Defender of the People:Jerusalem Achievement

  • Defender of the People:Jerusalem



    Complete every free mission in Jerusalem.

    Just save every civilian in the poor, middle and rich districts of Jerusalem:

    • 12 - Jerusalem poor
    • 12 - Jerusalem middle
    • 12 - Jerusalem rich
  • Just as the achievement says just free all the people from the city guards in each District in Jerusalem, and the achievement should unlock.
  • i seemed to get this a little early, i still had one more person left to save in the middle part and it gave it to me
  • same here, i was like awesome. but i saved the last person anyway
  • I got this achievement after saving 5 of the 6 citizens in middle Jerusalem. I saved the last one anyway, but it popped right after the 5th one. Not sure why it happened (I didn't accidentally kill all the guards by the 6th guy earlier), but it did.
  • Yeah same here. Maybe that last citizen wasn't supposed to be saved or someting.
  • got mine on the 5th citizen as well. not a major glitch, would have gotten it in another 5 minutes of playing the game anyway.
  • I saved all the citizens and got all the vantage points but didn't get it /:
  • Easy.

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