Fearless Achievement

  • Fearless



    Complete all Reach High Points.

    There are a total of 91 high points (view points) in the game. Climb to the top of them and press to synchronize.


    • 12 - Kingdom
    • 09 - Dasmascus poor
    • 07 - Dasmascus middle
    • 10 - Dasmascus rich
    • 11 - Acre poor
    • 09 - Acre middle
    • 11 - Acre rich
    • 06 - Jerusalem poor
    • 07 - Jerusalem middle
    • 09 - Jerusalem rich
  • Fun achievement.
  • I liked this too
  • easy if you spend a little time tho i would like my map clear while i'm riding through it!
  • i enjoyed this one
  • The song "Vertigo" kept running through my head, especially in Jerusalem.
  • You should pretty much just get this from playing through the game.
  • I've reached all the high points, but the achievement hasn't popped. Any suggestions?
  • How come i didnt get my achievement even when I got all the viewpoints? Any suggestions anyone?
  • coz the game is a glitchy pile of crap!!! does that help? lol
  • this 1 is wasy u have to get this to open the whole section of what city you r doing!!!!
  • 1 of the best achievement in game:)
  • Does this just mean you have to sync all View Points?
  • Done all but no cheevo... Even the game tell the're all done... :/
  • Man that was a boring one
  • I have done every single viewpoint and have every achievement, all apart from this freaking Fearless achievement. The game says it's all completed, there's no eagle emblems on the map, I have absolutely no idea how to get this achievement, and I really can't be bothered to play the game all over again just to be told I still can't get it.

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