Eagle's Talon Achievement

  • Eagle's Talon



    Perform 50 stealth assassinations.

    A stealth assassination is an assassination without alerting the guard to your presence

    • This is best pulled off on guards on the rooftops and guarding doorways.
    • Press to equip your hidden blade, slowly walk up behind the guard and press to stealth assassinate them.
  • Is a stealth assassination a kill with a throwing knife or a kill that you run up and stab them with your hidden blade?
  • @comment 1 : well sort of both really but for it to be a stealth kill you must not be seen by the victim or another guard when you do the kill. I found the best way to get the 50 kills was with throwing knives on the roofs of buildings when the archers have their back turned away from you. Kill them with a throwing knife and it should go unseen by anyone else. I got a few by targeting a few guards on the ground too while still on the roof.
  • ok forget my last comment. It appears that throwing knives DO NOT work towards this achievement. You need to use your hidden blade from behind .... hold the blend button (A), then when right behind a guard quickly press (X) .... this performs a stealth assination.
  • can you go back and get this after beating the game?
  • # 4 - Yes.
  • This was easy and kinda fun :)
  • One of the easiest achievements to get in any Xbox game. Ever.

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