March of the Pious Achievement

  • March of the Pious



    Use Scholar blending 20 times.

    Blend in and out of the same group of scholars 20 times.

    • Walk up to a group of scholars (a group of 4 guys in white robes), press to blend and again to blend out. Just follow the group and repeat 20 times.
  • so i just go into the same scholar group 20x ?
  • What i did was blend with a group then exit then blend with the same group 20 times.
  • this takes like 30 seconds haha. easiest one ever
  • all you do is tap a over and over again till you get it
  • haha easiest chieve ever !
  • Amazing that by pretending to pray in amongst a group of scholars, you get completely ignored!! Never mind how many weapons you've got... :-p
  • using the same scholar group 20 times works :) just tap A repeatedly till achievement pops
  • all you need to do is spam the a button next to scholars
  • so u cant do it with different scholars gotta be the same scholars????
  • if anyone is stuck of the Piousch?v=7QGTDi_4RHM&feature=colike found a video for you
  • cool thanks to the spam tip
  • I don't think you need to use the same scholars 20 times. I've recently just bought this game and have been playing through it. I've used scholars in Damascus, Jerusalem, etc., and I just got the achievement. I did not use the same set of scholars 20 times.
  • Just spam the A button until you get the achievement.
  • Worst achievement in the whole game. At least jumping through merchant stands was cool to watch.
  • Just got the Achievment today. :) Also, as a n00b to the series, I'm loving every moment of the first Assassin's Creed very much
  • Best achievment of the game, i've only got 1 assasionation left and then i have to search for all the damn flags... can't wait to waste days on it! :'(

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