The Blood of a Nemesis Achievement

  • The Blood of a Nemesis



    You've slain Robert de Sable, but there is one more...

    Storyline, so you won't miss it.

    Assassinate Robert de Sable.

    • You kill him in Memory Block 6
  • This one is actually quite simple. After you fought off the horde of Templar Knights, , just keep running around Des Sable with the Hidden Blade enabled in clockwise and counterclockwise ways. There should be a 'weak' moment that gives you the opportunity to stab Des Sable in the neck, thus killing him once and for all.
  • Or just throw him ( he may kick you down the first couple times) and then stand over him with the hidden blade and kill him ( also works with all templars)
  • easy
  • Can this achievement still glitch? or does an update from Live fix it now? Cheers.
  • almost there
  • Really easy and impossible to miss.
  • Got this achievement and disciple of creed after I killed him.
  • er.. everyone finding this ez? i used a helluva lot of stealth in the game and now i cannot kill more than 2 templars. if i so much as attack nonce i'm kicked down. is there a cheat cos i'm bored after 3 hours of getting slughtered by the knights wo killing a single knight most of the time. i guess richard is right.. god id on the side of the templars cos i cant evenm beat the knights. how can u? i can't even dodge them for more than 10 mins b4 i try to atack and get slaughtered!
  • Use the short blade, its better for attacking multiple enemies. Just counter and grab break and you should be okay
  • Does he count towards the Personal Vendetta achievement?
  • Robert doesn't count towards Personal Vendetta. I finished that one before fighting him.

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