Eagle's Will Achievement

  • Eagle's Will



    Defeat 100 opponents without dying.

    As it says you must defeat 100 opponents without dying.


    • Spend the majority of your time blocking.
    • Always try and counter kill them as it is a lot easier.
    • Run around the city killing every guard you see.

    If you are having trouble, this glitch works for some reason:
    At the start of the game in Masyaf, run along the far left side of the village until you see a spiked outcrop pointing up toward the mountain with a tree just in front. If you run into the corner at the point while moving left and right, you'll be able to wriggle up the cliff face. When you reach the top, jump off the edge of the map and you'll unlock the achievement!

    Credit goes to Mullock94 for the method and Moonska for the video.

  • This no longer works : Video at least..
  • gather them in a corner in til u get a lot and kill them and keep doing that
  • I think it means dying in fights - I died several times from sloppy jumping and the like, but I still managed to get the achievement.
  • best place to do is where to area connects and one of them still closed with a blue wall. the enemy will keep spawning from the closed area.
  • glitch works...although this is an easy achievement, if you want to do the glitch (i did on another account because it was funny) just go up the mountain in the vid and jump backwards...i find it entertaining
  • I used the glitch for this one, but if you want to do this legit, then run around killing guards in the Kingdom. If you're in a fight with low health, start running in circles. The guards will just keep chasing after you while your health slowly regenerates. If you find the sweet spots on your controller, you just have to hold LT(sprinting) and the joysticks in one position the entire time. That's what I did towards the end. Just make sure you have enough space to run in circles :)
  • My cousin got this cheevo but he wont fucking tell me how he got it.
  • i just did it and the video works for me
  • I got this one from a glitch, too. I killed maybe 30-40 guards, died, and then got the achievement a few kills later.
  • i jst got it using the glitch too lazy ha! watch the video on where to jump took me two tries.
  • Thank you for the cheat :) XOXO Love
  • Wow, it worked. I'm surprised. And I also want to know.... How the hell do these people find these kind of things????? Seriously, it's crazy as hell. "I think I'll run up this wall and see where I go"
  • Followed this vid to the letter and was pleasently surprised that it actually works,thankyou v much!!
  • I cannot believe the glitches of this game, and just how often they occur. Most suck, but this one is pretty awesome.
  • I just played this game for the first time on my gamertag. Right after the Animus tutorial, when the game begins (in the sanctuary or kinda like that), after killing the guard and the little cutscene I tried to jump to wall to hang from it but the guy decides to jump to the outside of game area, so I fell down and got this achievement. I mean how come this isn't patched for after so much time?
  • I got this achievement by jumping off the cliff as well, but I also got the Eagle's Challenge achievement at the same time! Really weird, I think it may have been because I just finished fighting before I did the glitch. Try it and see if the same thing happens to you...
  • This glitch didn't work for me. I did it about 3 times and then realized I already unlock the cheevo at the begining of the game.
  • easier to do this in acre/jerusalem, where there are lots of guards near the gate and in the city`s rich district
  • Glitch works!
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfVCeLFbvV8&feature=player_embedded watch and do this that is what i just did. thank you all
  • The video provided worked fine for me just a couple of minutes ago.
  • There is no need to glitch this, it's pretty easy. I got it really early without knowing it was an achievement.
  • just did it it definitely works, what a easy achievement to date i have done :)merry x mas present
  • I can't get this video to work on the iPad or the phone or the PC, but YouTube was a great help. There's several easy-to-follow videos on there on how to do the glitch, which still works almost 5 years after the game's release, meaning no patch. But if you know how to block and counter, this shouldn't be too hard to get legit anyway, only time-consuming. But hey, that's what Assassin's Creed is all about!!!
  • @23....... play The Simpsons. you get an achievement just for starting the game. The comic book store guy even says "Easiest... achievement... ever...". Lol
  • this still works (even after loading an update), had to do a lot of twistng and jumping to get on the ledge but still managed to do the jump....and bingo!
  • The "Void Glitch" as I call it worked for me too. Fighting 100 enemies in one shot or leaping into the void, either way, you'll be entertained getting this one
  • Totally crazy! It worked. If its not working for you consider clearing your system cache to delete the updates.
  • I just followed the video and had the achievement pop for me. THanks so much for leaving it up there! How the heck did someone find this?!
  • hahahaha just got this, love that it still works.
  • Too easy to do in Masyaf in the first part when you have all of your skills. Just head to the first intersection that splits and wait there....they will come at you one at a time. Yeah it was boring but it was easy. And that nets you Eagle's Flight because of the time and other achievements if you kill them different ways.
  • I'm trying to do the glitch after just starting the game for the first time, and I can't find the ledge or the hay bale shown in the video. Is it by flag 16 or 18 on the map?
  • okay found it. It's about southeast of flag 11
  • I can confirm that the glitch still works as I just got it
  • This glitch still works. Though I personally was confused by the location that this takes place at first. I got it as my 4th achievement. 7/6/13
  • Does it have to be before you get stabbed by the leader? Also, do you have to be connected on live?
  • Just got this today, so it still works. It seemed like the spot was more to the right side of the village, though.
  • Glitch still works as of today. Spot is rather difficult to find, however.
  • Still working...got this just now.
  • I glitched myself into a building in Masyaf and fell through the world similar to the video, I did this even before I was worried about achievements or even before I could do counter attacks, but most of my kills are counter kills anyway so whatever
  • This still works. I just pulled it off.

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