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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Destroy 10 Saucers without letting any escape Asteroids - Normal difficulty

    For this achievement you have to kill the asteroids in wave 1 as fast as possible. You will kill all asteroids except 1 or 2. Then you will do the main move that is shown in the video for the achievement clockstopper.
  • Complete wave 1 with 28 shots or less Asteroids - Normal difficulty

    Well this takes time and practice. The main thing is to sit in the middle and wait for an asteroid to come near you. If you wait for them to come near you, you have a much better chance of hitting it. It’s ok to run your spaceship into asteroids, it is just saving shots. Saucers don’t kill that many asteroids, but if you don’t kill anything at the beginning and wait for the saucers to come they will come at a good pace so they can get their fair share of killing asteroids as well.
  • Maniac



    Earn a bonus life Asteroids - Throttle Monkey mode

    The main thing to do for this achievment is to hit and (both at once) as fast as possible so you can shoot many more shots than just tapping one trigger. It’s sometimes good to be moving a little bit so you can get away faster than just sitting still in the middle. Stay still for the first wave if you can do though. To start each wave, kill one big asteroid and all the other ones that come out of it and leave the others be. You don’t want 20 small asteroids that move really really fast, because you always die by them. Don’t kill the last asteroid that will be roaming on your screen. And try to make it a slow one. Then do the strategy that is provided in the video for clockstopper. I just sat in the middle and killed the saucers, you can try this but I died a lot from it.
  • Have 4 lives in hand Asteroids - Normal difficulty

    You have to reach 10k points to start off the game for this achievement. Or you can get it way later if you can achieve that many lives. The main technique to doing this is using the one provided in the video clockstopper. Leave one asteroid and kill the saucers. You should be able to achieve this and Ruthless at the same time. Each small saucer gives you 1,000 points and the big ones give you 200 points. You can also play straight out to wave 3 if you wish and just kill all the asteroids.
  • Have 24 Asteroids on screen Asteroids - Normal difficulty

    I played straight out up to wave 3 for this achievement. There I killed each big rock and each medium rock so I could just leave the small rocks flying around. If you conserve your shots and shoot the big and medium asteroids, the achievement should come farely easy to you. This is easier to do in wave 4+ but you may have less lives at that time, and more trouble dodging the asteroids..
  • End a game on exactly 99990 points Asteroids - Normal difficulty

    For this achievement, you will need to leave one or two asteroids on the screen flying around at the end of each wave. Try to make sure that this asteroid or asteroids are as slow as can be. It makes it easier for flying purposes. Now to land on 99,990, well I don’t have much advice for that since you kind of just have to get the lucky number and do your math correctly. Hopefully you nail your first time or are good enough to play to that point consecutively. Well here’s the video on how one guy achieved up to 100k. It takes a while to do, but it is well worth it if you can do it. I’ve also seen two other methods. One is where people put their saucer in a corner and fire from one side of the screen and have the shot come through the other side to hit the saucer. The other method is flying vertical instead of horizontal like the guy did in the video.
  • Survive for 3 minutes on your first life Asteroids DeLuxe - Normal difficulty

    Well, I can’t really describe this perfectly as I tried many methods. A method I used are letting the satellites come and get me as described in the achievement Platinum. Another method I used was killing all the asteroids as fast as possible all the way up to about 13k when you’ll get your achievement for this. A third method I tried was sitting in the middle at the end of each wave and killing the saucers that came and I would use a shield every time a shot came close to me (I did in evolved so the shots can be seen easier.). All these methods work equally well depending on how you play the game. Each are possible to survive for 3 minutes as I have done all those ways and done it. Just find the one that works for you and stick with it.
  • Mayhem



    Have a Saucer and 6 Killer Satellite sections on screen Asteroids DeLuxe - Normal difficulty

    Try to do this in wave 1 because as the game goes on, the satellites keep getting faster and faster. In wave one, kill all the asteroids until there are 4 or so and wait for the satellite thing to come. Hit the big satellite, then hit each individual small satellite so they break into two. Now just wait for a saucer to come and you should get this achievement. When you are trying to split the satellites and a saucer comes, kill it as fast as possible because he will kill the satellites unfortunately. Another one will come eventually.
  • Earn a bonus life Asteroids DeLuxe - Throttle Monkey mode

    This achievement takes quite a bit of work considering you only have 2 lives. To get this you got to hit the button and as fast as possible to shoot the shots as fast as you can. Use your shield to your advantage. The main thing to do in this is to kill all asteroids except 2 and go vertically up the screen. The satellites will follow you and you can shoot forward and get them from behind. If you kill enough satellites fast enough you get good points. You most likely have to get to wave 4 which is very tough. Conserve your shield the best you can. Your best shot at getting this is getting lucky and getting like 5k the first wave 5k the second wave and you should be almost able to achieve it on the third wave. The asteroids move much slower in this so your brain can function much better. Just focus on what comes close. Don’t try for far shots if you don’t need to.
  • Hero



    Have 4 lives in hand Asteroids DeLuxe - Normal difficulty

    This achievement you need to get 20k points without dieing pretty much. It can be achieveable later in the game, but gets really tough. I got this by leaving 2-3 small slow asteroids on the screen and kept killing satellites and UFO’s for points. The main thing to focus on in this is killing the UFO’s as fast as possible since they kill your asteroids. I’m assuming you can use a vertical movement for this to kill the satellites and UFO’s. It seems easier that way. I got this by playing straight out and getting lucky though. Use your shield whenever you feel something is close. Just don’t think that it won’t hit you because for some reason it decides to always hit you…..
  • Score 250,000 points Asteroids DeLuxe - Normal difficulty

    If this achievement is ever achieved the person is a god at asteroids deluxe. To get this your going to probably leave about 4-5 small asteroids on the screen to give you some more time to kill satellites at the lower waves. Use the vertical movement and kill the satellites and UFO’s. Again kill the UFO’s as soon as you can see them. 250k points will come probably in wave 30 or so. It will take a long time….
  • Complete wave 3 with 42 shots or less Asteroids DeLuxe - Normal difficulty

    Play straight out to wave 3 and try not to die. If you do don’t worry. I didn’t even fire a shot for a while in wave 3. I think I fired like 8 shots to complete the achievement. It doesn’t look as hard as it is. Just let the saucers take their long time, let them come on the screen and they will take out most of the asteroids on the screen. Helping you tremendously. Just fly around and hopefully stay alive. It’s nice to have your lives still so if you accidentally die from all the random asteroids on the screen it's not game over.

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