Sharp Shooter Achievement

  • Sharp Shooter



    Don't waste more than 30% of your bullets.


    This achievement is tricky. While it can be obtained in any zone, the first zone is probably best-suited for attempting this achievement as there are less enemies on-screen and they come less frequently than in other zones. Use the flak cannon for small enemies (1 shot=1 kill=100% accuracy). It is inevitable that you will fail to land a few shots, so switch to your machine gun for larger enemies and bosses (landing every bullet makes up for the flak-cannon misfires). Don't bother with the Lairs when going for this achievement, and if you are forced to go on-foot refrain from firing until you are back in your vehicle. Also refrain from shooting bunkers or other structures, as the bullets you fire on them are considered wasted. This achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty, and will unlock when you finish your current zone, NOT when you meet the requirement.

  • boo,
  • I tried to be sneaky with this one. I started up area one and shot one tank with the flak cannon one time then let them kill me. I ended with 100% accuracy but did not get it. looks like you have to finish the entire zone.
  • Shooting bunkers works. I shot one of the first two until I destroyed it and managed to finish the level 88% accuracy using the flak gun.

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