Enemy of the Poor Achievement

  • Enemy of the Poor



    Grab and Throw 25 Harassers.

    You will sometimes find a beggar run up to you and harass you for food, money etc.

    • Hold the and press to grab them. Once you've grabbed the beggars, throw them away.
    • The beggars must be different people
    • Sometimes you'll find a crazy person attacking you. Grabbing the attackers won't scare them and neither will it contribute to this achievement.
  • The City of Arce seems to be the best area to complete this achievement.
  • Only throw the beggars, throwing the crazies will not get you the achievement but its just as fun.
  • Oops, and till now I was throwing the soldiers who were harassing the citizens :p
  • oh man, i've been throwing the handicapped mental crazy people
  • i was throwing the guards just like #3
  • I'm pretty sure I've grabbed way more than 25 of the "please sir, can I have some money ... I'm poor, sick and hungry!" And I still haven't received this achievement. Any advice?
  • oh god #6 i hated that line every time i'm like GUARD YOUR DEAD!! pleaswe sir money (miss stab kill herasser)
  • Try throwing them into the river (by throwing them against the railing). Best 4 life bars I've ever spent.
  • Throwing the mentalists is way more fun!
  • No! You don't understand! I am sick, hungry, and I need money now!
  • No, you don't understand! My family is DYING, sir! OH YEAH!? well they are about to be down one member! >.>
  • Ohhhh, I had a feeling those were the harassers. I usually just punch them to make them go away xD
  • This one is the easiest and the most fun
  • Wait to get this do u need to throw the citizens that u need to save from the guards?
  • no, just the beggers that get up in ur face and annoy you to death.
  • ohhh i actually did this one time on my friends xbox. but forgot that it wasnt the handicaped but the beggars :P but you lose energy by throwing them :P
  • i thought it was mentalists and beggars, ibe mainly been seeing beggars thats probably why i aint got the achievement :(
  • thanks for the info guys ive been throwing the guards during save citizen missions..now if you'll excuse me.. -takes apple- THIEF!! YOU DARE STEAL FROM ME?! I'LL HAVE YOUR HAND FOR THAT!
  • God you think the harassers are anoyoying, what about the banjo-playing-guy in AC2. I stabbed every single one of them I saw!
  • How do you grab a begger?
  • one of the easiest achievements in the game and i missed it
  • @#2 Thank you. It was the crazies I was trying to throw. Can finally 100% the game now
  • How do you grab and throw them? i've tried pressing B but that just gently moves them. and pulling out a weapon makes them run away. tried punching them once, she ran away then 3 thugs and 2 guards came after me. wtf how do.
  • @23, hold RT to go into the active mode, then press B.
  • I hate these bitches. i get hastled thinking NO YOU DONT UNDERSTAND, ITS MY MONEY!!!! GO GET SOMEONE ELSES!! I ignore them and walk off one time cause im being chased by 10+ gaurds, and go to climb, the stupid wh-re throws a rock at me and tells me to get out of the town... i was killed by the guards cause my health was low... since then, instead of money, the last shiny metal the hastlers ever see is my blade.
  • Me too i thought harrasers were the guys beating up the citizens in those side missions, thanks #2. plus if you have completed this and want another laugh go into the pause menu, options and voice volume option: OH, THEY'LL NEVER LET ME GO... and if you keep moving it, it will sound a little like this: OH,OH,OH,HOH,HOH,HOH,HOH,THEY'LL,OH,HOH,OH,HOH,LEMMIE,LENMMIE,GO,GO,GO,GO,GO,GO,GO,GO. Cool mistake UBISOFT.
  • Throwing the mentalists is fun.
  • I just realized that it was only the beggars, not the mental people. Thanks
  • just grab and throw the same beggar leave and come back she will be there iJust did it but got lucky to find 2 near by each other just rand back and forth to both of them and got the achievement in no time ;D
  • This achievement is seriously taking forever.. I swear I've thrown 25 by now.
  • AltaÏr: The Douche Bag of Masyaf.
  • do you have to throw 25 different beggars, or just 25 times altogether?
  • @ #32 i think only beggars..
  • Damn those beggars are annoying!
  • @31 Lol
  • @32... my understanding was 25 different beggars
  • By Odin those people are annoying.
  • Best achievement in the game. Every single one is too spry to be half of what they claim.
  • #36... Different beggars! Until infinite and beyond
  • I swear i have done more than 25 different beggars...no luck so far!
  • ooops all this time i was throwing the pissheads about, those that constantly bump into you !!
  • ooops all this time i was throwing the pissheads about, those that constantly bump into you !!
  • I've been at this for a while still not triggering for some reason.
  • Got it in acre!
  • Working on it now. Best one, by far, was accidentally throwing a woman into a shop stand in Jerusalem. Knocked over 4 or 5 bystanders and got the guards on me. Also pushed one into a group of guards to initiate a "save citizen."
  • I was doing this for fun b/c I hate those pushy beggars, then found out this was an achievement! Nice.
  • They won't let up after you get the achievement swear they get worse, especially when you have to slow walk to an assassination target.
  • I feel kinda bad for them, but I'm going to have fun doing this.
  • I always end up either killing them or accidently throwing them into guards and starting a fight
  • After getting this one, I went back to punching beggars. Works just as well and the guards don't care. Nearby thugs, though, will want to fight just as if you had punched one of them.

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