Disciple of the Creed Achievement

  • Disciple of the Creed



    Assassinate all your targets with a full DNA bar.

    Widely accepted and believed to be unlocked by:

    "The DNA bar is the bar that fills up as you complete the investigation missions in each memory block. In order to get this achievement, simply complete all six investigations for each assassination rather then stop after three."

    From Microsoft:

    "Again, this achievement really only requires awareness and patience. You need to assassinate every target with a full DNA (health) bar, not just kill them in open combat. Make sure every assassination is a one-hit kill with your hidden blade. This doesn't mean that every assassination must be a low-profile hidden-blade attack though. Holding down for a hidden-blade strike for a high-profile assassination will still score this achievement."


    This achievement is currently glitchy. It has been confirmed that the above will get you the achievement, but less also will. Also, if you have every side mission done before you start the assassinations, it will unlock. For updates, check this -thread-

  • I believe it doesn`t make out if you kill all your targets with a full healthbar,, but i think you need to do all the side missions, so complete the hole investigation + viewpoints and save the citizens.
  • BTW, i know it for sure. This one has to be changed. You have to do all the side missions BEFORE you kill your target. It doesn`t mather if you lose some bars, only your memory counts here.
  • I completed all the side missions first. All 6 investigations and all high points and save citizens. Seemed to work
  • Aye. Agree with the others. The DNA bar is the memory log (the info. you get from the investigation missions), not the health bar. The HEALTH BAR is called the SYNCHRONIZATION BAR. Please fix this as this might misguide people to attempt at assassinating the targets without others noticing. You simply have to do all the investigation missions then kill them, doesn't matter if you are strike them down in open combat or not.
  • wow, thank goodness, i tried to assassinate William without losing health and it is impossible, THANKS GUYS!
  • i didnt do all the investigations and i still got it?
  • So wait? if I didn't do all the investigations before I killed him, I have to play the game all over again?
  • Well I spent all day on it from the beginning getting to memory block 3 only to find I assassinated him before I got it all and rage deleted my save data :/
  • I did all side missions, no full health bar, it worked, just throw the target to the ground and assassinate and it will unlock
  • That's pretty much what it did for me, completeted all investigations in each city and the achievement popped, if I missed some investigations I went back and did the whole mission again before I faced off against the Templar master.
  • I didn't do every side mission and it still unlocked.
  • The DNA bar is all investigations, view points and save citizens in the district before you do the assassination. It has nothing to do with your Sync bar, and try not to go back to the bureau before you are ready to do the assassination.
  • I skipped most of the side missions and only did the necessary investigations, and only collected the flags I stumbled on by accident. I got this one right before the battle with Robert de Sable
  • I got this at the end when i killed Robert de Sable, but i didnt even know what to do. I think you just have to kill all the targets with the hidden blade, seeing as i only had some viewpoints, saved a few citizens, and got the flags i saw.
  • For anyone who has problems with this achievement,just use the throw move on your major assasin target then use the hidden blade to thrust him in the neck.
  • I just got this and I didn't have to do all side missions. I dont know if it was a glitch but basiclly I killed all targets with the hidden blade - and I also completed all side missions for memory 6, got it after killing robert.
  • it is most definaltey doing side missions etc and 100% NOT health. I have just got this achievement, i did all side missions and had low health upon killing some enemies. Also, it has nothing to do with the hidden blade; i killed some with it, some with my normal sword.
  • I still got this achievement even though I only did two investigations for the first assassination.
  • I think this achievement is glitched. I got it the second I killed Robert and I missed investigations and such in a couple of the earlier assassinations. My mate who has fully completed it said your memory strand things all have to be white and not black...mine weren't so I was just lucky? Not that I'm complaining coz it would have been the only cheebo I'd have missed otherwise! It seems though that this game has a stupid amount of glitches...I hope my flags or templars don't glitch :/
  • i got this np with my health at max bc when u do lose health u can just run around until it comes back @20 idk wht ur talking bout i only saw 2 glitches
  • i got this during the 8th mission i didnt have full heath i just play killed the guy and it came up for me i did make sure that i max the heath bar out be4 finshing the game that maybe wat u have to do
  • I had no idea on this. I went through over half the game before realizing the "DNA bar" was doing all the investigations before assassinating the target. I was so upset :(
  • I got it after killing Robert. I hadn't done all the side missions, and didn't have full health. No idea what actually unlocks this one, but here's what I did: Memory Block 2: not full health, all missions complete, kill with sword Memory Block 3.1: full health, 3 missions not complete, kill with blade Memory Block 3.2: full health? 2 missions not complete, kill with sword Memory Block 4.1: not full health, 2 missions not complete, kill with blade Memory Block 4.2: not full health, 2 not complete, kill with sword Memory Block 4.3: not full health, 1 not complete, kill with sword Memory Block 5.1: full health, 2 not complete, kill with blade Memory Block 5.2: not full health, 2 not complete, kill with sword Memory Block 6.1: not full health, 1 not complete, (no) kill with sword
  • Yeah, no idea how I got this either. I didn't do all the side missions, and I definitely didn't kill all my targets stealthily or with full health. Strange. Maybe it has something to do with getting a fully synced bar too? I stopped doing side missions sometime after I got that achievement because I was bored of them, but maybe that comes under dna bar.
  • do the "informer" side missions count towards this? i got frustrated with the find 20 flags in 3 minutes missions and skipped those. if it does, then oh well. definitely don't have the patience to get EVERY hidden flag in the game, so i won't be getting the full 1000 gs anyway!
  • As far as i know, its not about completing all side missions. Its just about a full synchronization bar. U must stay hidden untill u kill ur target. Its what the master in the game says: do not draw attention to the brotherhood. Be a blade in the crowd. So yes, not being hit is actually necessary in order to get this achievement. The synch bar is the turning dna in the left. Not the little bars, bcuz thats ur health, its that other thing that vanishes when ur exposed.
  • I just got this and I can confirm you DO NOT need to all side missions, DO NOT have to stay hidden, DO NOT need to complete every investigation or view point (I didn't I wanted to complete asap).
  • i did all the side missions without exception before killing my target yet didnt get achievement. any ideas?
  • This achievement is really easy. All you have to do is make sure you do all 6 of the investigations before you go to the bureau to receive your assassination target. Only 3 are required to move on but if you want this achievement then you must do all 6. You must also do all the high points and the save citizens for the certain city area you are working on. The DNA bar is shown by pressing start and then going to "Memory Log" there you can check your progress. The final 2 segments before the blue segments are obtained by doing the assassination so once everything but those last 2 white segments are finished you can assassinate your target.
  • When you unlock it it says you followed creed rules or whatever. Im assuming not killing civilians. I didnt do all side missions or high spots. Ran through as quickly as possible
  • I love how it says from microsoft: you have to kill all main targets with full health bar if you look up the guide on here but however it really means complete all view points, citizen rescues, and all main objectives before the assassinations
  • i dont think i did the side missions when i had to kill d first guy. would i have to start again or can i just replay the mission
  • You need to get everything before you do the assassination, apart from flag collection, your dna bar should be completely blue and white with one black left which is the assassination itself
  • We'll know for sure in a bit. I've been doing these thinking full "sync bar" and have been successful so far. Now I'm about halfway through and I'm hearing its the DNA bar. I missed two eavesdropping sessions on the second memory block (I didn't know that going to the bureau would end your opportunity to get the rest) so if it still unlocks for me, I think we'll know there's a glitch or we're doing it wrong. Either way, I hope I get it. Already restarted once for the conversations with Jane.
  • So I've been doing both. Thought I had to. Apparently I'm just a really baller assassin
  • I guess I either got lucky or there's something wrong with this cheevo. Because neither did I assassinate any of them with a full sync bar nor did I do every side mission before it...
  • Got this last night and I never completed all the investigations and I killed civilians, I did however assassinate all my targets so this cheevo is a complete myth!
  • Its probably full health assassinations, not kills
  • I can confirm it...I killed some assassin with every Investigation, view point and a full DNA bar and one target that I missed the informer and killed the guy. I killed half of my target with a full health bar too and the other half with full health...and it popped as soon as i killed robert...so guys this cheevo is randomly unlocked...
  • beat the game used hidden blade on all assassinations and had all side missions and viewpoints done. Full synchronized bar but no achievement...any help?
  • how do i do this??? what does it mean??? what target??? im on my last mission i have to kill robert guy and ive already been to the decoy place now i just have to kill him? is this achievement missable?? how do i get it????????????
  • ive been reading above, and do i have to all the investigations and viewpoints before assassinating? each target ive killed ive done 3 investigations and got got most viwepoints and free people missions. i'm upto finally killing Robert de Sable (i think his name is). I've just "killed" the decoy at the funeral and now it says kill the real robert at some place. Have i missed the achievement? i surely hasnt popped yet. I'm going for 1000g on this game and so far i'm on track, as ive gone through every dialog with lucy. i've ive missed this i will be super pissed.
  • This seems to be quite confusing, I'll try all methods above and see what I have to di for the achievement, can anyone clarify that this can be done whenever, as I already have assassinated some of the bad guys already and I wonder if I can come back to it later???
  • I managed to kill all assassins will full health even though a few were a pain and had to reload just to make sure i got it first run
  • I don't know if it was a glitch, but I didn't do all the side missions, didn't kill the targets with a hidden blade, and didn't kill the targets with full health, yet I still got the achievement.
  • I can confirm that with all titles updates installed, I got the achievement by doing all investigations and performing hidden blade kills (both low & high profile) on every assassination.
  • I got this one last night (finally goin thru the series cuz when black flag comes out i want to be caught up) but I most defintiely didnt stealthily kill every person and i do not think i had full health when i did it either, maybe i did but not sure. But i got it and thats what matters.
  • I finally played this game about a month ago and was highly disapointed when I got to the end of the game and this achievement didn't pop. I did EVERY side mission, view point, save citizan, and informer before doing the assassination. During these assassinations health wasn't my main priority. I then decided to try it again, although instead of starting a new game I replayed each memory block from 6 to 1. I did each assassination over again only doing 3 side missions and then killing each target without losing health. I had assassinated targets 9,8,7 and was on #6, which was Majd. After I killed him with max life the achievement popped and that makes 100% on this one! Looking forward to AC4!
  • The achievement popped after I killed Robert de Sable. I assassinate every target with hidden blade.
  • Simply do not lose all bars when you combat against bosses. When you lose all bars you are out of syncro and it takes some seconds to regain 2 bars. This achievement mean that when you are going to assassinate a target you MUST have atleast 1 bar. I did this game with various profiles, and i'm 99% sure about it.
  • #51? how can u stay alive [in sync] if you don't have any bars? apart from 1 or 2, every assassination i did was botched & i had to follow them somewhere if they ran and i usually had bout half the sync bars. i killed many w swords [which turned to blades at point of death oddly.. about half my killings were w swords]. the only assassination i did by full stealth & health[bars] wo anyone seeing me was Montferrat of Acre where i bumped off the guards around the outside of the courtyard one by one then stepped down ladder & slipped the dagger in his back wo him knowing, then snuck across the roofs to escape. but i got 'disciple of creed'. how? i did ALL the investigations. i didn't leave one unsolved. even the 2 bonus ones like collecting flags or assassinating templars for fellow assas
  • #51? should say, i killed Sable w only 3 syncbars left. took me ages to get the hang of killing the templars first!!!
  • Can you assassinate the targets with just one throwing knife?

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