Keeper of the Order Achievement

  • Keeper of the Order



    Find all Templar Flags in Acre.


    Find all the Templar flags in the rich district of Acre.

    • 34 flags in the rich district

    Rich district MAP:

  • For a map showing the locations of all of the flags/templars, visit the following site: It also has a checklist for each section so you can see which ones you have already gotten Happy Hunting!
  • man i am one short and i swear i have gone to all the locations on
  • This sucks I cant figure out which one im missing i went through the map like 5 times ans still cant figure out which one I'm missing. Can someone help me why I can't get this.
  • This map is missing one ! use this one and check for 22 and 23. that will get you your last flag !
  • @Delarime That is the map I used and looked at ALL of the spots OVER AND OVER and still nothing.
  • You might wanna consider a new run through and try it again give 25 a quick check, it was on the top of the cross ( also counts as a viewpoint) some are also behind houses like 22. you really need to check everything hope this helps
  • @Delarime thanks, it was 22 that was missing!
  • tnx for the map!
  • Check 29 cos there are a few triangular spots where it could be
  • Just being glad every district in acre has a different achievement.
  • The map in the achievement guide is missing a flag. From the flag in the bottom right corner, near the vigialantes, follow the tops of the houses west. it'll be on top of one of the houses

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