Eagle's Challenge Achievement

  • Eagle's Challenge



    Defeat 25 guards in a single fight.

    A single fight means that your synchronization bar must remain red throughout the entire fight.

    Attack a guard and hold block. Keep backing away around the town and gather a group of guards. The max I could get at once was 13. Once you've gathered the maximum (again 13 for me), kill them until one remains. Then gather another group and kill that twelve. I find it's safer to gather a third group and then kill them all. This makes sure you actually got 25 instead of 24.

    • Always keep one guard alive
    • Always keep synchronization bar at red
  • In the kingdom they have a few spots used as camps for the guards. I ad two patrols chasing me when i ran into the camp. FIrst i killed the archers so i wouldnt get shot then i fought the men on top of the archer tower and kept countering and throwing them off for easy kills.
  • I hate this one. Everytime when there are still 3 remaining in 1 group, they run away :S
  • This achievement seemed difficult but was quite simple. Just start a commotion with the guards, have a few of them follow you to another location with more guards. Then fight them off until there's only one left. Stay in defense position while moving away from him into another location with more guards and repeat process until you unlock the achievement. I was able to do it in less than 5 minutes in Damascus/ Middle District.
  • I got this achievement with no effort when I was running through the warzone to get to the ninth assassination target, I just killed everyone I saw. And there are no civilians in the area, so you don't have to worry about that.
  • A good place to get it is the army encampment outside Acre. Take out the archers and then keep moving around to pull more guards in. Try and combine it with the surviving for 10 minutes achievement too, as it just makes sense. It's relatively easy if you keep using counter attacks.
  • yea, whenever i attempt this, i end up having about three left and they just run
  • This is pretty simple to get. Basically on your fifth assassination, you can cause a commotion with the guards standing near him. And eventually you'll have ALOT of guards trying to kill you. Just keep the target alive, and move about while defending until more guards join. Got this achievement easily that way
  • i did this at the gate of Acre in memory block 3 because the guards don't have any skill yet and theres groups of 4 together each time i just got the first group en slowly walked to the city dragging more and more with me countering each time 1 came and always left like 3 or 4 it was pretty easy did it in 1 try.
  • I got this one at the same time as the other glitched achievement. They unlocked at the same time.
  • I ended up doing this at the guard camp just North of Acre. I ended up getting this achievement and Eagle's Flight at the same time.
  • The keep one guard alive method didn't work for me as the last remaining guard always gives up and begs for his life. In the end I gave up on the idea but got the achievement in the normal run of play during the Memory Block 4 assassination, William of Montferat in Acre. There are so many soldiers around him that I ended up fighting one huge battle and the achievement popped just before I dealt him the fatal blow in combat so it worked out quite nicely.
  • I'm mid-way through the game (returned to it 2.5 years after starting :-P), doing the soldier with the daft hair-cut, counted how many I killed, got to 24 and the last guy ran off meaning I went from "open conflict" - damn I was annoyed!!! I'll leave it and see if it pops later in the game...
  • all i did is go to the kingdom to one of the big camps just run around till there was alot of guards was next to me but make sure you have about 3 or 4 left so they dont run away and you can run around again to get more guards
  • The kingdom is by far the easiest in my opinion, outside of acre
  • This is possible on Memory Block 1. I found it by chance on a revisited playthrough so thought I'd share. After you dump the logs on [Robert] and are sent down into Masyaf, run halfway down the hill until you see a stone tower with a ladder. Behind this are 2 deserted market stalls. Hang around here and a guard will spot you & attack. Kill him. Within a few moments, another guard will spot you, rinse and repeat. I was just practising my fighting skills here at the time and, after wallowing in a few corpses, I got the Achievement! Really surprising & a whole lot easier than taking on 25 at a time!
  • I got this achievement by doing the Eagle's Will achievement glitch. I think it may have been because I just finished a fight before I did the glitch. Try it and see if the same thing happens to you...
  • PNutFace: After you dump the logs on Roger you exit the animus, not being able to continue on memory block 1. What you should do is that you do this AFTER Al Mualim and Malik has talked to you, when Roberts templars attacks Masyaf and your icon are red all the time. When the man meets you under the viaduct and says that you should "distract the templars", you can: "run halfway down the hill until you see a stone tower with a ladder. Behind this are 2 deserted market stalls. Hang around here and a guard will spot you & attack. Kill him. Within a few moments, another guard will spot you, rinse and repeat. I was just practising my fighting skills here at the time and, after wallowing in a few corpses, I got the Achievement! Really surprising & a whole lot easier than taking on 25 at a t
  • Robert*
  • I got this one when dealing with Abul Nuqoud at the guard tower he runs to.
  • I got this one automatically in Memory Block 6 (second target) because you're in open combat the whole time. You take out 3 at first, then another small group, then 3 more, etc. but it all counts as the same fight. By far the easiest way to get it since you have to get through these guys anyway!
  • Ohh Sweet I got it in the kingdom area when I killed the last captian left in the area. if you keep the higher rank soldiers alive they recruit more soldiers during the fight.
  • Thanks at Delusional King. thats really helpful.
  • I did this the way comment 17 says though Im sure you can get it in the warzone before robert aswell
  • I actually got this on the way to the battle against Robert de Sable. I didn't even really try for it and it just popped up. I was like... very cool!!! :)
  • @24 same here :)
  • Just got this one; it was a pain to get, but completely worth it and pretty simple once you have mechanics behind your killing
  • i only killed 21 when it popped for me
  • On my way to kill Robert and it just randomly popped up, lol it was really simple.
  • Just did also on my way to Robert. Actually is quite simple on Kingdom. Here is how I did it: ran into a group of soldiers. When there was only 2 or 3 left, I start running looking for another group of soldiers. Since there is A LOT of groups on Kingdom, you wil ran into them quite easily. So after finding another group, keep killing them until the achievement pops. (I thought I would have some trouble with this one since I got through the entire game and this didn't appear but managed to do it on my first try when going for the missing Kingdom's flags.
  • I found this achievement to be the most difficult.
  • I got this along with some other Eagle's related achievements during the very first combat sequence, I just stayed next to a market stall where I first killed a few guards and whilst going for "Gifted Escapist" a guard turned up every 10 seconds or so, 25 later the achievement pinged.
  • ^ Exactly what I did. No need to keep one alive and all. New one pops up a few seconds after killing one. Quite a bit easier than what's being said in the description.
  • I am currently working on Assassin's Creed and I am planning on trying this achievement sometime soon. I am planning on saving my current progress to USB and then restarting and doing the method mentioned by Moiety in comment 17. Wish me luck and I will confirm if this process works.
  • I was about twenty guards in when they lost sight of me and the icon went from flashing red to flashing yellow (when you have to jump into a hiding spot or kill them all in order to vanish). Got pissed and thought it was reset but a couple guys later it popped, so to clarify any misunderstanding about what is considered a "single fight," as long as you don't get reinitialized it should be fine. The Acre guard camp is where I got it. There are groups of four or five in each tent segment and I found they spawned pretty fast so kill a couple, break combat and sprint to the next camp, etc. etc. It's nice because the archers will keep you in combat if you go too far from anyone on foot.
  • Memory Block 4 - Acre Assassination. The best option because you will have all the army from the target there and in case you assassinate the target during the fight, it will not reset the guards count.
  • I hate this one more than anything. The highest I can get to, even near Acre, is 14. Then they run away, or I run out of nearby guards. It's really starting to piss me off!

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