (the biggest building in that area). it was just on the middle of the roof before you start climbing where the view point. Hope that helps some people out! I got luck I found it but makes me unsure of using this maps now...
  • From the online map, flag No. 14 is missing from the poor district in Jerusalem. Wasn't there when I looked and doubled checked all the other flags. Damn glitch.
  • There's also some awesome videos from ianxofour on YouTube for each district (I'd give a link but I used my android to watch the videos) I think I'm going to change my "pain in the ass" achievement to this one o.o
  • I agree these flag achievements are absolutely a pain in the rear!!!!
  • Yeah guys, I got ALL the achievements in this game and this had to be one of the hardest, most annoying chievos of all. The contenders for the hardest chievos in this game would have to be - Keeper of the four gospels, keeper of the crescent, Hero of Maysaf (just kidding) conversionalist (if you missed one and are forced to start again) and personal vendetta.
  • this glitched on me. it was counting up perfectly fine untill i reached the last one when it took the flag but didnt recognize that i took it. now its gone and i have to restart to get it =/. "i did check every other flag location to make sure i didnt miss one"
  • is it me or is not working anymore?
  • my flags disappeared so i cant get this. I done the update so hopefully they might re-appear
  • Last flag cheevo i need. Then I have to restart the whole game to hunt down templars because I accidently killed about ten of them doing these cheevios. They take alot of fall damage.
  • Ffffffffff 99/100! T.T Also, this is a fantastic site for the flags not that other one posted earlier on:
  • @Vyper987 Yes, the site is still up, but visiting it now will give your computer very bad viruses. (I know -_-) And I'm like everyone else. 99/100..... FUUUUU!!!!!!!!
  • Found all 100 maps. Used the JPGs provided in the guide as a checklist, and used the link in post #1 as a back-up reference. I was at 99/100 and was just about to give up when I read Trimk's comment about 'a flag not on the map'. He's right,'s not on the JPGs, but it's on the AC Maps website #10 in the Rich district.
  • Man, I went to get the top right flag in the poor district and I should've had 37, but I had 36, is there anyway to go back at all? or to fix that? This is my 2nd play through for flags and Lucy, I don't want a 3rd just for this achievement
  • #12 "From the online map, flag No. 14 is missing from the poor district in Jerusalem. Wasn't there when I looked and doubled checked all the other flags. Damn glitch." I found No. 14 in the poor district in Jerusalem. If you go back to the spot were it should be look at the building behind you and its on top of the roof. The roof tops look the same. This was the last flag I needed for Jerusalem. Hope this helps. Now tring to find the LAST FLAG on the Kingdom and Ill have it 100% completed.
  • Guys, there are two flags missing on the rich district map, however if you just type it into google then it should pop up on the images. The link below is the one I used to get them.
  • How do you gain access to the middle district
  • 99/100..... Bullshit Can anybody remind me how far into the game i have to play again before Jerusalem becomes available because im gonna have to start the game again and wanna know how much i have to play to get back to it?
  • I ve collected 35 flags (rich district), 32 flags (poor district). Hope to find the 33 flags left middle district. Follow both and maps.
  • I hate this achievement
  • i have a fucking 9hours trying to find the 33rd flag in the poor district of damascus. this is as bad as fucking gtaIV but at least i found all of them. been thru every number 4 tims but there is no 33rd flag. i refuseto play this gain for shitty flags. this game is beginning to reach its playability threshold after 1st playthru of a qtr of the gam,e and 2 nd playthru on the first assasination. ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I WILL BE PLAYING AN Y OTHER ac GAME. NO WAY. THIS IS NOT FUN. THIS IS JUST WORK. I WANT TO ENJOY A FUCKING GAME, NOT HAVE EATING UP MY LIFE WITH POINTLESS SEARCHES. THIS IS JUST LAZY DEVELOPERS TRYIGN TO SCREW AS MUCH SO-CALLED 'GAMEPLAY' OUT OF A GAME JUST SO THEY CAN SAY "HEY, LOOK! IT LASTS MORE THAN 6 HOURS". YEH, COS IT FUCKING IS SPENT SEARCHING THRU FUCKING ROO
  • #25 you are right, m8. i counted them. there ARE only 31 flags on rich. i'm at 98/100 cos of the 2 that the git on youtube didn't show either after me watching his vid for about 2 hours. somehow i found 34 flags in MIDDLE, 33 in POOR, 31 in RICH. i HATE this flag shite
  • ok, guys, i hope this helps. the 2 flags i DID NOT FIND BUT after 12 hours of searching the RICH district which seemed to have 2 short flags in it.. i found them in the rafters INSIDE the northwestern church w the guards at the entrance. use the scholars to get in and silent stab a inside guard[distract] to get the doorguards out the way [bit like when i'm tryin to get into a club i'm banned from!he he]. from the alt. map they are numbered 13 & 2 but the flags not on the unnumbered map are 10 & 18 [which i already had]. i found flag 13 purely by accident as i was searching every map i had. this has to be the most annoying cheev in history. hope this helps. i also hope YOU don't have to spend 20 hours in toto trying to find the last 2 flags cos i wouldn't put my worst enemy thru t
  • Toooo many flags :/
  • I thought I was the only one who couldn't find that last flag
  • FINALLY GOT IT!! followed this . Be sure that you got the flag before you check it. i went over whole kingdom three times before i got it.
  • 99/100...greaaaat. Guess who has to check EVERY SINGLE SPOT all over again?!
  • My recommendation is have a map open in paint on a computer or laptop, and each time you find a flag, color the dot with a brush tool, but only enough so that you still know its location. Find all the flags, save the map. If you have already found a few, search the locations again, but mark it with another color, in case you miss it. This way, you don't have to check every location again.
  • For some reason two flags are missing from this map for the rich district. I found one on my own and the other thanks to #11. The one I found is on the edge of map in the south on the building to the right of the scholars.
  • FINALLY after hours and hours I got this achievement using the site. My strategy was to go less off of the numbered dot's locations on the map and use the pictures provided for each one to recreate on my screen and make ABSOLUTELY SURE that I wasn't looking in the wrong place. A couple of them can be tricky with really similar looking areas right next to the true flag location. I went through this while extra paranoid that my game was going to glitch out on me like it did with the kingdom flags :( so freakin relieved when that achievement popped.
  • Actually I was wrong it isn't the one at the south border as that one is part of the poor district even though it let me pick it up before unlocking that area. The other one that is missing is a little north east of the assassins bureau. While standing on the bureau's roof go north and up the ladder onto higher roof, stop and look across the little courtyard and you should see it on top of a wooden ledge on edge of building across. Take left or right path across buildings to reach it. P.s why has nobody updated the maps? or cant anyone be arsed anymore!! This one takes the piss the most with it blatently missing two n letting you pick one up when your not even in the district.
  • Nice, you guys have maps, this will make is alot easier!
  • after having to restart the game a few times because of picking up flags then a random templar dieing and it not counting i finally get about everything but this one and im in the poor district i walk up to a flag pick it up and nothing the screen doesn't even flash.... freaking ubisoft if u can,t design shit well why put collectables in your games?
  • days of my life gone because different flags glitch out each time i have the worst luck.... which wouldn't matter if they didn't put collectibles in a game that can not handle it did they even test it seems like they didn't.
  • Playing this on my xbox 1 and doing the poor district, i was on track until the last 2 flags ( I did 33 - 10 then 1-6 and 9-7 because of other things i had to do) #7 wasnt there and and when I checked the progress it only showed 31 collected on my second run through. FML anybody else have XB1 experiences with this game?

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