The Punishment for Treason Achievement

  • The Punishment for Treason



    You have found the traitor and have brought him before Al Mualim.

    Storyline so you won't miss it.

    Find the traitor and bring him to the leader.

    • The first mission that your leader sends you on. Just gather information and find the traitor in Masyaf


    • For additional help with the Templars and flags, try this -thread-
    • For additional help with any part of the story, try this -thread-
    • For the Eagle achievements, the score is specific to the game save, so getting 25 leaps of faith in one save and 25 in another will not unlock the achievement. All 50 must be done in the same game save file.
    • When killing Robert de Sable, watch out for a glitch by the two archers that may cause you to fall into the floor. If you've fallen foul to this you will need to take your HDD to a mate's house and complete it there. Or it has been suggested to use a Lens cleaning Device.


    • Red dots are the flags. The numbers correspond with a location guide found HERE
    • Green dots are Templars
  • just play the's automatic

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