Absolute Symbiosis Achievement

  • Absolute Symbiosis



    Have a complete Synchronization bar.

    Sychronization increases as you:

    • Rescue citizens
    • Visit View Points
    • Get ranks reinstated by Al Mualim after you've completed assassinations.

    If you complete everything as you go along, this should unlock around your 8th assassination.

  • When I got this achievement it just popped up when I exited. So if anyone can tell me if that was a glitch or if it was supposed to happen. Thanks.
  • If you pickpocket the doctor that is holding you you will get a pen or something like that and if you press start and quit, you get it. You could alternatively do alot of side missons to get as many dna block things as possable.
  • I think you get it when your sync bar is full and you quit but I'm not sure, I just got one day while playin
  • I just got this and this is the only thing I could come up with. At the beginning of the 5th memory block, you can pickpocket the doctor and steal the pen. Once you've done that, you play normally, completing side missions and storry missions until your sync bar is filled (not the one that determines health, but the one that determines progress. It's located on your pause menu, just under the words "Memory Paused.")
  • As one plays, just constantly do all the side-quests and all the high towers so you can fill the 15 segment bar for one health bar overall. Doing this until the fifth memory block should provide you with this achievement.
  • thanks for the tip
  • didnt work for me - glitched
  • or you just did it wrong #7 cuz they pretty much fixed all glitches
  • Mine just popped on the fifth block, on exit. Definitely weird.
  • I got the same thing. I pickpocketed the doctor after the 4th block and didn't get it. I had a chance to do it again after the 5th memory block and it popped right up.
  • Well, I don't know what game you guys are playing, but mine popped when I had filled the twenty slots in the sync bar top left of the game's HUD… Nothing to do with pausing, quitting or stealing pens. Just playing through the game as it says on the tin :-)
  • If you do all side missions and collect all viewpoints (including in them kingdom area) I got this during memory block 5, since I had done everything else
  • Link
  • The name of this achievement is retarded, because symbiosis is when two different species can live together. An example is The fish that lives on sharks, it gets a meal while the shark stays clean
  • Assassins and Templars maybe #14?
  • I got this at the beginning of Memory Block 5 for some reason. I have done every side quest possible up to this point though. So that could have something to do with it.
  • easy
  • i got the sane result as themetzmeier, i only had 16 units of my sinc bar and when i quit i unlocked it...dunno this game is the best for well monitord achivments......if it glitches out and i dont get the one for always talking to lucy i might just kill my self LOL
  • I got this after exiting the game during memory block 4 between the second and third assassinations. Strange...
  • I got this very early as well, after the fourth block. Was a nice surprise though!
  • Got this already at 5 block :)
  • yep-got it at end during block 5-i had done all missions and views etc plus just b4 memory 5 started i found a pass code in my room,dont think that had much to do with it but as i quit out to go off the xbox this popped-up.....sweet!If only 'seriously 3.0' would do the same.
  • Actually it is memory block 4 i'm in the middle of not 5 as i said in my last post.
  • Here's what I can confirm (mild spoilers by necessity). Between memory blocks 4 and 5, I was back in the modern day with Desmond. This is the scene where Vidic and Lucy get cell phone calls and leave Desmond all alone. At this point in the game I had done the following: the first six assassinations, stealthily and with a full life bar; ALL investigations; ALL "Save the Citizen" missions; ALL viewpoints; retrieved Lucy's password-pen from the closet and viewed all of her email; and pick-pocketed Vidic's pen and viewed all of his email. When I woke up in the morning - with Vidic and Lucy back and waiting for me to go into the Animus and start memory block 5 - I decided to exit the game from the start menu, returning to the title screen of the game. The achievement popped right at that moment
  • (CONTINUED FROM ABOVE POST) I had tried exiting at various other times before this, but it never popped. So yes, this is an odd little achievement indeed. Doing less may get you it as well, and perhaps at a later point in the game, but doing the above will definitely work. WARNING: If you exit the game during a Desmond sequence, before you begin the new memory block, you'll have to restart from the beginning of the entire Desmond sequence (that's the last time the game saves).
  • I got this upon exiting memory block 4, between the first and second assassination. I had taken the doctor's pen before starting memory block 4. It quite surprised me when it popped.
  • I just got this randomly upon exiting the animus. I was trying to fix the "missing templar" glitch. I exited my game and clicked exit animus, paused and quit and the achievement just popped up. im only half way threw the game and still 3 bars from being fully synced.
  • i just got this upon exiting my game as well. i think i'm in memory block 5... in damascus rich district. i know my bar is only around 14 or 15... and i haven't pickpocketed the doctor's pen (i didn't even know you could or had to do that!)
  • Always found it annoying that after the sync bar was full, and you did extra things, that you never got any other bonuses
  • I would find this quite easy since you only have to fill in 1 sync bar which is 1 city... not all.
  • I know for a fact i didn't get all my assassinations in full sync and i still got the achievement.
  • do you only have to get full sync on one memory block or all of them?
  • #24 is a legend. A very right legend at that...!
  • I just got this yesterday mid game when I filled the 2 rows of the DNA bar. Just do all the side stuff like saving the citizens and viewpoints etc.... I kept thinking I'd get this when I hit 15/15 on the sync bar, but it kept coming and going with nothing. It turns out I got it after I maxxed out the life bar.
  • I exited the Animus in Memory Block 4 or 5, and pickpocketed Vidic, few second later, achievement popped out.
  • So damned repetitive. I'm so glad they changed the style of play for this in AC2.
  • I somehow got this achievement on the second part of memory block 4 when exiting the game.

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