Blade in the Crowd Achievement

  • Blade in the Crowd



    Kill one of your main targets like a true assassin.

    This has to be done on one of the main 9 targets.

    To kill like a true assassin the tagret must not be aware that they are about to die.

    • Walk up to your target holding in low profile to blend.
    • When you're next to your target (still holding ), hold to assassinate your target.

    Tron Advice: It's easiest to do this on the first target.

  • How do you kill them like a true assassin?
  • You need to get them without them seeing you coming. The first assassination is the quite easy as he turns his back from you to look at a stall. Select the hidden blade and get him from behind.
  • i failed doin this tatic cuz of a dam beggar for money interuppted me as i was 5ft away and he cuaght me
  • i failed in the first assassination but in memory block 3 if you've got to kill the person in Acre its easy. walk towards and keep 1 pillar in between then he'll walk passed you and you stab him.
  • assassinated the slave trader => achievement didn't unlock BUG.
  • I did this at the palace assassination
  • I assassinated the slave trader and got this when he jumps off the roof and into the crowd he has his back to you so you can assassinate him
  • I loved the assassinations, and I wish that they worked the stealth aspect into them a bit more. Oh well, it was fun to feel like a true assassin, if only just for this achievement. :)
  • @ #2, that's what she said.
  • BULL!!! I hopped up on the side of Sibrand's boat and waited til he turned around, then I Stabbed him in the back of his head, after that I left the same way that I used to get to his boat. No one saw me and yet I got nothing.
  • I must've done it wrong , I killed Sibrand with my secret knife but didn't get anything , he must've seen me , so maybe that's why it didn't work :/
  • One guy ran past me, i pressed x and the achievement just appeared. It was the one where there's several targets marked on the map, and you have to kill the right one
  • I found this easiest on the creepy doctor. He just walked around, checking his patients, and didn't notice a simple monk loaded with weapons. He basically walked right into my knife.
  • Try it on sinbrard he is easy seeing all he is doing is dancing like a looney
  • I got this against my first main target, I just walked up behind him and killed him before anyone noticed what was happening. Not really too hard.
  • I actually got this on the 3rd assassination. I walked in with blended with the monks praying and went right by the doctor as he was looking at a patient. I simply broke out of the pack right as we passed him and got him easily! :)
  • I did this on the 1st assassination, just stab him in the back when hes looking at the stall. To avoid the beggers make your way near the stall when hes doing his little speech adn you shouldnt get bugged by one
  • I got this on the second assassination, the guy you have to chase, in what was a chase sequence worthy of cinema. my sloppy maneuvering caused him to run across some rooftops and escape into the city market street, and as I desperately tried to gain on him I stumbled off the roof top and lost him, taking a wrong turn down a parallel street. After crashing down the road trying to maintain my momentum and break back into the street, I finally stepped out on the opposite end of the market with my target running towards me, his head crooked over his shoulder searching for the assassin that he was sure was behind him. I stood there in his path, and he ran right into my blade, his head spinning back around with a look of horror on his face. my complete lack of skill created the best a
  • here is a video for you all i found
  • i did it with the doctor. Avoid the crazy guys and wait for him, he will walk around the beds. Just make sure to press X while blending!
  • Did this with Garnier unintentionally. All you gotta do is remain undetected when you assassinate him. It's pretty easy.
  • got it on memory block 5. just stayed on the rooftops and threw knifes at each of the targets. make sure u silently assassinate archers tho.
  • Easy enough with the doctor if you hide but tougher with the crazy folks around you.
  • Actually you don't need to kill them silently, but just with a blade in their back. I unlocked this with Abul Nuqoud, while chasing him and the whole town chasing me as well...
  • You won't believe this. I never thought I'd get this achievement. I'm on the target Abul Nuqoud and manage to sneak around to the roof. I thought I saw him but it was a guard, which once he was killed the target notices me and starts running. He gets way ahead of me, I leap over a wall and attack. Suddenly the achievement activates and for a moment I'm thinking "Nah, it has to be another achievement." Had to search online to be sure, but even though he knew I was chasing him he didn't know he was going to die at that right moment, lol. Odd ways of activating these achievements always happens to me :P

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