Visions of the Future Achievement

  • Visions of the Future



    A strange vision has appeared to you. What could it mean?

    Storyline, so you won't miss it.

    At the end of the game, you will aquire Eagles Vision in the present time. Use it around the lab to find hidden messages

  • I didn't unlock thisone :(
  • oh i gotta do whole game agen jeez why cant it be like ac2
  • are you freaken serious
  • Didn't unlock for me either!
  • Wait for the credits to end. You'll be back in your cell, and the achievement will then unlock.
  • Cheers Jatyrael for the heads upsaving ages of replaying for one achievement
  • Thank goodness I had to use the bathroom while the credits were rolling and when I came back, wham 50 points!!
  • wait... so I have to replay the whole game to get this? FUCK!
  • im glad im reading this before i finish the game
  • I Usually skip the credits im so glad i read this before i skipped them....thnx for the heads up
  • 50G for making a coffee (while the credits rolled). Probably the easiest 50 I've ever earned.
  • omg mines glitched i pressed the middle xbox button to see my achievements while waiting,(i could see credits still rolling in the background) and now, theres still the credit screen, but no credits and all music has stopped and I cant get off
  • oh wait, woohoo... after 10 minuits the credits load again... this time im just going to wait for credits to end -.-
  • You do not have to replay the game to get this!!!! Simply reload memory block 7, watch the cutscene, head to your room, and then allow the credits to fully finish.
  • This one was a nice touch. Getting points after the credits roll.
  • Jatyrael thanks for the heads up! Would've turned it off in a fit of rage.
  • you need to wait when you enter the bedroom upon completing the game and watch the credits completley to get the achievment
  • Easiest 50G ever
  • So Easy!!!!!!!!
  • easiest ever? you've clearly never played Avatar TBE ;-) I'm glad I read this though, otherwise I would have ejected the disc to play another game...
  • Having issues
  • Went through fine for me,again at the end of the game, eagle vision behind your bed, the credits will then roll and it should pop after that.
  • I'm glad that I read this before I exited out of the previews!!!
  • wow i gotta play the game all over again cause i got diff xbox lol but this game is a little harder then the others specially the one were you fight the bandits well time to get started :)
  • So glad i just read this i was about to quit thinking that the game ended once they left the room and u had free roam around ur room
  • yes i just found out after the credits you can re-enter the animus and i can get all my flfflags
  • I did that but when the credits ended nothing happened? Can you get this achievement through your first run through of the game or will it only unlock on the second?
  • @22 Ooooooh OK. I got the achievement showing that I had completed the game but then the credits didn't roll. I didn't realize that I needed to do eagle vision behind the bed. Is it still possible for me to do it and get this achievement?
  • I got 50 gamerscore for making a sandwich WOOHOO!!!
  • haha this is such a way for ubisoft to get people to sit through the credits, but they're kidding themselves if they actually think anyones reading them. haha im soo glad i didn't exit them
  • Me, I always go all the way through the credits. Back in the old days, they would put little easter eggs or secret codes or stuff at the end of the credits, but u haff to go thru the credits to get them.
  • I feel bad for all the people who have to do the game all over again!! glad i read this so i know to wait for the credits to end!! thanks a bunch!!!
  • You do not need to play the game again, from the main menu select continue, go to bedroom, Eagle Vision, done.
  • Easy as pie eagle vision bedroom wakll watch credits too the end desmond speaks and BOOM! 50g for nothing :P
  • thanks for the heads up
  • its unmissable... but i missed it :(
  • i can see the credits !!! i saw a symbol a pentagram the docs go and i stuck :s
  • You don't have to start all over if you miss this! Just start the game again and wait until the men have all left the room and you'll be able to try again :)
  • Almost dashboarded just as credits started but then i thought - maybe i should come in here first. And am F**** glad that I did! :)
  • Like other said no need to restart just continue from end memory and watch credits, they are long but I spent my time eating nachos 8)
  • what credits? i killed al mualim, was back in abstergo with 3 suited guys behind glass, got completion achievement, lucy and the doc walked out and now im just standing ther doin nothin
  • WHAT CREDITS?!?!?!?
  • You need to go to Desmond's room, stand next to his bed and press Y to turn on the eagle vision. Desmond will say something about writings on the wall and then credits will start :)
  • THANK GOD I READ THIS ONE lol! thanks pps
  • took me half hour to figure out how to get the credits rollin thx #43
  • Once the credit start rolling, just go to the bathroom and take a shit once you're done come back and a sweet 50 g would be waiting for you :P
  • I didnt get it when the game ended, so I came here and I'm so glad I saw that I needed to wait for the credits, haha
  • I cannot believe how much stupidity is on this single page of the internet.
  • Hahaha!
  • Easy peasy... ;)
  • Easy peasy... ;)
  • Wish this one gave you a less subtle for finishing the game...

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