Eagle's Eye Achievement

  • Eagle's Eye



    Kill 75 guards by throwing knives.

    You need to kill 75 guards with throwing knives.

    • Stand far from the target
    • Press to select the throwing knives, Lock onto the target with the and press
    • If you run out of knives, steal some more
  • Sadly i had to farm this, but just keep pick pocketing thugs and throwing knives at guards.
  • This is always a fun one to do. :D
  • This is a easy achievent and only takes like 20 minutes.
  • I actually really liked this achievement, I used it far more than that, cuz it comes in very handy for the guards on the rooftops!
  • easy to do
  • Do you have to throw the knives or can you use the short blade too?
  • I just killed all the guards on the rooftops with the knives
  • An easier way(the way I got it) is to equip the throwing knives, but use the little dagger thing in combat, so you don't have to throw knives all of the time. Still, it will help towards the "assassinate 100 guards" achievement.

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