Gifted Escapist Achievement

  • Gifted Escapist



    Jump through 20 merchant stands.

    Find a merchant stand and jump through the stand 20 times

    • Press , and forward to jump through the stand
  • This was one of those achievements that i could get in 2 minutes.
  • run through a town
  • Just keep jumping through the same stall and you'll get the Achievement in 2 minutes
  • #4 yeah!! XD lol i did this infront of damascus theres like 10 shops infront of the gate there just jump through them in a line xD
  • This one was easy! The first one I jumped through broke and I ended up getting in trouble but after that I jumped through on the side of one and just continued doing that till I got it.
  • How do you jump through the stands? Just run up and you automatically jump? Or what?
  • you have to use RT to use your high profile skills and just run at the side
  • I have two things to say, One- This was easy and Fun TWo- Penis
  • So easy and very fun to jump through the stands. Just run up to the side of the stand. :D
  • Very fun achievement
  • This really is fun! :)
  • soooooooo fun
  • Cheers for the Damascus tip.
  • DIZZY!!!
  • This was one of the funniest ones to actually get. xD

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