Keeper of the Crescent Achievement

  • Keeper of the Crescent



    Find All Flags in Damascus.


    There are a total of 100 flags to find in Damascus.


    • 33 - Poor
    • 34 - Middle
    • 33 - Rich

    Poor district MAP:

    Middle district MAP:

    Rich district MAP:

  • For a map showing the locations of all of the flags/templars, visit the following site: It also has a checklist for each section so you can see which ones you have already gotten Happy Hunting!
  • Thanks for the site! The map on this achievement in particular is awful at times.
  • Always double (maybe triple) check that you are marking the right one. I thought that I had gotten them all (from the check-list on the site), was missing 2, and had to go check all 100 over again.
  • has anyone found that flag number 12 (referring to assassinscreed-maps) is not there?!? if so, any ideas how to fix it? thanks!
  • sorry! #12 in the poor district, my bad =)
  • Hey I recently tried to get this achievement using the maps mentioned in #1 however i ended up with 99/100. after a frustrating hour or so I noticed a flag not shown in the middle district area that i noticed in the assassination cutscene. for reference compared with the map its right where the crosshair is shown on the map.
  • Missing one. >.>
  • Missing 2 AUGH
  • if i m gonna do this without starting over which memory should i access so i can go to any location in the game?
  • I've been through this twice now (thrice if you include the main story) and still can't find one. So annoying. @9: If you're still wondering, I went back in at Block 7: Jerusalem - you have all your skills and weapons at that point.
  • *should be block 6, not 7
  • Woohoo!, I found the one I missed! #2 in middle district. I don't know why I missed it the first time though :/
  • @#6 I did exactly the same thing went back & checked every flag in the middle district & that was the last one I checked no 13
  • Is it best to go back and get all the flags once you have completed assassins creed first?
  • yes, and it seems that isnt working anymore?
  • So I'm not really a "blame the glitch" type gamer but this one is bothering me. All the rest were fine, no real issues (the hospitalier flag one gave me the cheevo but still said 31/33 flags). I completed all of the spots on the map and noted the ones I missed. 12 and 17 in the middle district and 9, 10, and 22 in the rich. Four of these I got previously and one I'm still missing. Has anybody else had any issue with these flags or know how they differ from the map link posted above?
  • Got a few on the regular gameplay. Went back the maps and am missing two. Luckily I wrote down which ones I couldn't find went I went and replayed the memory solely for the purpose of finding flags. Time to go back and use that list to find the two I'm missing. Wish me luck!!!!!
  • Brutally mindless. Good thing for maps. I completed it and when I thought I had a glitch in my search it was just me accidentally crossing off a wrong flag. BE CAREFUL.
  • too many fucking flags, if it werent for the link in comment 1 i wouldnt have completed this game entirely. ida been like screw that
  • Can't find #16 in the rich district. It's not on top of the pillar.....Why does god hate me?
  • found all of it and did not have to star the game over. remember that alot of the places look alike so try to match the picture to what you are looking at on the assassins creed map site. a few times on this runs i mistaked a few spots but when i looked closly at the pic u can see things like rocks buildings those things help u know if u in the right spot. good luck
  • this is trying me insane i was super thorough with the checklist, comparing my in game picture to the map picture every single time yet somehow i only have 99/100, frustrating as f%#@!!!
  • finished yeee
  • If it helps anyone; I was sure I had all the flags from the website, and yet, I was missing two. Turns out they were #15 and #29. Dunno how I missed them. :/
  • How do you gain access to the middle district please?
  • @25 You get into middle district during memory block 5.
  • Stupid flag, I have 1 out of 100!!!!!
  • The one in the boat in the north west corner of the poor district is annoying as hell to get, I lost track of how many times I fell in the water.
  • Can't remember if it's here or Jerusalem, but I have all but 3 flags, and did this with a guide. I feel so inept lol
  • one flag glitched and now I have to restart the whole game!! so annoying!
  • 1 flag Remaining 99/100 !!
  • Outstanding guide. Sucky achievement, time consuming.
  • For those of you using the full map for this without the numbers instead of the one mentioned i found that number 9 was missing.
  • F$#K I Missed one Somehow it glitched Out? i got 101 kingdom flags ??? wtf? a extra flag???
  • Finally got em all. 100% completed :)

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