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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Single Player: Destroy the Mecha Orca.


    This whale is on area three of the first zone. This can be achieved in single or co-op mode. If you are going just for this achievement use your nukes and grenades. Make sure you do a sprinkler move with your machine gun behind you when you can't see the whale because 2-3 guys on foot usually come out.

  • Single Player: Capture all 3 hijackable vehicles at least once.


    The three vehicles are tank, helicopter and a machina (walking robot)

    Area 2
    Area 4: Next to a flamethrower upgrade
    Area 13: After hijackable tank

    Area 7: Past moving bridge
    Area 8: Near beginning
    Area 9: Beginning
    Area 13: After bridge

    Area 22
    Area 27: Near middle

  • Single Player: Burn 50% of infantry in any Zone: Medium or Hard difficulty in one session.

    Starting in area 1 I received this achievement in area 5, just remember to have your settings on medium. Just keep your flamethrower handy when you see people on foot. Once they start running away they will die shortly after. For tanks and towers I switched two flak cannon because flamethrower doesn't do much to them. The building where guys come out of I just kept a steady stream of fire on the entrance. Try and remember where flame upgrades are to help you out on this.

  • Single Player: Freeze 50% of infantry in any Zone: Medium or Hard difficulty in one session.

    Starting in area 1 I received this achievement in area 4. This is a lot easier because everything freezes in the game. I think ice upgrades came quicker then flamethrower upgrades so near the end I had maxed out the ice thrower. Just freeze all the men on foot. Wait for guys to come out of buildings. Just freeze everything and run them over when things are clear. When going for this I didn't need to change weapons.

  • Single Player: Collect all of the Flags scattered throughout the game.


    There are 18 flags and each zone has 3.

    Zone 1
    Area 1: After motorcycles in beginning
    Area 2-3: When you clear out the mass of infantry and 1 or 2 tanks area 2 will be cleared. After the bridge is some trees clear them out at the exact beginning of 3 to find a flag.
    Area 5: Right after bridge in the beginning

    Zone 2
    Area 6: Behind destroyable rock on left before the dinosaur charge
    Area 8: Right after first crunching walls on the left side before the second crunching walls.
    Area 10: On the right side of the pathway near the beginning

    Zone 3
    Area 11: Midway through the mission on the right side. A tank comes from the left parallel to the flag.
    Area 12: Where you get ambushed by a bunch of guys near middle to end of the area on top of the screen.
    Area 14: Near end of bridge after going on foot.

    Zone 4
    Area 16: Middle of Asteroid shower
    Area 18: Beginning of the map in middle of screen.
    Area 20: Just after glass connector tube. It is at the beginning of the metal area.

    Zone 5
    Area 22: Beginning middle of square room
    Area 23: Go down ramp it will be at top right of screen.
    Area 25: After area on foot on the bottom right before you start heading north.

    Zone 6
    Area 26: At end of the 1st grated walkway heading east, just before going north it's on the bottom right of the screen.
    Area 26: Just as you hit the dirt path heading on foot.
    Area 28: In room on foot where the big zombie comes out just before clearing area 28. It is on the top right.

  • Single Player: Complete 3 sequential areas on foot: Medium or Hard difficulty in one session.

    This is hard, but doable. I did this on the first three areas the machine gun was my favorite gun and I saved all grenades pretty much till the whale. I recommend not shooting while you are in your vehicle. If you die just take your hand off the controller and wait to press to immediately exit your vehicle. I reset if I accidentally killed someone or shot bullets with the vehicle so i wont be angry at the end of the adventure. While you are stationary and shooting buildings you won't automatically be place in your vehicle. An extra life is also given at 300,000. I received this near the middle of area 3.
    Here are my helpful hints.

    Area 1: The mortars you see in the beginning I flanked them on the right when the time was clear and shot them machine gun then collecting the grenades they dropped to add 10 to my arsenal. Clear the area till you get to the suicide bombers. Up above are 2 towers. Stay back till you see maybe a small corner of the towers. Switch to flak cannon. If you stay at the bottom of the screen the towers bullets shouldn't hit you, but the flak cannon will hit them. Clear those out then move a little for the 2 tanks that come. I used the flak on them too. Clear the two towers after the bridge the same way you did the previous 2. When that area is clear move the the end of the bridge without leaving it. If you do this you can see the gate that needs to be destroyed. Shoot it with the flak till it's destroyed. If done correctly you don't need to face the guys that spawn here.

    Area 2: This involves being slow. Machine gun all guys coming out of building without moving till the last one has spawned. Don't want any guys coming behind you. Flak cannon buildings in which suicide bombers come out later. This part got me killed once. There are towers that having homing missles. There are points where you can flak him and not get shot, but usually I try and dumb 1-2 grenades on this tower on the far right of the base.
    Once the base is clear you'll come to a helicopter drop off. Just machine gun the mortars picking up there grenades and shooting the guys coming out of the helicopter and the one tank coming from the left.
    The path on foot is simple if you know what to look for. Watch out for the suicide bombers in front and above you. Now some guys will come up from behind you. I stopped this by just doing a sprinkler move with the machine gun behind me each time I cleared an area. Clearing the end of area 2 is simple most of the time. I just did a big sprinkler move shooting the left side of my screen watching for the tank rockets. When it came clear I threw a grenade at it and just kept mowing down the guys on the left.

    Area 3: This is pretty much the same thing as area 2 take it slow. Use the flak cannon on the towers before they have a range on you so on and so forth. I'll skip to the whale. The green blob is invulnerability. I'd use this when you first start fighting the whale because you don't have much time to rush for it when you are hurt. *Rolling with
    " will be your saving grace. It will help you dodge the whale machine gun and rocket waves. Stay at the back end of the screen while fighting it. By this time you should have all your nukes and about 25 grenades. Feel free to let them all off on the whale. What I did when the the whale was in the water and not on screen was do a sprinkler move behind me because 2-3 men on foot will always be coming after you. This clears them out. If you dodged the machine gun and rockets and the guys coming at you the whale will fall eventually netting you the achievement.

  • Zone Battle: Use all 4 Co-Op attacks, kill 10 units with each: Medium or Hard in one session.


    Choose Zone 1 on medium difficulty. This achievement pops up immediately when you get it. The person that presses is the coop weapon that will be chosen. Just wait for when there area lot of infantry coming.

    The flamethrower should be used when the massive amount of guys are running away from the mammoths. Just have you and your partner on each side of the door as they run through your flame.

    Other than that good areas are at the end of Area 1,2,4 and the boss at 5 since he spawns spiders and helicopters. Remember this pops up immediately when you get it.

  • Zone Battle: Complete 6 Zones, each with the help of a different LIVE enabled friend.

    Look for friends on the achievement trading board. You can do zone 1 with six different people for the achievement. If you are going for the Escapist achievement you will do zone 6 with at least one friend. So do zone 6 and then five other people for zone 1.

  • Zone Battle: Defeat all spaceships in Areas 29 & 30: Medium or Hard difficulty in one session.


    Try this on Medium. with zone 6 there are two extra nuke pick ups. Each person should grab one making them each have 6 before reaching zone 29. When you see a group of ships come up behind you wait a sec and have either you are your partner nuke. Have him or you use your nukes first then when empty it's the other persons job. When you see mines just use your rockets. I let some pass and still got the achievement. Now there will be a huge ship in an open hangar that has turrets on it. I'm sure this one counts use a nuke near it to bring it down. Just use nukes when ships come up from behind. You should have enough nukes and rockets to get the job done.

  • Co-op Campaign: Kill 100 infantry, one player freezes & the other shatters, on Hard in one session.


    First zone would be the best. You freeze and pick up all the frost upgrades while your partner shoots the bodies or runs them over. Just have your partner not shoot until you freeze the infantry in the area. If you and your partner have done zone 1 before you should know where infantry is so it will be easier for both to know when and when not too shoot.

  • Co-Op Campaign: Finish all underground areas with the help of a friend: Medium or Hard difficulty.


    Undergrounds are located in:
    Area 4
    Area 8
    Area 13
    Area 24

    Just load up the areas in co-op campaign on medium. You do not have to complete the whole area it is on just the underground. So when you complete it just quit and go onto the next one.

  • Co-Op Campaign: Complete all areas on Hard difficulty with the help of a friend.


    Just choose a friend/friends to help you get past this game on hard. If it is too hard just remember clear out an area using nukes and grenades and then when your done create a new game on the next area. Your lives nukes and grenades will be reset. This will be time consuming, but not too hard.

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