Keeper of the Black Cross Achievement

  • Keeper of the Black Cross



    Find All Teutonic Flags in Acre.


    Find all the teutonic flags in the middle district of Acre.

    • 33 flags in the middle district

    Middle district MAP:

  • For a map showing the locations of all of the flags/templars, visit the following site: It also has a checklist for each section so you can see which ones you have already gotten Happy Hunting!
  • Because you probably already have gotten some of the flags before you started using that map, I recommend only checking off the flags that you use the map to get, because even when using the map, most people still seem to miss one or two flags and it is super annoying to have to go through and double check them all to find the one you missed.
  • I like how in this city they're divided into three groups , making it 30G for them all instead of 20G for the other 2
  • totally agree with #3..
  • Spent a good hour trying to find the last flag the thing had disappeared . Had to clear the consoles cache to get the it back
  • A flag on mine has gone missing too, number 12 on AC Maps... Hpe resetting the cache works for me too.
  • Unfortunately, it would seem that the map website is no longer working.

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