-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 12 [200]
-Online: 0
-Estimated time for 200: 4 hours
-Minimum playthroughs: 1
-Missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Cheats disable achievements: No Cheats

Assault Heroes is a car-based 3D shooter. As you progress through the various Zones, you pick up power-ups, lives, and upgrades to assist up against the hordes on enemies standing between you and the end of the Zone. Most of the achievements require you to finish a Zone in certain ways, with one achievement for finishing the entire game.

Step 1: First Playthrough
This is the playthrough you are going to unlock "Layer Slayer" on. You only have one chance at every lair. Die once, you have to start all over. On Zone 1, you will have to use a trick where you fire your machine gun at the barrier defending the people throwing the explosives at you. Every hit on this barrier raises your accuracy, and it never dies. Sit there for about half an hour shooting this barrier, and be careful with your shots for the rest of the Zone. This will net you Sharp Shooter. As long as you didn't die, you should also have unlocked "Unstoppable".

Once you reach the second Zone, you are going to try and kill 85%+ of the enemies. Enter the lair as before. Kill the boss, and you should unlock "Annihilator". Now just finish Zone 3, and Zone 4, entering the lair of both Zones. When you are done with Zone 4, Lair Slayer should unlock. Complete the game to unlock "Assault Hero".

Step 2: Zone 1 Mayhem
Now that your first playthrough is complete and you have unlocked "Lair Slayer" (harder than I make it sound,) the rest of the achievements can be unlocked on Zone 1. First off, get a buddy to play with you, or go on Xbox LIVE and play Zone 1 in two player mode. When the Zone is complete, "Twin Medal" will unlock.

Re-enter Zone 1, start on area 4, and try to avoid killing anyone. Be careful all the way to the final boss to avoid everything. Once you reach the boss, nuke him, grenade him, do whatever you can to kill him as fast as possible. If done correctly, this should net you Peace Maker.

Start Zone 1 from the beginning. As soon as it starts, hop out of your vehicle. Continue on foot, killing everything you can along the way. Be sure to enter the lair for a few extra kills on foot. Only enter your car to take down the 2 bosses. If you killed more than 60% of the Zone's enemies on foot, you will unlock Survivor.

If you haven't unlocked "Tricked Out" naturally, now is the time to play through the game without doing anything but focusing on weapon upgrades. "Small Arms Expert" can be easily unlocked on Zone 1 by staying in your vehicle, being sure to never fire a nuke or a grenade. If you haven't unlocked "Speed Freak" yet, try to finish Zone 1 as fast as you can, hugging the top of the screen to make it go faster. If "Lair Slayer" has been giving you too much trouble, try it again playing co-op with a friend.

[XBA would like to thank Blue Radium for this Roadmap]

Assault Heroes Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Defeat the giant spider.


    The Giant Spider is the mid-boss of the first zone. To kill it, shoot it in it's weak spots with the flak cannon as much as possible, and switch to your other weapons to kill the smaller spiders that emerge from the hole. Be wary of walking directly in front of the spider as it will charge you and blow up your vehicle, leaving you vulnerable and under-powered. This achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty, and will unlock when you finish your current zone, NOT when you meet the requirement.

  • Don't waste more than 30% of your bullets.


    This achievement is tricky. While it can be obtained in any zone, the first zone is probably best-suited for attempting this achievement as there are less enemies on-screen and they come less frequently than in other zones. Use the flak cannon for small enemies (1 shot=1 kill=100% accuracy). It is inevitable that you will fail to land a few shots, so switch to your machine gun for larger enemies and bosses (landing every bullet makes up for the flak-cannon misfires). Don't bother with the Lairs when going for this achievement, and if you are forced to go on-foot refrain from firing until you are back in your vehicle. Also refrain from shooting bunkers or other structures, as the bullets you fire on them are considered wasted. This achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty, and will unlock when you finish your current zone, NOT when you meet the requirement.

  • Finish a zone without losing a life.


    This is very easy. As long as you are in your vehicle you cannot die, and the vehicle's health recharges rather quickly while you dodge fire. If your vehicle is destroyed, wiggle your character around until it respawns and then cautiously go to it and hop in. This achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty.

  • Complete all underground zones.


    Probably the hardest achievement in the game. You must complete each of the game's 4 lairs in one playthrough. You have no extra lives when in the lairs, and if you die you are kicked backed to the battlefield and the lair is no longer accessible. For this achievement, you need to conserve all grenades and nukes acquired throughout the game for use in the lairs. Dying on the overworld will not effect your pursuit of this achievement (provided you do not run out of lives entirely), so do not use your special weapons on bosses or other tough situations. When in the lairs, be sure to blow up all explosive barrels and kamikaze enemies from a safe distance. Make sure to look behind you constantly when in the hallways (especially in the last 2 lairs) as enemies will randomly appear behind you on occassion. To be safe, grenade turrets and large groups of enemies. When you reach the arena-like open areas, be prepared to dodge a lot of fire. It is tempting to use nukes in these areas, but be careful as the blast does not destoy any bullets the enemies have already fired, but it does whiteout the screen making it temporarily impossible to see the bullets. Try to save all of your nukes for the last area of the last lair where you must face the flying electricity balls. Nuke these things straight to hell and then carefully clear the next room to finish the final lair. This achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty, and will unlock when you finish your current zone, NOT when you meet the requirement.

  • Kill more than 85% of the total enemies in a zone.


    The best zone for this achievement is the first zone, as it has the least enemies. Make sure to destroy everything that can be destroyed, and take extra caution not to let speedy craft go off the screen without first meeting their maker. Also be sure to clear the lair in the zone you are playing. This achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty.

  • Finish a zone without using grenades or nukes.


    This achievement can be obtained relatively easily in any zone, but Zones 1 and 3 are probably best, zone 3 being the quickest as Zone 1 has two bosses. This achievement can be unlocked on any diffuculty.

  • Finish a zone in Co-op mode.


    You can get this achievement by playing any zone cooperatively. Both players must remain in the game from start to finish for the achievement to unlock. This achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty.

  • Finish a zone in less than 15 minutes.


    This can be done in any zone with relative ease. Stay as close to the top of the screen as possible to keep the level scrolling steadily, use the flamethrower as much as possible on ground forces to quickly cut through them, switching to your machine gun when your fuel runs out. Use nukes and grenades at the onset of boss fights to gain a quick advantage, and use the flak cannon or flamethrower of weakpoints to quickly end these fights. Also make sure not to go into lairs when going for this achievement. This achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty.

  • Finish a zone killing less than 50% of the enemies.


    The most efficient way to get this achievement is to start the game at the last area of a zone (i.e. Area 4 is the last area of Zone 1). Start the fight off by using all of your nukes and grenades on the boss to weaken it up, then finish it off with concentrated fire, allthewhile taking care not to kill too many foot soldiers. This achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty.

  • Max out all of the vehicle power-ups.


    This can be done most easily in the first zone. You must collect at total of six weapon power-ups (2 of each variety). Make sure to blow up anything that may contain a power up (especially aircraft) and don't lose a life as your weapons will be reset. If your vehicle is destroyed but you manage to survive until you get another one, your upgraded weapons will be waiting for you when you hop in. This achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty, and will unlock when you finish your current zone, NOT when you meet the requirement.

  • Finish a zone killing 60% of the units on foot.


    You can do this easily on the first zone. As soon as the mission starts press to hop out of your vehicle, and make a point of not getting back in as it respawns through the duration of the game. Kill as many enemies as possible before they go off of the screen, especially during boss fights. Go through the lair slaying all in your path, and be sure to use all available special weapons on the bosses to make the fights go by faster. This achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty.

  • Complete the game.


    Beat the game! It's worth noting that some people get confused during the timed escape of the last area. When you reach a barrier, quickly hit to hop out of your vehicle and make a mad dash to the end, shooting only while running. This achievement can be unlocked on any diffuculty.

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