Eagle's Prey Achievement

  • Eagle's Prey



    Assassinate 100 guards.

    You need to assassinate 100 guards. It doesnt matter whether they are attacking you or not, but as a general rule, most of the time they will block you if they are aware of your intentions.

    • Press to equip your hidden blade, and press while next to a guard to assassinate them.
  • are guards something special? like soldiers in a certain town or area? or does assassinate mean it has to be a stealth kill? i mean, i got the achievements for killing 100 opponents without dying, 50 stealth assassinations, 100 counter kills and 25 guards (here it says "guards" again. and these where french speaking soldiers) in one fight. but yet i have not got this achievement for assassinating 100 guards. i have done those achievements in the kingdom. i just finished my first assassination in damascus.
  • you need to use your hidden blade
  • also every enemy counts as a guard
  • do templars count for this too?
  • this one is so easy yu can just walk around the cities xD
  • Does Stealth kills count for this achievement? Or do I have to kill them in the high profile with the hidden blade?
  • just pop up, halfway game, stelth hidden blade
  • well this one sure took a lot of skill to pull off.
  • It popped for me when I steal assassinated a Templar in Jerusalem, so I would say that Templars count for this.
  • Anyone else not like this game? I thought it was the worst in the series.
  • I agree with Frank.
  • should come naturally

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