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Astropop Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Unlock Vixx and Turbot.

    Play through your 2 main characters’ story mode, and you will unlock 1 secret character for each main character before level 20.

  • Stay alive for 5 minutes in Survival mode.

    Your best bet is to attempt this with a character that you’ve beaten the game with, so the supa weapon is maxed out. Surviving 5 minutes isn’t all that bad. Take your time without making mistakes, and if you get stuck, use the supa weapon at the last possible second.

  • Receive your first promotion (25,000 points).

    Easiest achievement in my eyes. You’ll get this very early in the game.

  • Finish the story by completing level 32 with each pilot.

    You must get up to, and beat level 32 with all 4 characters. You can die while doing this and it will still count.

  • Break 100,000 total bricks.

    If you are trying to beat the game with each character for the Ace Astropopper achievement, you will eventually come across this. All stats carry over between characters and games.. you can check how many bricks you've broken in your career after anylevel you complete.

  • Complete 32 levels in a game without using your SUPA Weapon.

    This is probably one of the toughest. You have to start from level 1 with any character, and get to level 33 WITHOUT DYING. You can however quit and save in the process, but don’t attempt this if you can’t beat the later levels without your SUPA weapon… unless you’re feeling lucky.

  • Complete a level in 25 seconds or less.

    Start at the beginning with Vector and his Maxed out SUPA weapon. Let the supa weapon fill over levels 1 and 2. Once level 3 starts, you will have bonus bricks that will fill your meter faster. Now, start the level using your supa weapon but DO NOT hit any column with a bonus brick in it DIRECTLY or the bonus will not count, instead hit a column right next to it and it will destroy the bonus brick making it count. While you are destroying bricks with your supa weapon, keep this in mind for future bonus bricks falling. Once your supa weapon runs out, quickly QUICKLY make as many combos as fast as possible and destroy and bonus brick you see. If you are quick enough, you’ll get this achievement.

  • Get a 17x combo.

    This is, in my eyes, a luck based achievement. I don’t think anyone has the ability to see a combo 17x deep, unless you are some sort of Astropop guru. Probably something to try for in the later levels when you have the better power-ups at hand, or go into survival and wait for the nuke bricks and the screen to fill up as much as possible, then knock out the nuke brick and watch your combos build up.

  • Reign as Cosmic Overlord (12,000,000 points).

    Racking up major points is a hard thing to do in this game. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.- Use Vector and his maxed out SUPA weapon. Clear as many rows of bricks in a level as much as possible and use your SUPA weapon sweeping back and forth to clear the entire screen for a major point bonus. Do this EVERY level you can.- Being able to solve puzzle levels gives you a good point boost. Take your time (but not too much time) to efficiently solve the puzzles. Don’t feel too bad if you leave a few bricks behind, it will deduct a bunch of points for bricks left behind, but points are points.- Try not to use the bonus bricks as much as possible… they add to your meter but it ends the level faster, making your score lower in the end.

  • Reach the 9-minute mark in Survival mode.

    Your best bet is to attempt this with a character that you’ve beaten the game with, so the supa weapon is maxed out. Surviving for 9 minutes is a pain, and extremely difficult for the average player. Take your time to set up the best combos for the most destruction, and use your supa weapon sparingly until you get stuck.

  • Perfectly solve 10 bonus puzzles.

    You will encounter bonus puzzles right before your next checkpoint level. The earlier ones are generally easier to figure out than your later ones. My best tip for this is to start a game and get to the puzzle level. Try to finish it, once done, quit back to the menu and get there again. If it’s the same puzzle, just quit and try again because it won’t count if you finish the exact same puzzle twice. Once you start to see that you are getting repeats a lot, get to the first checkpoint and go for the next puzzle level. Attempt that one, then quit and restart from the checkpoint. Repeat this process as much as necessary until you’ve solved 10 puzzles.

  • Clear the entire screen of bricks 5 times in one level.

    Best done with Vector and a his Supa weapon with maxed out stats. Try to stay in level 1 as long as possible until your supa weapon is ready to use. At the start of level 2, clear as many rows as you can as quick as possible, then immediately start at one side of the screen with your supa weapon to the other. Go back and forth as quick as possible, clearing the screen. It’s mildly difficult, but with a little practice, you’ll get it right.

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