Keeper of the 8 Virtues Achievement

  • Keeper of the 8 Virtues



    Find All Hospitalier Flags in Acre.


    Find all the Hospitalier flags in the poor district of Acre

    • 33 flags in the poor district

    Poor district MAP:

  • Extremely tedious to get as with all the flag achievments in this game.
  • For those who don't want to spend the time of day locating these things, go to: They've already found and cataloged them for you. Includes maps, pictures, checklist, and the destination for all flags and Templar's.
  • flag 6 and 8 are not on the right spot in this map 6 is on the building next to it and 8 is a little further to the east hope this helps :O
  • Dang I needed this. These were the flags I was struggling with the most. Thanks!
  • I hate the flags in this game...extremely difficult to find any, and they don't really stand out.
  • I just started on the fun that is flag collecting last night. Already managed to find all these one and the Masyaf ones. Gonna get the rest of the Acre ones and then start on the others (not to mention templars!) This is gonna be a fun journey...
  • Have fun.
  • Eck, collectibles. This is what you get for playing a game before reading the achievements, I suppose.
  • Do I get made the Avatar if I find all these flags?
  • What about #4 I have no idea where it is?? Help!
  • @ #9 I think your playing a different game.
  • So I was driving myself nuts trying to find the last two of these flags as my meter said 31/33 flags. I had done a tedious job matching everything up and I knew that when I finished my "hunt" there were 4 that I hadn't found during the "hunt". I restarted the system, unplugged, whatever. Then I just decided to check out the achievement board and to my shock, I already had the achievement, despite it still saying 31 of 33 flags.
  • Just being glad every district in acre has a different achievement.
  • @bigORANGEhouse Thank you.
  • Damn flags :(
  • The flag achievements drove me insane! As I was collecting the the final flag, the game froze and the damn flag vanished for eternity

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