The hands of a Thief Achievement

  • The hands of a Thief



    Pickpocket 200 throwing knives.

    You may notice while walking around, some fat looking men wearing brown leather outfits with knives on their belt.

    • Target onto them with the and hold to pickpocket their knives.
    • This is easiest done later on in the game when your max amount of knives is at 15.
    • Just keep pickpocketing until you've stolen 200.
  • How do you steal knife ??
  • pick pocket one of the guys walking around with knifes all over him
  • can you still get the knives when you have max knives or do you have to use them first
  • Just got this achievement whilst working on my 6th assassination. Everyone will just have this unlock at some random point in the 2nd half of the game :)
  • when can you put 10 or 15 knives in your belt?
  • you need to have an empty belt to pickpocket knives
  • How do u pickpocket knives
  • For anyone else getting frustrated with this, you cannot pickpocket knives until you regain the throwing knife as a weapon (after three assassinations, I think it was, but apologies if I have this wrong) after which point all the guys who carry them are nicely illuminated for you and make easy targets. I say this because I spent ages during the early missions randomly trying (in vain) to pickpocket knives from innocent civilians! :-) The 10 and 15 knife capacity upgrades come as rewards in later tasks (as you promoted back through the ranks by redeeming yourself with successful missions). Hope that helps.
  • I found that there are a ton of thugs (the guys you can pickpocket) in Acre Middle. The docs in particular have many of them.
  • thanx grey man :)
  • Another thing to know is that you do NOT need to throw the knives after you picketpocket them for this achievement. You can just keep pickpocketing with a full belt and it will still count for this achievement.
  • easy achievement
  • Ah good! I spent ages embedding excess knives in guards just to empty my belt out for this achievement. This'll go a lot faster knowing I don't need to! thanks!
  • i cant believe after 5 years i STILL dont have this one
  • how do you pick pocket someone???
  • This was easy but annoying
  • i wish we could see how many knives and things we have already done.... this would help the achievement so much!! Im struggling to get this one and im on the last sequence of the game :s
  • Just takes a bit of doing. They should have a stats page in the game so you can keep track of all this crap. Same things with flag locations and templars. If you miss 1 you dont wanna have to go back through all of them.
  • This achievement is annoying, i have pick-pocketed well over 200 knives and yet it wont give me the achievement! GRRRR!
  • This one seems troublesome!

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