Eagle's Dance Achievement

  • Eagle's Dance



    Perform 50 leap of faith.

    A leap of faith is when you jump from a high point into a stack of hay below. You perform one of these in the attack on Masyaf.

    • Hold , and forward to jump off into a stack of hay
    • You can do leaps of faith mainly off view points, but there are a few other locations.
    • Some locations require very little time to climb to the top again, meaning you can just repeat it off that point 50 times. A good example is in the west of Masyaf
  • Just keep going the high points and doing leaps of faiths off them.
  • take your time
  • @2, you are fucked in the head
  • @3 That's quite rude at least try to be respectful of others on here -_-
  • Such an easy achievement, you should just pick it up from playing through the game.
  • Very easy to get while playing through the story, if you don't get it through the story just do the last few leaps.
  • @3, What is your problem? The guy said take your time because it will come naturally, you don't have to farm for it.

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